19th Jul 2009, 17:39

I agree buy the best truck. I am ordering a new Chevrolet Silverado next year

22nd Jul 2009, 00:04

Oh yeah, Go Chevy, and make sure when you order that they give you the tax payer discount for bailing them out. You might want to check what year it was made in as well you might be getting an 08 next year? The best truck is a Honda Ridgeline, for your information this is a Honda forum or are you someone from GM checking on what real people want from a real truck, without tax payer support. I will say it again; bankrupt for a reason!

13th Sep 2009, 18:33

What real people want from a REAL truck? OK, so your saying the Ridgeline is a REAL truck compared to a 150, Silverado, or Ram? Pickups that have known and respected capabilities and you can actually use for WORK, and not a luxury wannabe-pickup? I'm sorry, but a Ridgeline isn't built for what a truck is SUPPOSED to be built for -- WORK.

14th Sep 2009, 16:46

While the Ridgeline is NOT a REAL truck (and I am an import fan by the way) it does do it's purpose quite well. It wasn't meant to compete with the F-150, Silverado and Ram. It's meant to be a light duty pick-up. If you need to do real work, than go buy a Tundra, Titan, Ram or F Series (I personally would NEVER recommend Chevy because the last Chevy I had blew it's engine at just over 60,000 miles.) But the Ridgeline is a good vehicle if hauling a pop-up camper or a small boat on weekends is the time you would be towing at all.

18th Sep 2009, 23:35

I agree that you can't pull as much, or hold as much weight as a full size Chevy, Ram, Tundra, or F150. The Ridgeline has a 5000lb towing capacity which is liveable with most things small boats, campers, the like which most people own.

If you want to take it to Menards and put some supplies in it, the thing will take it. What this truck lacks in hauling, towing capacities, it more than makes up in reliability, gas mileage, handling, and just a general pleasure to drive = around in. I have had Chevy products before and I spent more time working on it than driving it. Used to be a big Chevy fan, until my last truck.

25th Oct 2009, 17:56

A Honda Ridgeline is not a truck. Period. I'm not saying they're bad vehicles as they don't seem to be according to these reviews, but they are not trucks.

27th Nov 2009, 18:42

Calling the Ridgeline a "truck" is like calling a rowboat a "yacht". It is a Pilot SUV with impractical front drive, a tiny bed the size of a suitcase, an unreliable transmission and no (as in ZERO) towing capability. It has a third the warranty of real trucks and handles like a Chevy Aveo. Our one (and thankfully ONLY) Honda showed us why they can't offer a real warranty. Both our GM vehicles have over 80,000 miles and never even ONE repair. It's easy to see why GM offers a 100,000 mile warranty. It doesn't cost them a cent. If Honda did that they'd go bankrupt overnight.

28th Nov 2009, 13:28

OK well your company is in bankruptcy court right now, so your comment doesn't make sense for one. 2nd, I love my Honda, and just recently your company had to offer a warranty like that because they were making bad autos.

As for towing, it has a 5000lb capacity, the bed is 5ft long and flat with no wheel wells, so sheets of drywall are no problem, and it is a HONDA car survey forum, not a GM.

28th Nov 2009, 18:30

I have never owned or desired to be a truck owner, but from my perspective, most ride around with empty beds and just the driver in them and are lucky to get 15-18 MPG. I say drive a normal car and rent the truck once or twice a year or as needed. It will be less money in the long run.

28th Nov 2009, 20:34

I work with a "Buy American" group and often volunteer to spend my Saturdays helping those cursed with unreliable imports trade for cars built by American companies and helping Americans. It is especially rewarding this time of year to know that we are making Christmas better for Americans, not Germans or Japanese.

Today was very disappointing. I had a client that wanted a GMC Terrain and one that wanted a Ford Fusion. We spent the day driving to 9 different dealerships. No one had a Fusion, so the person looking for the Fusion got in their Camry and prayed it would make it home. It has 24,000 miles and has been in the shop 27 times. Fusions are selling literally as fast as they are unloaded off the trucks at the dealers (if not already PRE-sold, which many are now). My other client and I continued on to GM dealerships. We did find a total of TWO GMC Terrains. I had called a friend at one dealership at 10 AM and they had 4. When I arrived at 2 PM they were putting a drive-out tag on the last one for the buyer. We drove 10 miles to another dealership. They had sold all of their Terrains that day by noon (they only had 2). We hit the freeway and drove 45 minutes to yet another GM dealer. This was by now close to 4 PM. They DID have one Terrain left, but it was a fully loaded premium model listing for close to $40,000 and they refused to even think about discounting it. My client simply could not afford it. Hopefully their Honda will hold together until they can find a suitable basic Terrain. Their Honda is only two years old, but on its 2nd transmission. They know that when the puny warranty expires it will bankrupt them.

It is laughable that people think U.S. auto companies are "in trouble". GM is ALREADY repaying their loans, and Ford made a billion in PROFIT last year. When people are paying FULL LIST for GMC Terrains and $5000 OVER LIST for a BASIC V-6 Camaro I'd hardly call that company "in trouble". On our drive we saw no less than 11 new 2010 Fusions with drive-out tags. Yeah, sure U.S. auto companies are "in trouble". My company should be so "in trouble!!"

29th Nov 2009, 12:07

"GM is ALREADY repaying their loans,"

Yes they are, with more government loans.

13th Dec 2009, 23:17

I have owned 3 Honda's and had well over 100,000 miles on every one of them. When I sold or traded them the residual value was twice as high as a North American Vehicle. I have owned Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Saturn, Mazda and Honda’s, all were good if you service them properly. I presently own a Saturn Vue with a Honda Pilot motor and transmission, so is it GM or Honda? There are some lemons, but today companies can’t afford to put out lemons it would destroy them.

A retired Mechanics View.

15th Dec 2009, 08:49

I think your area has dealers that don't stock many vehicles and therefore it appears that they are selling like hotcakes when in truth they just don't carry a lot of stock. I just found over 50 Terrains around me here in NY and I have found at least 40 Fusions at area dealers too. This is a very populated area, however, so they tend to stock to meet demands. That is not to say they aren't selling well or that they aren't both good cars, but this can skew the perspective if the stock just isn't there to be purchased when you are looking for a certain car.

You also could have ordered either of the cars you were looking for or even had a dealer do a search and bring it in on a truck for you if it is too far away. The Ford dealer I looked at Mustangs through didn't add ANY cost to an ordered car and it would be a 6 week turnaround. Fusion might even be less than that. Driving from dealer to dealer is very time consuming these days with the internet at your disposal. Once you have driven the cars the rest can be done over the internet.

If I wanted a Terrain and couldn't find one to drive, I would have at least looked at the Equinox for comparison and then made a decision based on that car as it is so similar. You can do the same with the Mercury Milan for the Fusion. Drive the Milan, and order a Fusion if you like it. It will be similar enough to make an informed decision about purchasing it.