14th Jun 2007, 14:32

I would like to confirm that the Honda Odyssey 1999 is a lemon. Mine has less less than 90000 miles and needs second replacement transmission.

Actually Honda says that they have legendary reliability. A check in the dictionary reveals that legendary means fictious.

14th Jun 2007, 23:22

Fictious or not, mine had nearly 300,000 miles when I retired her and our newer Honda's are not all that different from the old one. The engines and drivetrains are not radically different, so for me it seems like a no brainer that they are good cars. What do you put in your gas tank? Sugar?

25th Jun 2007, 08:27

Our 99 Odyssey falls in to the lemon camp as well. The brakes have been replaced so many times I've lost track. The transmission failed, but luckily it was right before the extended warranty mileage expired. The sliding door has been repaired, but still fails often. The check engine light is always on - then fixed then comes back on. We just reset it and ignore it now.

2.5 years ago our air conditioning failed and was replaced at about 80,000 miles at a cost of $1800. The car is at the dealer today and I'm told the same repair is needed 40,000 miles later only with inflation it's closer to $2000. This was our first Honda and will be our last in all probability.

25th Jun 2007, 18:07

Wow, many of your people are ending your tenure with Honda and I am just starting. I had a Honda that had over 257,000 miles before, and don't tell me it was because it was an old Honda. The engine inside is still used to this day! Look on Ebay and you'll find many like mine with over 250k and 300k. No way you would find this with a Windstar, etc.

3rd Jul 2007, 19:27

I agree with most of the contributors in this group. My 1999 Odyssey is not my first Honda. I bought an Accord 1997 and was so happy that I disregarded the fact that 1999 was the first year for the remodelled Odyssey. Well. The story after that remains similar. Valve cover gasket replacement within the first 3 months to changing brakes often and unevenly worn off tires in 20K miles to transmission replacement at 90K miles. In the last 6 months, check engine light came on 4 times. Today, it is the fifth time. I won't call a lemon. It is a "WHITE ELEPHANT".

4th Jul 2007, 19:29

I too own a 1999 Odyssey. It now has 193,000 miles on it.

Aside from routine maintenance, I had to have the transmission replaced at 63,000 miles under extended warranty.

I have also replaced the brakes once (I know for sure that some people are harder on their brakes than others, and I might also point out that a number of years ago I started replacing my brakes with ONLY factory parts and have had better luck).

I have had the O2 sensors and EGR valve replaced, but after 193,000 miles, I kind of consider that to be routine maintenance.

I also replaced all belts at 140,000 miles, and have gone through a few sets of tires.

Right now the van needs to have the catalytic converter changed, and the AC compressor recently quit. These are the kinds of things that happen to cars when they get driven almost 200,000 miles.

Besides the transmission, (which was a hassle with American Honda at the time, but eventually covered under warranty), I would not consider my Odyssey a lemon.

The transmission was definitely, even if uncharacteristically Honda, a Lemon.

23rd Jul 2007, 22:05

I own a 99 Odyssey with 123,000. I traded in my 1989 Ford Aerostar on it and was looking forward to a trouble free Honda. Not exactly. There were several recalls early on and some trim issues that required several trips to the dealer. I too had the tranny replaced some time ago under warranty. I too had the very annoying check engine light fiasco. I had 4 cat converters put on in less than a year at a non-Honda mechanic. Finally called Honda and they wanted over $1600 to replace the entire exhaust system. Not likely. Took it to a friend who indicated they had put on the wrong cat. He put a new one on and replace the O2 sensors and have not had a problem since. While it has not been the trouble free dream I had hoped for I would not call it a lemon and am considering a new Odyssey.

2nd Dec 2007, 23:14

We bought a used 1999 Odyssey in 2000. Like most, we had the transmission replaced under warranty when the usual slipping of gears and clunking sounds began, although the check engine light never came on.

Four years later, the check engine light did come on. Although we had none of the previous symptoms, the codes indicated transmission failure again. We chose to replace it since that was cheaper than purchasing a new vehicle.

The second replacement however, had a rattle that was discovered by the dealership during its test drive, which meant a third transmission replacement was needed. While waiting for the third transmission, the light sensor for low windshield fluid came on and stayed on; unusual, we thought. Several weeks later, the brake light sensor came on while we were in transit. Considering the brakes had been done 2 weeks previously, it was a mystery. It was decided that a loose battery connection was the cause.

Since the installation of the third transmission, the dash board lights have dimmed so that we can no longer see the speedometer and tachometer at night; a real safety concern. Looking for possible causes, I discovered a multiplex recall from 2000. We had the multiplex replaced, but before it went into the shop, we had an unnerving experience where all the dash sensor lights came on and the car engine quit while in transit. The first situation was during sunny dry weather. The next day it rained, and the same scenario was repeated. It did not happen again until the day after the multiplex was replaced, and this time we were travelling at a speed of 80 km/h in dry conditions. The sensor lights flashed and the engine shut down. We were able to drive it to the dealership without further incident, where it presently still is.

The technicians have been unable to get the car to repeat the problem to determine the cause. Has anyone had similar electrical problems; if so what is the cause, and what was done to fix it? Despite the problems, this van has never left me stranded the way our 3 previous (bought new) Chrysler Grand Caravans did. Despite it all, I would still purchase an Odyssey, because I feel much safer in this van than any other we have owned or rented.

7th Jan 2008, 19:25

I've got 187K on my 1999 Odyssey EX - had all the same problems as folks on this thread. The cat conv had to be replaced at 132K, but that kept the check engine lights off for good.

Three weeks ago the car just died on me while in transit. Fortunately I was slowing down and near an intersection where I was able to turn off, but very scary. Dealer said it was the ignition switch to tune of $225. Took care of that hoping that was the end of that.

A week ago the car starts struggling to shift up. Dealer says it's the transmission (which was replaced at Honda's cost with the dealer's help at 109K) - $3100!!!??? I was hoping to drive this to 200K, but not if I can't get down the street.