15th Dec 2009, 09:39

Resale values are no longer much different for domestics in the real world (no one goes by KBB now, not even dealers). We bought a used 2006 Fusion in January of 2009. We were forced to sell it recently due to economic factors. It sold 30 minutes after the ad came out and we made an $1100 profit on the car. On the other hand, a friend's daughter has been trying for 3 months to sell her like-new 2004 Honda for $2000 LESS than the KBB private party value and has had no takers.

15th Dec 2009, 14:05

You are right. You are better to sell outright then to trade anymore because dealers go strictly by wholesale figures, and they even have wholesale books to go by instead of KBB or NADA. It only works to your advantage if you trade in the first year or so as the wholesale figure tends to be above KBB. I did that on one car and was surprised that I got more than I was looking for out of the car.

The other problem with trading is dealers stick with wholesale figures. If you baby your car, wax it weekly and change the oil every 1,500 miles it will be worth basically the same as the next guy that can't remember when he waxed it or changed the oil on it as long as it washes up and looks good. I have never had a dealer inquire or care about service records or even look under the hood of a trade. My SUV is a 2004 with 84K on it and the engine still looks new. I would have to sell it outright in order to get any good money for it though due to these facts.

The last car I sold outright brought me $5K more than the dealers were willing to give me for it. It was a limited model with a 5-speed manual. The dealer subtracted for that, but the market was stronger for manual cars. They go through a general checklist of things that add value and drop value and it is very generic. It has really gotten bad, and you can really get taken if you aren't careful.

24th Dec 2009, 00:13

Love the Ridgeline RTL; got a 2008 and it is awesome!

1st Feb 2010, 13:08

I came here looking for a Ridgeline review and found an argument on American vs import. I wrote a letter some years ago that was published in Hot Rod magazine, as letter of the month, and stated my pro-america views and questioned the car manufacturers (mainly GM) for where the cars were built and what was considered import. It is still a difficult decision and until last year, my driveway was all American and 75% Chevy. However, when my son went to college, I paid $10.5K for a '04 Accord instead of roughly the same amount for a new GM. Why? I know the Honda is good for 250K miles. I know that the sticker on my Trailblazer plainly stated 16/19 and it gets 13.5/16.5. I also know that when I complained, to the dealer, I was laughed at.

So, today, when I want a used truck, I am looking at the Ridgeline. Why? It is a Honda and is good for 250K. It gets exactly the mileage stated on the sticker, if not better. And it is made in America. So, with all that stated, and knowing that I have now come to the realization that I can no longer spend money on American just because it has one of the big three's name on it, what is an import?

1st Feb 2010, 18:16

13:08. Confused you jumped from an import sedan, a large SUV and a small truck. Cannot find a comparison applicable on your mpg quest or application intent.

30th Apr 2010, 11:19

Usually people attack things (or other people) when they don't understand them or feel threatened.

If someone had a critical opinion about the Ridgeline after driving it and checking it over for a while, then fine.

It is not everybody's truck. And there are certainly enough trucks around to choose from.

For people who want an open bed to carry more things than they can in a regular SUV, it is perfect.

Because it is like a quality SUV in most all other ways with regards to cabin comfort, ride & handling.

2nd May 2010, 07:03

I also have a large SUV, which confuses me why a person would have a Trailblazer and also buy a small truck. I have a Durango SUV and bought a full size truck. Even a full size truck with a six cylinder would make sense. My Silverado is great. I can carry everything a little truck can carry in my Durango with the seats down. To buy a truck; only a full size truck makes sense. My Durango has a class 3 hitch and I carry my bikes on a carrier as well. If you are paying insurance on a truck, why buy a compromised teeny truck and borrow friend's full size? My son comes over half the time to borrow my new Silverado, and I think he is finding that out. I use to have a new S10 mini truck, and found it was pretty useless, and used my other SUV more than it.

21st Aug 2010, 11:46

I have a 2006 Ridgeline, and I have zero problems with it. It is just fine for Home Depot trips and buying bulk mulch. I would buy another one, but there is still nothing wrong with this one. Best vehicle on the snow I ever drove too. Highly recommended.

29th Nov 2010, 09:22

Why do these domestic full-size truck guys keep expecting this MID-SIZE truck to do the same as the full-size? It's like comparing a F150 to a F250, and those guys know it's just dumb to compare those two together.

1. They should be comparing the Ridgeline to a Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Dakota, Tacoma, Frontier.

2. Most (not all) of these full-size truck guys use their full size to haul air 90% of the time. Other than that, it's just small trips to Menards and haul things for friends/family. I'm sure a mid-size can handle this.

3. I had a 2003 F150 V8 4X4, sold it because it wasn't practical. Bought a 1997 4X2 standard cab Tacoma instead for gas. I'm thinking about a Ridgeline or extra cab Tacoma. That's why I came here to read these reviews.

4. So, if you guys can't comment the technicals of this truck (OMG I said truck), please don't waste people's time. Go nag at the Tundra or Titan. Oh yeah, and don't nag about how their half ton can't do what your F250 or F350 can do.

30th Nov 2010, 02:28

The Ridgeline is not a truck, it's a fashion statement.

No one buys these for practicality, it's an SUV on a front drive Honda Civic chassis with a bed big enough for a few suitcases.

These are never used as commercial fleet trucks or for construction, everyone knows these are a joke.

I'm sorry people, a REAL truck is meant for WORK.

This is an SUV, should not be called a truck even.

Good for a soccer mom or a young urban professional, that's about it...

30th Nov 2010, 13:03

If you actually compare the F-150 to the Ridgeline and equip it the same with a 4 door cab and short bed, the specs are really close for payload and towing capacity with the same V-6 engines. The size of the bed is within a few inches either way. If anything, the Honda has a much more modern updated design.

To continue to deny this is a truck, though, doesn't make sense. If Honda offered a V8 version of this truck it would easily rival the V8 version of Ford. This is a more than capable truck for light duty hauling up to 1,500 lbs. It also tows 5,000 pounds so up to 21 foot boat or so.

To say this is built on a Civic platform just shows you never even looked at the specs for this truck to see its actual size and capacities. If you hate it so much that you don't want to take the time to research it before making comments, then just save your comments altogether as they really don't add anything useful to the thread here.

Just because you think all trucks are work vehicles doesn't mean it is the truth for everyone else. This is a nice alternative to a pickup with a two piece body and it definitely has more than enough utility for the average consumer to haul and tow with.