26th Feb 2009, 09:30

I had a transmission changed in 2006 under the extended warranty. (Honda's version of admitting their problem.) I did have to pay approx. $850 for engine mounts that broke due to the tranny failure.

I have had problems with the driver's rear door on my EX not completely latching closed, and was told it was not a safety issue. I continued to bump the door shut instead of spending $500 on the motor job.- Still not "knocking" Honda, yet.

Jump ahead to October 2008, 22,000 miles since Honda replaced the transmission (26 months), and the second tranny decides to die. But I feel good - kept service documentation, that was twice had tranny serviced and placed external cooler on tranny at Honda's suggestion. What transmission should die at 22,000 miles? American Honda decided not to offer me "GOODWILL" because I was not willing to tell them I will continue to be a loyal customer. I'm not kidding. If I did not kiss the customer service's you-know-what, She would not offer me anything!!!

The Check Engine Light has come on coinciding with poor shifting of the tranny, so I brought the vehicle back in. (Don't forget this was the third tranny now.) GUESS WHAT: Needs tranny work. And to make sure I'm in complete cardiac arrest, $1800 in cat. convert / exhaust / oxygen sensors.


If I can offer one bit of advise to someone who is doing their research before making a large investment like purchasing an automobile, don't just buy a Honda because you have heard they are the best - Everyone one this thread has the same problems. With the times we live in, and the economic problems facing companies, they should be doing backflips for their customers!!!

New Transmission: $3000

New Emissions Parts: $1800

Third Transmission in 93,000 miles: ????

Not ever having to bow down to Honda again: PRICELESS!!!

8th Mar 2009, 22:13

I have a 2001 Odyssey that just turned 221,000 miles. All I have done since I've owned it was to add gas and oil and stay on the recommended tune ups. I do a lot of highway driving and this may have helped keep things clean.

Over the past three years (since 150,000 miles) I have repeatedly had my check engine light, maint light and Traction Control lights come on intermittently. Initially I kept bringing it into the Honda dealership. They'd check it but say they couldn't get a reading because they couldn't get the light to come on. Now last week they checked it again and said I had problems with my EGR - (insufficient lift condition) and the CC needs to be replaced. The vehicle still has good pick up and the mileage has not changed in the last several years.

My solution is to keep driving it and forget the light (as I have over the past several months). The indication from the mechanic is that I would experience a loss in power and acceleration if things deteriorate. I'll keep the vehicle for warm weather driving this year and with proper notice to a prospective buyer, sell it this fall. Kelly Blue Book says it still has $5,000 value (?)

17th Mar 2009, 16:27

Great forum, I have a 00 odyssey EX and have had the CEL and TCS light coming on and off for some time. Van has 155000 but still gets around 24 mpg on hwy. Just had codes cleared yesterday and today wife says CEL is back on, called Dealer and they said to replace CC. I'm going to try some of these solutions first. I run a K&N air filter so I'm gonna check that, need to look back at my documents and see when I replaced the sparkplugs. Have been getting gas from Walmart and Sheetz. Next tank will fill up with Premium from a Brand company and add the fuel additives. Going to try the Hammer routine tonight as well, I do not have $1100 to spend. Got the Van at 75000 and at 113000 Transmission was replaced by dealer Praise the LORD! I had timing belt and water pump etc.. replaced around 105000 and also had to have mounts replaced because of transmission. Overall have been satisfied with van but expected to get more miles with less maintenance. Automatic doors are starting to act up, praying they will last.

15th Jun 2009, 19:01

Nice thread of valuable posts!!

Got 1999 Honda Odyssey with 118k miles.. started getting CEL and TCS with no symptoms of any problem.. same mileage and pickup... drove back with CEL almost 500 miles home.

TCS showed up sometimes on the way but went off after engine restart.

Initial code was.. P0420 (cat below threshold)

After another 1000 miles P0420 and P0410

After another 300 miles only P0410

After another 200 miles only P0420 consistent!!

CEL is coming back on after resetting with 20-30 miles.

Got EGR valve from AZone... but not able to take the mounting bolts off of old EGR. tried liquid wrench, PBblaster etc...

PCV valve replaced no improvement.

Which O2 sensor should I change (P0410-Bank1 sensor1)? and where is it?

The van is running great no problems or driveability issues.

How do you guys manage to get under van? The clearance is so low.

Please suggest.

13th Jul 2009, 15:37

I too have a 2000 EX model. New transmission at 96K miles another at 124K. Dealer paid for 1st one, split cost for 2nd one. Looking to sell it now with "new Transmission only 2K miles on it"

I have had engine light issue for years now. Dealer said safe to drive since CC failure. Couldn't justify $1000 expense. Have driven 30K miles with light on with no issue even passes California smog no problem. Just need to get light to stay off so I can sell-it. Don't bother trying to address this problem. Just drove Los Angeles to Reno and back at 80mph getting 23 mpg with light on all the way.

26th Aug 2009, 21:37

I have a 99 Odyssey LX with 86000 miles. I bought it in Seattle two years ago with less than 75K on it. About two weeks after arriving in Houston, the car battery died. I replaced with the battery and threw away the battery warmer. Yes, the car came from Canada and I don't need that warmer in Texas.

Last week, my wife broke the right hand side passenger door handle. I couldn't get one from Autozone so I had to buy a brand new door handle from the Honda dealer, $115 including tax. Since the child safety lock is on, I couldn't open the door from inside, and since the handle cheap plastic is broken, I couldn't open the door from the outside either. After a whole afternoon of sweat (and few drops of blood) in the garage, the handle is replaced by opening up the door panel from inside. We also noticed the same door handle on the left hand side is starting to pop out.

After the door handle is replaced, the check engine light came on the next day. I took the van to Autozone and got a free code reading, 401, EGR valve. Autozone gave me a quote for $76 (including 8.25% tax) for a new EGR valve with two years warranty. I am holding off on this purchase since the van is running fine, my state inspection is only due next May. I am planning to buy a code reader from Amazon.com for about $50 to reset the code, or may be I should just disconnect the battery to reset and see what happens next, or I just wait until the weather gets cooler to check things out further.

I just paid $550 three months ago to change the timing belt and water pump, $115 on the door handle last week, not in the mood to spend more $ on this elusive EGR valve / system fix.

Thanks for all the posts here, it really helps me to build my own knowledge base and understand the issues better.