13th Oct 2008, 18:30

We have had our "02 EX-L since Jan of 2005. Bought it with 40k, and at 43k on the way to Orlando, lost the tranny. Thank god with a little persistence Honda paid to replace the tranny with 100k warranty and we were only billed for the labor. We have had minor issues with the van, and with the economy the way it is, we will be stuck with it a couple more years. Seems the dealership don't want any more gas guzzling mini vans. BTW we have 104k on it, and I am getting ready to do our own timing belt ETC.

11th Dec 2008, 16:16

We have a 2001 Odyssey lemon. We have had nothing but problems. Transmission blew at 130,000 miles- NOT replaced under warranty; cost us $4k! Just blew again at 167,000 miles. First, however, told we had a broken engine block, need transmission fluid to the tune of $500. 2 days later, car is slipping gears again-can barely make it into the dealer parking lot. Then they say our tranny is shot and it's our fault we didn't change the transmission fluid. But, they said they'd "do us a favor", and roll back the miles, so that we wouldn't have to pay for another transmission! So, $300 later for a car rental for a week (this all ocurring the evening before Thanksgiving and a family road trip), we get our car back. We'd also had a problem of the fuse blowing for the interior dashboard light and tail lights. Guy says couldn't find anything wrong. Now, 2 weeks later, brake, traction control and ABS lights coming on, and fuse blows again. Try to replace it, and repeatedly blows. Book says this means "a serious" electrical problem w/the car. Disappointed kids have plans cancelled yet again. Back to the dealer tomorrow for more b.s. I HATE this car. It should be covered by the Lemon Law. For a Honda, it is a disgrace. This is a family van that has been unreliable to say the least. And I'm not even mentioning the long ago blown stereo system and perpetually sticking sliding doors. Shame on you, Honda. Buyer Beware!!!

31st Oct 2009, 07:58

Well...I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey with manual sliding doors. The doors stick all the time in humid weather. I have put the grease on them the dealer recommended, still didn't help.

Our van just turned 100,000 miles with no tranny problems. The tranny seems to hang when taking off from a stop. Dash lights have gone out on the clock. Dash board will flicker going down the road at times. Dealer has no idea why. At times I have to shove my key down the steering column slot to unlock the gear shift. Found that trick in the manual.

It's a heavy car on third set of tires and second set of brakes. Gas mileage city has been 18 and highway 24. I plan on driving it till the wheels fall off. When should I replace the timing chain? Dealer says 100,000 miles.

28th Mar 2010, 22:22

Bought a 2002 Odyssey in 2006 with 45K miles on it. Drove it until early 2010 with no problems at all. Only needed a set of tires, but that is normal wear and tear.

Just paid it off and here it goes. Transmission indicator light came on. I cringed after reading all the stuff above, but it was only a temp. sensor ($300).

Had the timing belt done (now at 90K), serpentine belt, water pump and front and rear brakes. I accept all of that, as I have never put a thing into it.

I brought it home from the shop and now it clunks whenever you accelerate. One clunk, but every time from ahead of the driver's position. I brought it back to have them check their work (no loose bolts and such) and they found nothing other than a bad motor mount. They said it was the top mount, but that makes no sense. It does not resist engine torque. I believe the front and rear mounts do that. I am still working this clunk noise out, so I will let you know how it turns out. If anyone has had this, let me know.

All in all, this van has been great. I drive it hard and it has decent power. This thing owes me nothing! I would recommend one.

27th Apr 2010, 16:27

We have just purchased our fifth Honda Odyssey, and we are quite sure it will be our last! We have had problems with every one of them.

The 2000 had rattling and sticking doors. We took many trips to the dealership to have them "repaired" - but the repair (s) never worked.

Next Honda Odyssey was a 2002 - same thing - rattling doors - sticking doors with lots of road noice on trips.

2004 and 2006 Odysseys had transmission problems. We will say that Honda did replace one transmission for us at 44,000 miles - but it had a recall on it anyway.

The 2008 Odyssey was a nightmare with mushy brakes. We even had the Honda Factory Rep look at it - who claimed there was nothing wrong with the brakes. Then came a recall - for the mushy brakes. (That's funny, isn't it?)

Now, we own a 2010 touring model - and with only 1,000 miles on it, it already has blown a fuse for the dash lights - and they can't find the reason why. Have a feeling, we are beginning a long history of service visits again. This will - for sure - be our very last Honda Odyssey. What is supposed to be the best on the market - is NOT.

23rd May 2010, 18:39

Got a 2002 Honda Odyssey EX-L with 132K miles. Knock on wood, we never had a problem with the tranny. Been using full synth Mobil 1 5-30 since day one and get a tranny oil flush every 12,000 miles, BUT lately, I've noticed some knocking (front area), which a mechanic has blamed on "rack play" but has also been refuted by a 2nd mechanic. I've also got a very, very slow leak from the oil plug now.

Motor mounts have been replaced in 2 spots since owning the van.

I will admit there have been some electrical issues with the sliding doors not working, but for some reason, it goes through a PMS period and a month or two later, it starts working properly.

Other than that, it's been pretty reliable for the past 8 years. Will try a Toyota Sienna next!

3rd Nov 2010, 11:17

I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey with 146,000 on it.

I do mostly highway travel and I noticed recently the "flashing D" that people with 2002 vans experienced. I do not have a "check engine" light come on, nor does the tranny slip, and the flashing will go off once the van is restarted.

Any thoughts on this since it does not happen all the time?


8th Nov 2010, 08:48

Had that D thing flashing on my 2002 Odyssey, and they replaced the tranny temperature sensor (about $300.00) at about 70k miles.

Now, at 95k (it started earlier) they say that the transmission is failing - the shifting is not smooth. They quoted $4500.00 to fix it, and American Honda gracefully said they were able to bring the cost down for us at $2800.00. We really enjoyed this van till these issues came up.

We bought it certified with 54k miles, and replaced the tranny fluid at 70k when they changed that temperature sensor.

I'm going with a Sienna next.