S2000 AP1 2.0 VTEC

Best sports car ever made

206 words, North America


Still the finest roadster available to the poor enthusiast

514 words, Greece

S2000 2.0

Performance bargain of the century!

344 words, UK and Ireland

S2000 2.0 Gasoline

I love it, even with my car's problems!

346 words, North America

S2000 2.0

Something different, but with an absolutely breathtaking engine

95 words, UK and Ireland

S2000 2.0

Utterly thrilling!

164 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

S2000 2.0 V-Tech DOHC

If you know the dealer, get one! It's a great deal!

37 words, Japan

S2000 2.0

The closest thing to sports car perfection

129 words, North America, 17 comments