3rd May 2007, 21:12

Original author: Still driving my H3 and still enjoying it. Very practical and the dog loves it too. Sure you pay a little more for the Hummer brand nameplate. Just don't knock it till you've tried it or you don't know what your talking about. It's not as fast as my brothers Mustang, but it's got torque and guts. I would buy another vehicle from this manufacturer.

27th Jun 2007, 12:40

I have the H3 3.7 for 2007. Have to say I absolutely love it. The 250 hp was a great improvement over the 3.5 liter from 06. I have driven both vehicles. To make it even better I added a good air intake; throttle body mod and a cat back exhaust; I’m assuming that I get about 270 hp and noticed a 2mpg increase in hwy mileage. The power is plenty enough on the 3.7, and I don’t know why so many people complained about it in the fist place.

GM did a great job on this one.

28th Jun 2007, 12:35

At 3000 miles my H3 had to be towed into the dealer. The coil pack had to be replaced. It has never ran right since, this is the biggest POS.

11th Jul 2007, 00:52

Jun 2007, 12:35.

How does a coil pack going out make it the biggest pos ever? Do you even own one?

11th Jul 2007, 17:19

I have a 2006 H3. There is a clicking noise whenever I turn my wheel to the left, took it to dealer they said I needed new steering rack they replaced all under warranty. Only problem is its still making the same noise! Has anyone experienced this before?

16th Jul 2007, 04:09

I have read many reviews on the H3, and to be honest it seems to be a pretty decent truck. I admit I have not owned one, but from the comments on many of the reviews, the problems listed are not uncommon on any new model of car. It seems the H3 suffers greatly from image problems owing to the "smaller" engine and size of the truck. Compared to other SUV's in its class, it seems to be quite reliable and frugal.

We previously owned a Range Rover V8, and running costs were HIGH, reliability was average (needing routine fixes), and the gas mileage varied with anything from 10 MPG to 19 MPG. We also owned a Suzuki Vitara, which was smaller, but required similar attention.

In my opinion, GM looks like it may have gotten it right, particularly if you look at the price of $30,000 and what you get.

17th Jul 2007, 21:41

My H3 is 4 weeks old and has 1800 miles. I took it on 400 mile trip and averaged 17 miles per gallon on the whole trip which including climbing some mountains. Being 4 wheel drive I think this is good mileage. The power is a little boggy off the line, but passing is good. I have realized I have to drive it like my wife does her Lexus and cruise up to the speed and not try to jump to it. Also, I have found that if you keep your tach between 2500 and 3000 you can get good mileage. I love the look of my truck. black on black 20" chrome wheels, brush guard and steps. The ride is very good. I had an 05 Tacoma double cab that I loved, but with 0% financing I couldn't pass the 07 H3 up. My payments are low and is fun to drive. 4 year 50,000 mile warranty is good too. My Toyota didn't have that, but our lexus does.

Am enjoying my H3 immensely. You can't buy it expecting to get 25mpg, although I know 2 people that say they get 21 on the highway.

5th Mar 2008, 10:05

I am still wondering where he thinks his Tercel has a V-6???

29th Jan 2009, 21:03

First, this rig has nothing to share with Isuzu or any GM owned or controled Japanese manufacturer. AMG stand for American Motor General. An AMC-Jeep military division sold to GM by Chrysler in 1989. The Hummer was designed to meet military standards for the middle-east landscape: Sand and palace ruins...

The H2 and H3 platform is of a Suburban. It is a ladder frame type with front IFS. The ground clearance is to compensate for the inherent flaws of the design. Locking diffs to overcome the ramp capability: when wheels lift off the ground. My first road test taught me that smooth driving impressions comes with fat tires with monitored pressure.

3rd Apr 2012, 03:40

Did you ever find out what the problem was, as I think I have the same problem with my 2007.