9th Apr 2007, 12:01

Really? Then explain why American cars CONTINUE to be listed as "used cars to avoid"?

If you had any knowledge at all about automobiles you would know this.

11th Apr 2007, 23:31

'Listed as 'used cars to avoid'' by who, consumer reports?! Oh, what a surprise, since we already have established they wouldn't recommend an American car if it was 10x better then a Japanese one.

I stopped reading that biased magazine about a year ago once it became clearly obvious how biased they are. That anti-America propaganda is really getting annoying.

All our used cars have been American and have gone 100+k miles with few problems.

12th Apr 2007, 08:18

Other than American car clubs, exactly which sources wholeheartedly recommend American used cars?

Consumer Reports, JD Power, Intellichoice, Edmunds, and every source I've ever seen says the opposite.

10th May 2007, 16:58

4th May 2007, 06:37.

I wouldn't say it's jealousy, it sounds more like ignorance.

19th Aug 2007, 22:30

I have a problem with my 07 H3. There is a buletin for a grinding/ kick feel in the brakes and steering wheel. They had it for a week. 2 months later it is starting to do it again. Service manager said they are only going to replace with same parts, as a true replacement to defective parts aren't available yet.

16th Sep 2007, 16:40

I'm one person who was looking to trade my '99 Toyota Tacoma, for a Hummer H3. I test drove four of them, that were new and used. They all felt and drove the same great, secure feel. Absolutly loved them, just every thing about it even accelerated quite nice. The looks of the Hummer H3, perfect. The rugged look I love, doesn't look like every other SUV run Johnny to school in panzy type look to it. I knew right then and there this is going to be my next truck. I can't call this an SUV, its more than that. I told the salesman, give me a day to think about it learn more about them. No question about it that was going to be my baby. So exicted that i, without question, knew that was all I wanted to do was drive that beautiful thing home. This thing made my toyota look sick. But after reading the reviews I must say that I am really quite disappointed of what I have read, such a let down the problems with this thing, these people can't be making this up. There not going lie about it. It's been around a couple of years, and experiencing problems from the get go, come on GM your going to let me down again. I've owned my Tacoma now for six years all I've done was replace two batteries and one pair of front brakes, that's all I've done. A week ago a timing belt that needs to be done. Oil changes typical. What a nice truck I've got. So good to me, I'm going to keep on driving my old dependable right back home because that is trully the truck for me.

28th Sep 2009, 14:44

I'll address the brake grinding issue in a moment... I too own a 2006 Hummer H3 Luxury Edition with Chrome Package and GPS. I took delivery in March 2006. At first I loved it, asthe ride and view is really quite remarkable... But there are so many things after 3.5 years of ownership... The lack of power I knew about and can get used to... But this thing doesn't have enough power to get out of its own way!

Onto the major problem... At about 17k miles... I started hearing a grinding noise under hard braking, but only in the last 20 feet or so of the stop. My first stop to the dealership for this was an insult really. They tried to tell me it was all in my head and that the "Suspension needed lubrication!" It was a rainy day when I dropped it off and picked it up. The noise seemed muted, but still there.

Another few hundred miles and it was back. This time the dealership admitted that it was a poor brake design and turned the rotors. Apparently it has something to do with the edge of the rotor, either inside for the emergency brake or the outer brake rotor. They remove the rotors and turn or grind it off. I went on my way...

It returned in another 10k miles! I called a different dealer this time about two months ago as the one I bought from went out of business. They said the brake problem was no longer considered a warrantable item and that I must PAY to have the work done. Even though my car was still under the "bumper to bumper" warranty! This REALLY steamed me. (Still does!) When I told the guy that I could do the work myself with an angle grinder! (Which I guess I'll do as GM is not getting ONE MORE cent from me!)

This in addition to the leather seats are starting to fray at the seams and split open... The trim pieces are popping off... Heck, the wheel-well liners didn't even have all of their plastic rivets to hold them up! I had to pay for those special order! ($4 each!) The sunroof drain-tubes also get blocked easily, which in turn can flood the floorboards!

The other things that annoy me are things that I already knew about, but thought I could live with... No storage space! It looks big... But it's all vehicle and trim and no real usable storage space. I end up tying everything to my roof racks to move. The seats are NOT comfortable on long drives over 1.5 hours. And just generally poor workmanship in the fit and finish of the vehicle. I customized mine with even more chrome so most of that is dressed up and not noticeable now.

In the end... I will NEVER purchase another GM vehicle. They can (and most likely will) go bankrupt! I'm looking to sell mine soon and buy a Ford Explorer like I had years ago.

2nd Jan 2010, 04:27

Gee folks, give GM and Hummer a break!

To those that have had problems with their Hummers, it seems that most if not all are occurring during normal around town drives; my advice is buy a station wagon. This machine is designed for off highway travel, and at that it is supreme, and yes I too have had problem with the door locks and chimes going off, but the problem was not GM's fault; why, because I installed an after market radio, and the wiring harness to reconnect the accessory was not available.

I travel to Arizona from Los Angeles several times each year, to places of unbelievable beauty and remoteness, and this machine takes me, and brings me back, so I find the little things that at time drive me crazy, are balanced with what I see when I am in Arizona!

2nd Aug 2010, 21:28

I like Hummers... But recently the 06 H3 give me a headache.. When I start the car, it stalls... But if I hold the key in the start position. It runs.. as soon I let go the key, it stalls... and of course the warranty is over, so the dealer is trying to get my arms and legs.. That is ridiculous.. I know I will never get another GM car..