13th May 2006, 04:58

I think that people who are so anal that it shows (glares) in their writing, will never be satisfied.

The Honda won't be perfect either. Nothing is perfect.

You will then be able to write a scathing review of the new Honda.

Lighten up, life would be more enjoyable for you.

13th May 2006, 07:01

Isn't the idea of this website for people to write reviews of their cars and not argue over the way the article is written. I appreciate the original review/survey and think the writer is being honest. Why would anyone take time to go onto a website, write a well written review of a vehicle (which this one obviously is) just to say that he's got a thing against GM. He was honest that he liked the look of the vehicle and was excited about it when he first got it. Then the novelty wore off and now he realizes the weaknesses of the vehicle. Again, that's what this website is for. To get an idea of people's perceptions on vehicles that they have bought, before you go out and buy it. So what if he has a bias against GM. You know what, I have a GM car and a Japanese car. And the commenter is right, I have had some problems with the Japanese car, but not as many, and not as major, as my GM car. Any body that has issues with certain products will develop a bias, its based on experiences. My experience (bias) is that (some) GM cars are poorly built and not to the quality as other vehicles out there. It seems to me that the commenter has a bias against any other car that isn't GM. To the original reviewer, thanks for you review, you reiterated what I have heard about the Hummer H3, and helped me make a more educated decision.

15th May 2006, 06:02

Maybe the idea is to make a more educated decision.

So if you now feel more educated great. Examples of your education.

The reviewer says the brakes feel like they're grinding, but the trained mechanics can't feel it.

The reviewer makes highly subjective determinations about the brake pump in his H3 based on his opinions and not facts.

The reviewer says he noticed a ticking sound, weeks after purchasing his vehicle that the mechanics say is normal and was probably there since delivery. The reviewer then says, "Come on! I didn't get a brand new car to listen to ticking!

This review might be well written in your mind, but to me it's sounds like whining. Numb steering, it's an SUV not a BMW.

Either the vehicle has all kinds of problems the mechanics really don't know how to fix (unusual, read the other reviews of this vehicle here) OR he is making a big deal about nothing issues (this is more likely in my opinion).

15th May 2006, 11:07

You may notice that I had actually mentioned that the steering was pleasantly tight. I will also admit that it may sound like I am whining. This is my fifth new car and I have never had one that felt so old so quickly. Someone who is used to GM vehicles may not feel the same things that I am. Which is probably why the techs don't feel anything. I drove a coworker's H3 on Friday and all the things that are going on in mine are going on in his. So with the exception of the service four wheel drive light mine isn't all that unique. He hasn't noticed some of the things that I have, but he has had GMs before. My thoughts are that if you have owned Gm cars all your life and don't know any differently you may very well like the H3. If you have ever owned an import you may not like the H3. GM has made some headway. The interior of the H3 is much more solid than that of the H2. However, they keep making improvements over their previous vehicles and not over their competition. It's just sad to see that a vehicle that has so much potential was executed so poorly.

18th May 2006, 17:15

I was 4 wheeling with a 4 Runner, he was not able to negotiate over some of the same terrain that I was, without winching.

I think the H3 has advantages over it's competition that the writer of this review has no idea about. I think some of those reasons are the basic idea of why GM built this vehicle.

If you're comparing a SAAB to a Hummer, it's really apples to oranges.

19th May 2006, 01:16

If someone has made up their mind that all imports are superior to GM (or any other make), they will continue to believe it.

Perception is reality. The import buyers don't always rate their vehicles higher in customer satisfaction surveys, yet there are people that refuse to accept that their Toyota is a lemon. They would complain all day if the same problems happened to a different make.

My brother in law has had his brand new Toyota in for service work six times in three months. He tells that the dealer has attempted to fix a fan problem twice and he is still having overheating problems, but he's sure it will work out because "it's a Toyota"!

19th May 2006, 14:48

So you're saying we should ignore all the bad Hummer reviews here (which prove all models are highly unreliable) because "all cars are unreliable".

Sorry, does not fly. Not all imports are perfect, but overall they are vastly superior to anything America turns out.

If Hummer was made by Toyota you would be saying what crap it is.

20th May 2006, 01:42

I own an H3, I have owned Jeeps, a Nissan Pathfinder, A Toyota 4Runner, a Land Rover Defender, a Suzuki Samari (highly modified), Chevy and Ford 4x4 trucks and an International Scout (also modified).

I have also owned a 300Z, a 280ZX turbo, a Corvette, and a Trans Am.

Without doubt, I had some problems with all of them. I absolutely had the MOST problems with the imports!

I loved the Defender (incredible 4X4) but it cost a fortune to keep running. I blew the lawn mower engine in the Suzuki and replaced it with a GM 305, (ran great after that). The Pathfinder was worthless as a truck, and the 4Runner was the best of the imported bunch. The 280ZX blew up the turbo ($), even though I babied the stupid thing.

Foreign cars don't work any better than domestic cars.

8th Jun 2006, 16:56

As a mechanic, I totally agree with the last comment. The Hummer H-3 is no worse, and probably better, than most imports, and GM, as well as the other "big 3" American auto makers are building vehicles that are, overall, much less expensive to own and maintain and also deliver as good or better overall performance than their foreign competition. The myth of foreign car superiority is mostly due to massive advertising budgets of the Japanese companies and car magazines that are biased due to high advertising revenue from these companies.

18th Jun 2006, 04:57

I must admit that the H3 Hummer has been a rather unexpected surprise.

Working for a Hummer Limo service, I have driven 2003-2006 H2 Hummers for almost 500,000 miles and I am unbelievably amazed at what this vehicle can do and at 13 mpg cannot wait till GM adds the new 6.2L motor and 6 speed trans - expect mpg around 18!!

I have driven 100,000 miles in one year with 2 sets of tires (50k per set despite the poor tread design), 1 set of brakes (100k per set), only 3 failures (out of service each time for ONE DAY - power steering pump, fuel pump and Air-suspension)

WOOW - 100k miles and only 3 days down!!!

However, it is amazing that after 3 years the same problems occur in all 4 model years: defective power sterring pumps, noisy-defective fuel pumps, Air-suspension pump (Fixed in 2005 model), broken door panels - very poor interior fit/quality and poor road tires - no rain channels.

Rumour has it that the 2008 with also get a major interior upgrade similar to the H3. Woow, if they really do this:

New motor 400hp with 6 speed - 18mpg like the Escalade

New Interior like H3

New power steering design like H3

New fuel pumps like H3

New tires like H3.

Then the 2008 H2 will be maybe the BEST VEHICLE I HAVE EVERY OWNER AND OR DRIVEN, and I have owned Mercedes ML430, ML500 and BMW X5 and Infiniti QX45 and others.

The H3 is truly amazing for a FIRST YEAR GM Product.

Lets see, if GM could only:

1. Fix the stupid door panel power windows placement - the dealer refers to it as the "CLAW EFFECT".

2. Fix the stupid seat controls that you cannot reach with the door closed.

3. Put in a serious 6 cylinder (275hp from Trailblazer) with 6 speed transmission

4. Add 2 rear facing seats in the rear - like most other SUV's from the Japan world have.

Again, then the H3 would be amazing!!

Go GM go!! Maybe I will not buy another German or Japanese product if you can keep doing this!!