1996 Hyundai Accent LS 1.3 from Greece


A very good car for its size


Oil leak from top gasket at 260000 km.

Some electrical switches and light bulbs replaced.

Normal use parts replacement in 16 years (brakes, spark plugs, etc.).

Driver seat material must be replaced - damaged by seat belt touching.

Shock absorbers and timing belt replaced.

General Comments:

A light car, well mannered driving, needs firm control of the steering, as it's affected by side winds.

Engine never stopped running (switch-off), some electrical problems (parts), very low fuel consumption 6 ltr/100 km (in Greece fuel costs today 1.72 euro/litre average), clutch pad never replaced!!! (270000 km).

Some times it's noisy (tyres) because of bad road quality, very good behavior on mountain roads (snow and ice), with chains.

Comfortable for four adults, and five in an emergency.

Generally, a car worth the money paid for it, for 16 years.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2011

1996 Hyundai Accent XS 1.3 from South Africa


Not built to last... you have to replace parts


Locks failed.

Replaced gasket.

Immobilizer failed.

Replaced engine.

Oil leaks.

Cracked dashboard.

General Comments:

Poor build quality. Definitely a cheapie and has let me down a few times. Flimsy thin doors.

Nice acceleration though.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2011

6th May 2011, 17:42

In Australia, every one of these has a cracked dashboard, even if they've had dashmats on them the whole time.

1996 Hyundai Accent 1.5 from Puerto Rico


Energizer bunny on 'roids; just keeps on going and going


95,000; I replaced the clutch.

125,000; entire front end and all shocks.

150,000; I volunteered to change the timing belt, water pump and valve cover gasket.

155,000; brake pump.

The car now has 157,000, and is still going strong.

Parts for this car are very cheap and easy to find.

General Comments:

Well I landed on this forum, just wanting to see if my little Accent was a freak accident by Hyundai, but I guess my Accent (Chustro) is not as special as we thought LOL.

I purchased this car for my wife, who drives horribly, and in Puerto Rico, the roads are worse than her driving.

I got the car for a great deal, even though I did not know much about Hyundai at the time. I went and got the car anyway. It was the best decision I have ever made; this car has won the love of my family. It started as a commuter for my wife, then anyone can use it, a free for all the family beater, and now it takes my daughters to college. I asked them if they wanted a nicer car, and they asked why we have the Accent?

I must emphasize that the driving conditions in Puerto Rico are hard on any car; lots of hills that are miles long, untold amounts of curves, and terrible roads, and this car has NEVER BEEN TOWED HOME.

We own a 2002 Ranger and a 2005 Nissan Murano, but we will never get rid of the Accent.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2010

1996 Hyundai Accent L - 10th Anniversery Edition 4 Cylinder from North America


No frills quality buy


Driver Side will not unlock with key (when bought)

Brake pads need replacing (when bought)

Minor Cosmetic damage inside and outside (when bought)

General Comments:

Was looking for an inexpensive fuel efficient used car, and found it.

It isn't flashy, it isn't gonna impress the girls, it isn't gonna haul all your stuff to a new apartment, and it isn't gonna win any street races.

However, without oil change or tune up it is getting 29.4 mpg, it has good pep, and switches gears smoothly (usually at about 3500 rpm).

Handling is top notch, could be fun with a bigger engine.

Other than the door lock, which these reviews warned me about, it is pretty functional. The brakes pads need replacing, but as it only has 49k miles on it, and I didn't see any complaints about the brakes in other reviews, I am assuming (and hoping) the pads are all that needs work.

Passed smog (required in NV) 14 months and 6500 miles ago, so not anticipating any troubles there.

One thing however, it is fuel injected and if you have the habit from other cars of giving it gas when you start it, it will stall, and your next few start ups will be a bit rough.

All in all, satisfied with the car for what I paid ($1650 from a charitable organization.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2007