24th Jun 2007, 15:01

I'm surprised at how many people still would not consider a domestic vehicle after all the problems experienced with Honda. Even Toyota has been having problems with engine sludge and engine failure in all their vehicles. I do think the Korean brands are OK and are probably a fair price for the vehicle you get. Dodge has been making fine minivans for years -- after all, they are the inventor of the minivan. The Chrysler 3.3 and 3.8l are some of the most reliable engines ever put in a vehicle, and the transmissions in the Caravan have been around for years because they work and are extremely reliable.

21st Dec 2007, 07:21

I purchased my Odyssey 2002 used, it is now acting up. When in 2nd gear it seems to just "rev", it will not go into 3rd gear until you slow down and start over. I have taken it to the dealer, who informs me there is no further warranty on it. I have been to two transmission specialists, there are no check engine light or codes coming up. However, my SRS light is now on, and the horn does not work anymore, further, on the driver seat the bottom slide back and forth button does not work.

Any thoughts anyone??? Other than I will not ever purchase another Honda, nor would I recommend it to anyone else.

26th Dec 2007, 12:19

We have a 2002 Honda Odyssey and have not been terribly happy with the vehicle. (This is the second Honda lemon that my wife has chosen - never again).

To stay on point, we have had two major problems with the vehicle:

- Air conditioning failure at 64,000 miles.

- Total transmission failure in April 2006 (Around 56000 miles)

The bad news is that the transmission failure is not related to the recall. There is a second issue that there is some kind of "secret" extended warranty for. My local mechanic told me about it (He had the same problem with his Acura MDX) and told me to take it to the dealer. The trick is you have to take it to your original dealer. We had moved a short distance, and another dealer was more convenient, and they said it would cost $200 to find out what the problem was. Knowing what my mechanic told me, I called the original dealer and they said it sounded like a covered problem even though I was past the warranty miles. I had the car towed there, they fixed the car and gave us a rental car while the van was out of service - that was the good part!

Even with the dealer coming through, I will never buy another Honda product of any kind. My mechanic pointed out that I have spent less $$$ on my 1999 Ford Taurus with 140,000 miles on it than I have on the newer (and far less miles) Odyssey.

3rd Feb 2008, 21:47

I bought 2002 Odyessey EX used in July 2005. it had 48K miles on that when I bought it and now it has 67. I just did my timing belt, pulley, roller, and water pump change for 700+$. the engine light came off and trans was slipping.

My trusted mechanic's employee told me about this problem - asked me to talk to the dealer and clearly told me that I had a problem with the transmission.

I will talk to honda usa office to see what needs to be done and let you know all of you guys based on the contents of this great website. thank you organizers.



24th Feb 2008, 19:47

Thank you for taking the time to add your comments. My wife and I was going the next day to purchase a 2002 Honda Odyssey EX. After reading the comments listed, our minds were quickly changed. We thank God that we stumbled upon this website before we made a bad decision. Once again we thank you.

6th Mar 2008, 10:11

We bought our 2002 Honda Odyssey new in January 2002. Love it! Our only problem has been with the sliding door occasionally, but we were aware that had been an issue on previous Odysseys prior to our purchase. My hubby does the maintenance, and we take it in for recalls. We have not had any issues at all, and we have 118,000 miles on it. We plan to keep it until it at least hits 150,000 miles. We have only had one set of tires and brakes, so that hasn't been an issue for us. (I saw someone commented that their van was heavy.) We are currently getting the timing chain and other work done as preventive and because we know we plan to keep it. We had a Chevy Venture before it, and it had major issues before it even hit 80,000. I highly recommend the Odyssey and plan to buy another in a few years.

28th Mar 2008, 09:26

You've heard the story before (as have I), and I joined the club this month. 2002 Odyssey EX, bought new, now 82,000 miles. Passed on the extended warranty because it's a Honda, after all! Tranny slips & engine races going from 2nd to 3rd gear. Diagnosis: new (rebuilt) transmission, to the tune of $1,433 (Honda is picking up roughly $2200 of the cost. Also, new front engine mount at $290 (dealer service rep seemed well-rehearsed in the transmission routine and noted that in their experience the engine mounts typically break at 60-80k miles). My brother's accord lasted him over 200k miles with few troubles, but Honda blew it on the Odyssey.

10th Apr 2008, 14:35

I have a 2002 EX-L Odyssey. 58,000 miles. Transmission is gone. The dealer is quoting me $4700. I have called Honda USA to see what they will do. It looks like the new 02 transmissions are having the same issues as their old ones. The only difference is that the old ones had an extended 100,000 mile warranty and the 02/03 do not. I am sick over this it is so wrong. Any advice???

21st Apr 2008, 11:00

Honda Dealership Paid 100% to get my 2002 van tranny replaced and gave me a rental car.

11th Sep 2008, 18:04

We bought our 2002 Honda Odyssey new. At 36,000 miles the transmission goes out (same old story). Honda replaces it for free. About five months later the recall notice came out. Seems that the tranny does not like to lubricate properly and trannys are going out all over the world. Honda replaced the tranny oil system. We have passed the 100,000 mile mark now, but I can't help but worry what the 5 months with the original transmission oil pump had already done to it. Doesn't give you much comfort on long trips or as a primary vehicle for your wife...

Electrical problems: where do I begin? I'd like to see the person who thinks that its inexpensive to change the clock light try it first. I have always done about 95% of all my car maintenance and this one has me stumped. The SRS light is on for the umpteen time - will have to take it back yet once again to the dealer. My wife has most of the trouble-shooting codes memorized because she has called the dealer enough times. Then two weeks ago the idle began hunting up and down as one other writer described. It goes uncontrollably from about 1100 to 2000 RPMs at rest. Seems to smooth out under load going down the road, but would you trust it?

I have always had at least one Toyota in my fleet, currently I have two, but I'm ready to unload the Honda lemon on some poor fool and replace it with a good used Sienna. I expect nothing less than 250k miles on any Toyota I've ever had. Engine sludge is only a problem when you don't change your oil...I've never missed a 3000 mile interval.