1996 Hyundai Accent LSi 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A good performer generally


Last month I took my car to a local garage for a new clutch. For three weeks or so there were no problems. Now when I start my car and select first gear, the car judders. I then press the clutch down, press the accelerator and allow my foot to reach bite point, and the car moves forward. This happens at the most minimum speed. I am worried that this fault may ruin my engine and/or gear box.

If anyone has an idea as to what may be the problem please let me know on my email at: Bbamrah@lineone.net

Many Thanks,


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Review Date: 11th September, 2001

1996 Hyundai Accent from North America


Fun, but..


One headlight was replaced the first week I had it because of condensation inside the assembly.

The Master Cylinder was replaced 8 months after I bought the car.

The first oxygen sensor was replaced about a year after I bought it.

The second oxygen sensor was replaced about 2 months later.

The third was replaced at my expense about 2 years ago.

I'm currently saving for my 4th oxygen sensor.

I replaced the Crank Angle Position sensor about a year ago.

Routers and brakes were replaced about a year and a half ago.

The driver and passenger side windows really give your biceps a good workout.

The battery was just replaced.

Now I'm experiencing intermittent start problems, usually when I'm in a rush to get somewhere. I'm told it is likely an electrical problem. Which are usually hard to diagnose and expensive to fix.

General Comments:

When it works, I love driving my car.

It's fun and has lots of pep.

Except for the repairs it is an economical vehicle to drive.

I just wish that I didn't have so many problems lately.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2001

17th Jun 2002, 19:37

I own a 96 hyundai accent which I bought second hand in 98. my first observation was that the engine made a curious buzzing sound at 2600 rpm, but apparently that's natural for this model. mechanically the engine has given me no trouble to date (60k miles), it starts easily and the car has no clutch or gearbox problems. lucky I suppose. however I have experienced problems with all four window winders and my radio reception gets distorted whenever the engine is turned on.

1996 Hyundai Accent GS 1.5 from North America


Worse choice I ever made!


Starter grinds when the key is turned.

Engine oil leak because the gasket was not properly sealed at the factory, fixed twice.

Had to get the car towed when the engine light came on, new computer chip, twice replaced.

Oxygen sensor replaced 3 to 4 times, lost count.

Replaced front and rear tires after 30,000 kms.

My outside mirrors use to be black, paint worn right off.

Trunk release had to be fixed at my cost because it was an adjustment.

Heater fans are extremely noisy.

Exhaust work tomorrow, very loud right now.

Recall on the windshield wipers.

Weather stripping coming off the passenger door and trunk.

Replaced all the brake lights within the first year.

Passenger door rattles on the inside.

Several front end alignments.

Loose transmission bolt.

Sometimes the car hesitates on take-off, then "kicks" hard into gear.

General Comments:

There's a sucker born everyday, and I'm one of them. $15,000 out the window. Now that the car is nearing 5 years old, it's quickly self destructing.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2001

16th Jul 2001, 05:42

Hi, I am also a owner of a Automatic GL Hyundai Accent. After saving my money for this car, I was also very dissapointed, and would not recommend this car to anyone that I liked anyway. My car is only 8 months old, and it already has squeaks and rattles in it like you wouldn't believe. And I have also had the oxygen sensor looked at by the dealership, who told me that this was normal, and almost all of the cars do it. My car also jerks through the gears, and surges ahead like you said. This was the worst mistake of my life, and if only I had enough money to buy another one. And it certainly wouldn't be a HYUNDAI!!!