26th Jul 2005, 19:23

How do these people get so brainwashed (the ones that think Hondas are invincible)? Not only do some Honda people think their cars have almost mystical-like qualities, but now that non Honda owners are jealous.

I could buy a Honda any time I want, but emphatically choose not to. My goal is to buy a car that will serve me well, not jump on a bandwagon. I have seen much more evidence to make me skeptical of new Honda products, than any that would make me want to purchase one, including my coworker/friend's '04 Accord which is in the dealership having something repaired every other month.

Honda's have problems just like any other car. There are standout models, both good and bad, in all categories of cars. As far as the cars that would be considered "good" (including some Honda models) are concerned, I think a lot of it simply comes down to personal preference. Then it is a matter of conducting objective research, and not being married to hapless preconceived notions...

26th Jul 2005, 19:34

Oh, get real!!! Honda's are not all they are cracked up to be. Everytime my roommates DelSol goes in for servicing or a repair it is always over $500, sometimes closer to a grand. And if the 2005 Accord I rented with only 600 miles on it is any indication of Honda's "superior" product, they are in trouble.

28th Jul 2005, 15:01

This writer definitely owns a 1999 Odyssey, for I have verified the VIN and the car's repair records. There is no perfect car, and all makers can produce lemons. Just because this review criticizes Honda and questions the quality of the product does not mean that the owner is simply bashing a great car. I too have owned Honda automobiles, and many of the issues raised in this review happened to me, as well. The brakes on every Honda I have owned needed repair or replacement far more frequently than did the brakes on my friends' "non-Honda" cars. Also, given the extended warranty on the transmissions in 1999-2001 Honda Odysseys, the transmissions in these vans were obviously prone to early failure. A Honda is a reliable automobile most of the time, but no car model is without its problems, regardless of the manufacturer.

5th Sep 2005, 22:10

I own a 1999 Honda Odyssey EX with 115,000 miles on it. I still enjoy driving the car, but have spent the last 5 months searching for the reason behind the check engine light and the TCS light activation. Since 03/05 I have replaced the oxygen canister, the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor, the ERG valve plus a special clean out of the tube for the ERG and finally, a rebuilt transmission. Every time the car was diagnosed by the computer, a new problem popped up, the repair was made and the check engine light came on in less than 100 miles. It was frustrating especially when Honda mechanics felt my problem was an "after market ERG valve" because my mechanic (a trusted friend) installed it, not the dealer. Funny, but the part was bought directly from the same dealership! Of course, nothing was covered by warranty, but the rebuilt transmission only cost me labor. I just received a notice from Honda about a possible problem with the ERG valve. I still like the car and I'm hoping my problems are resolved and I can drive it to 200,000 miles.

29th Sep 2005, 19:23

I own a 1999 Honda Odyssey and have not been happy with it at all. we have had the transmission replaced and brakes way too often as stated. The transmission still does not work right in my opinion. ALso, now my gas mileage instead of being about 18 in the city is down to 13-15 and they say nothing is wrong. The EGR valve has been replaced, catalyst converter, etc. The road noise is awful as well.

6th May 2006, 17:21

I too own a '99 Odyssey which we bought used in '02. This is the only Honda I've owned out of 7 (Civics & Accords) that I've been disappointed in. We don't like the electric doors - they lock up from time to time, but can be reset by unhooking the battery. We've replaced O2 sensor, brakes and struts, but so far the unresponsive and abrupt-shifting transmission has held together. The engine has been typical Honda: top-notch. The dealership told me I needed a new catalytic converter, but my mechanic said it was likely just the sensor that was bad. We left it alone and the check engine light went back off a couple of weeks ago. Go figure! From what I've heard this was the worst year for Odysseys. In 2002 they put in a new 5 speed automatic transmission that was far superior to the 4 speed. I'd like to get rid of this vehicle, but for it's faults my wife loves it.

18th Oct 2006, 02:55

I bought mine new in 1999 and have read all the problems some have had, the only problem I have had is the door handle broke off the left sliding door. Now the rear brakes are screeching, but that's because they are glazed over and I have to replace them. Not bad for a vehicle that has 71,000 miles on it. It has been a great van and I have no complaints about the quality or styling.

6th Mar 2007, 09:02

I bought a 99 Odyssey in 2004. We knew at that time that the 99 had problems, but most cars do in their first year of a new body style or engine package. We have had problems with the sliding doors, but that's all. At 95,000 miles the car runs great! My mechanic said that we need to check the VIN with Honda to see if the Catalytic Converter had been replaced prior to our ownership. There was a recall at some point along the way.

6th Mar 2007, 11:53

The one Honda my family had experience with was an absolute NIGHTMARE of problems, and was ready for the scrap heap (LITERALLY, it was sold to a JUNK DEALER) at 90,000 miles. We have never had a desire to own another Honda again. It's simpler to just flush our money down the toilet. We now drive Ford and GM vehicles and have not had a problem with any of them.

7th Mar 2007, 21:30

When you say scrap heap at 90,000 miles are you talking about a 1986 Accord that in 2007 was ready for the scrap yard? Or were you talking about the Honda Odyssey transmission failing at 90,000 miles? I think you could have at least gotten a new transmission for free since you have less than 109,000 miles.

13th Mar 2007, 20:24

We own a 2000 Honda Odyssey Van and it has been a nightmare. The check engine light has come on for the fourth time now in the past 6 months and the dealership though nice has been unable to resolve the problem. My husband was so frustrated over the last incident he went out and bought a Toyota. I am hoping for better performance from the Toyota.

14th Mar 2007, 10:27

Man, a compulsive buyer. You could have just taken the bulb out, but I guess it moves our economy to just go out and buy a new van.

14th Mar 2007, 20:27

Great suggestion about taking out the check engine light bulb. Unless of course, you live in an area with emissions testing and they will scan your vehicle and you will fail, and then you will get it fixed. In my area there is no dollar limit on repair attempts unless it is an older car. Vehicles with chronic check engine lights are a serious problem.