16th Aug 2009, 22:04

"GM and Ford each produced more than 900,000 trucks last year."

This is America's problem. They focus on quantity, not quality.

19th Jul 2010, 12:24

Actually, Ford tried a Unibody on a full size truck back in 1960. There's a reason it was discontinued in 1962.

The Ridgeline/Pilot are both minivan based SUV/pickups. There is no way they can outwork, out wheel, out haul, out anything an F series, Silverado, Ram, Colorado, Ranger, or Dakota truck or variation thereof.

I have an 08 Colorado, 2wd 5sp 4 cylinder truck. It can pull 3500lbs and carry 1100lbs of payload, and get 30 MPG. Seems better then a Ridgeline to me...

Don't even make me compare a Pilot to my 97 Expedition, then that Pilot will get really embarrassed.

19th Jul 2010, 18:00

Well, the Ridgeline can tow up to 5,000 lbs. So it's got your Colorado beat in that category. It's also one upped the Ranger and the Dakota too. Can it outhaul the F-series, Silverado or Ram? No. But then again it wasn't designed to, it's not a full-size pick-up.

The Ridgeline also has a fully-boxed frame integrated into the unibody. It must be working pretty well, because the Ridgeline has been in production for 5 years now.

I personally have seen HUNDREDS of Honda Ridgeline's towing up to and most likely over their towing capacity. I've seen them towing large travel trailers and double axles horse trailers with ease. I've even seen a few being used by contractors.

The Ridgeline is a capable vehicle in the areas it was designed for. And by what I've seen, it's also an overachiever.

20th Jul 2010, 13:18

So true. I always get such a laugh out of people calling the Ridgeline a "truck". It is not a truck. It is a Pilot SUV with the rear roof chopped off, a tiny little bed (might be able to get golf clubs back there), and sides so high that loading anything is very difficult. In addition, the Ridgeline, like all Hondas, is plagued with the horrible reliability issues (heard of the "Transmission of the Month Club"??). I doubt that the real truck makers (Ford, GM and Dodge) are exactly quaking in their boots!

21st Jul 2010, 07:26

I use to tow with my Dodge minivan. I guess I could have torched the roof off and said it's a truck. I had the heavy duty suspension on it though. I have a Silverado with a rear seat, not a mini van or a Pilot though now. It is a true truck with 8 ft bed, and tows too.

9th Dec 2010, 06:04

Just want to add a data point from a happy Ridgeline owner. I have a 2006 RTS, 83000+ miles. I have never had a problem, I tow a tandem axle trailer (1900 lbs) with a 3500 lb tractor/FEL frequently. It has never been back to the dealer, the tires, brakes, battery, bulbs and belts are all original. The trunk storage saves having to have a big tool box that takes up a significant portion of other trucks beds. It is comfortable in the front and back seats. Its traction beats all the other SUV' I've owned (2 Jeeps, Landcruiser, and Scout II). It meets my needs perfectly just as the other trucks fit their uses perfectly.

9th Dec 2010, 15:20

I personally would never buy one of these.

Would be worried about transmission problems, especially with a Honda truck. If it's the same transmission as the Odyssey, it's a very weak component.

This is a great "truck" for a soccer mom or someone who would be better off with an SUV.

If I want a fuel efficient compact car, then I buy a Toyota or Honda, but when it comes to full size luxury sedans and full size trucks, domestics are the best choice.

I work in construction, and all the fleet trucks and work trucks are all domestic, apart from the odd Tundra or Mazda B-series.

The Toyota Tundra may be a decent alternative to a domestic truck, but Honda is way behind in the truck market.

I see very very few Ridgelines on the road, for a reason. They have appeal to a very small market.

Honda would need to completely redesign this truck to be able to sell more, even then it would probably still have a faulty transmission though.

Honda "reliability" is a huge myth created by marketing; they break down just as often as domestics do .

My neighbor has a garage and is always working on late model Hondas. Like he says, Honda quality peaked in the 1990's, and has been downhill since then.

9th Dec 2010, 18:59

I see a ton of them around where I live, but it is a pretty affluent area and most people don't want basic pickups. These are a more upscale alternative to the old dinosaur pickup design. Pickups are great for working, but not too good for much else. This truck gives you a nice SUV like interior with an open bed for extra utility.

As far as reliability... it's a Honda, so there is nothing more to say... or worry about. In my experience, Chevy transmissions are the worst, and their trucks are underdesigned and fall apart well before 100K miles.

And again the whole "myth" of reliability created by marketing. Please enlighten me as to exactly what marketing Honda used to create the myth they build better vehicles. They top domestics in overall quality and reliability, and that is no myth!

10th Dec 2010, 14:33

I love it when people say things like this "It's a Honda, so there is nothing more to say.. or worry about"

It's just a car, they break down like anything else.

My girlfriends 2004 Accord is sitting in the yard right now with 70k on it and a broken transmission. We can't afford to replace it right now, so the car is completely useless.

She is really disappointed after spending her savings on this car and feels cheated, as do I.

I had to buy her a $500 Geo Metro, so she can get to work, and we can try to save up for a new transmission.

Hopefully we can sell the car once it's fixed; never again will we invest in a Honda!

10th Dec 2010, 16:38

I had an opportunity to take a trip in a GM Avalanche. Very comfortable for 4 and a very smooth ride as well. The high sides would be my only comment as is the Ridgeline. The Avalanche tows my friends Fountain powerboat with ease. If you like the SUV feel with a pickup, I highly recommend the GM.

10th Dec 2010, 20:52

As a mechanic, I totally agree. Honda is no more reliable than Ford or GM, and Toyota is far LESS reliable. Our one (and ONLY) Honda was poorly built and less reliable than any of our domestics.

10th Dec 2010, 23:48

I agree, the domestic trucks are better, and the Ridgeline is no competition. The Ridgeline may appeal to those who want an alternative to a minivan or SUV, but I don't think it was made to compete with full size trucks. It is a nice looking truck, but not that practical. Either way, who is going to haul anything in a $30k Ridgeline, I would be worried about scratching the paint.

I'm a fan of Honda cars, although I don't have one now. I had a Prelude in the past, and much enjoyed it. However, when buying a truck, I still feel that Ford/GM/Dodge make a much more durable product. When I buy a truck, I look for an 8 ft bed, towing capacity, and a V-8 drivetrain. I'm not interested in options, navigation, leather, cupholders, stereo etc.. I have no need for that in my truck.