14th Jul 2006, 12:55

To the 16:56 comment: every sentence you wrote is false. Foreign vehicles are far superior as a whole; especially Toyota's and Honda's. Those of us who own them understand why and laugh when we see some poor soul driving a Hummer, an Expedition, or some other bloated piece of GM or Ford trash. I'm feel sorry for people that can't understand this.

14th Jul 2006, 21:24

Yeah, tell that to my friend whose 2001 Accord is falling apart and has been nothing, but trouble since new. Honda and Toyota are simply over-hyped car manufacturers whose product is no better then what we have here, take a look, there are plenty of people complaining about problems with their Honda's and Toyota's. I know many people who own GM SUV's that have been very reliable, all our GM vehicles have been great. The one vehicle that did have problems, though, was a Honda that had overheating issues.

15th Jul 2006, 20:09

The "Ticking" noise happens on most cars after you switch off the hot engine and the exhaust system cools down and contracts, making the noise as relative movement takes place between components.

It might be annoying to some, but it's quite normal and harmless.

9th Sep 2006, 06:26

To 21:24. Despite whatever car you imaginary friend might have, Honda and Toyota are not over-hyped. Do they have problems? Yes. Do they have lemons? I suppose so, even though I have yet to see one myself. Any companies that produce this quantity of machinery, whatever it is, will have some problems. What you are not understanding is that Toyota and Honda have FAR fewer problems as a whole. That is a fact, and any attempt to dispute it will be made by people who won't admit that foreign vehicles are superior, or by people who will lie or make up stories about some nightmare Honda that some "friend" had, and everything on the car fell off. There is no comparison in quality, Toyota has it, GM doesn't. The H3's look great, and if you never drive it, I suppose it will continue to look nice. The problems arise when you turn the key and try to go down the road. These things are going to fall apart quickly, have a LOT of motor issues, and squeak and rattle like a broken shopping cart. And I'll believe 20 m.p.g. when I see it. An inline 5 to move this bus down the road? Come on GM, wake up.

9th Sep 2006, 13:33

The H3 will not be taken seriously until it has a real motor under the hood. An inline 5 cylinder? Come on GM, what were your engineers thinking? Is there a good reason why the I6 from the Trailblazer is not the standard motor? Will the I6, or even the small V-8 from the full size truck line not fit in there?

11th Sep 2006, 14:12

To 9th of September 6:26.

Imaginary, I think not. 2001 Honda Accord, several major problems.

1. The cars' computer fried and had to be replaced at least once.

2. The front passenger door has routinely gotten stuck closed, has had to be fixed twice, when three of us rode in the car, two had to squish in the back seat because the front passenger door would not open.

3. The window in the front passenger just seems to like falling inside the door, also needs to be fixed.

You may claim to "have yet to see one" that's a lemon, but the fact is, you wouldn't see it if it came up and ran over your foot, because you think that a brand is superior just because it isn't American. And I would love to know where your proof that foreign cars have "far fewer problems as a whole" is, no let me guess, Consumer Reports? "Sigh".

But back to the topic at hand, I would agree that the H3 has an underpowered engine, although I have heard that it still has great low-end torque for off roading. The 4.2L from the trailblazer would definitely help a lot, as would a 4.8 or 5.3 V8. You would probably get better gas mileage too with the 4.2 liter, considering it would no longer be underpowered.

12th Sep 2006, 19:43

Most foreign brands are far superior. Not because they're not American, which makes no sense by the way, but because they are built more carefully, with better engineering from the get-go, and they use better materials. Where is my proof? How about any major publication that deals with automobiles, and is worth reading, including Consumer Reports. I own a '98 Tacoma, and there is no other make of truck that even comes close to being as rock-solid and reliable as these trucks are. For damn sure not any Hummer.

12th Sep 2006, 20:08

I just got back from test-driving this vehicle.

Besides the fact the four wheel drive light coming on, when I pulled back in to the dealership the locks, windows and horn all started honking, as if the car was possessed. The dealer told me, "oh! That's a badly maintained car!" It was used. And the person in the car with me seemed not to notice when I pulled back in to the dealership! Who can't notice locks locking, horns honking? Its almost reminded me of that old movie, Christine!

Not to mention, at least the dealer I have in town here, the service is horrible (although one not to far from here offers finominal service).

And to 11th Sep 2006, 14:12.

I've yet to see a Japanese vehicle with problems such as those described here, although I will admit there have been some major issues with my 91 civic (due to the previous owner not taking care of it, I had to settle for a cheaply maintained car). But, I own a 97 Pontiac now, and I'll admit there have been no problems although I've only had it for 2 days. (I love it though!)

Anyway, back to the hummer. For the time I drove it I found it a bit underpowered, but adequate. I love the foot room and headroom, not to mention the ride quality. I'm still in high school so of course am not going to buy one -- just did it for the heck of it. I am, however, considering buying a Jeep for winter driving as I feel this Pontiac just isn't gonna be adequate for the winters out here in Canada, Manitoba -- especially in town. Any recommendations welcome. I'm thinking of a jeep Cherokee? What model/year seems most reliable, and what size engine should I look at? I want power, but not so much as to diminish gas mileage (2.5 -- is that powerful in a Jeep?) I don't think it is, but am willing to give it a shot if it gets good gas mileage. I know this is a bit off topic, but I figured while we were on the topic of SUVs...

I wish we could all get along -- obviously, Japanese is Japanese, and American is American, and they're all flawed with problems one way or the other. Although, unless somebody wants to argue, I find Japanese more the reliable of the two.

9th Apr 2007, 02:22

A simple fact, both imports and domestics have their positives and negatives, and no, one is not superior to the other, If you had any knowledge at all about automobiles, you would know this.