1996 Hyundai Accent base 1.6L from North America


My 1996 Accent lasted 10 years and 235 000km. R.I.P


Recently (since beginning of 2006) I had to change: my gas lines, my alternator and battery, my breaks callipers and hoses.

Else, I had everything gone bad changed in 2002 when I was back from a 6 months that putted more than 40 000 km on it. But to no cost, since I had bought the extended warranty: 6 years, unlimited km.

One thing has been bothering me for the last 3 years: the driver door is rusting badly, mostly up the handle, in the frame around the glass. Moreover, the mechanism for the glass in that door broke (in 2005) and the mirror cover cannot stay in place (since a hit and run in 2003).

Those are aesthetic problems and I tried to find a replacement door, but it seems this door is commonly in bad shape. This was explain to me as being due to drivers who close the door without holding/pushing the handle, but the top of the door instead; which cause flight bending and water linking-in over time.

Last week, it stopped on the Champlain Bridge, in Montreal, QC, Canada. Electrical problems at 235 000 km, I'm now sadly shopping for a new car, after 10 years of loyal service from my 2 door Accent...

General Comments:

This car was my first car, bought in August 1996, before starting University. I owed it for 10 years, putted 235 000km on it and loved its versatility, trunk space and low gas consumption. Mind you, I'm not a sport's car driver... ;)

But while I owned my Accent, I was delighted. I even leaved in it for 6 months, traveling in the southern states. I built a 5in x 3in platform bed in it, and store my luggage underneath... I called it my Little Hyundai-Falia, in reference to the famous VW Westfalia.

I manage to moved a lots of friends with it; even fitted a 2 places futon (base and mattress!) and all my clothes and books in it once...

I had the base model, with tape deck radio. The only options I regretted afterward was not taking the AC and the button to unlock the trunk from the inside; being in University, I often give rides to friends and I had to get out and unlock the trunk for each passenger to get their bags out.

So I am now shopping for a new car; I will not end up buying Hyundai again since I'm looking for a more "grown up" car now, 4 doors, still hatchback, with AC, key less entry and little more luxury interior... And I feel like the exterior look of the Hyundai models are not appealing to me this year. (except the Tucson, but not similar mileage!) I am thinking about the Nissan Versa 2007, Honda Fit 2007, Mazda 3 2007 or Pontiac Vibe 2007…

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Review Date: 27th September, 2006

20th Apr 2009, 13:51

I recommend the 2002 - 2006 Elantra GT Model :P.

Get it 2 to 3 year used for peanuts... just make sure the previous owner didn't hammer it.

1996 Hyundai Accent GT 1.5L DOHC 16v from North America


Worthwhile as a used buy, great for day to day use


Rear defroster switch - 66700km.

Door locks recoded at 67000km (original key code was horrendous - keys were worn to the point that it took a serious effort to unlock the doors)

Ignition switch and indicator stalk replaced at 115000km.

Main relay replaced at 120000km.

General Comments:

This car is pretty nimble and fun to drive. Handling is good compared to lesser models due to firmer suspension. OEM alloy wheels and tyres are a bit small - 175/65R14 on a narrow rim! These were tossed with a half-inch wider rim with 185/60R14 rubber, which works a bit better.

The short gearing makes for frequent shifting, but also brings the engine to the sweet spot (about 3000rpm) where it sounds quite melodious. However, this becomes tiring when travelling on highways at the 110km/h range where it becomes constant droning.

Urban fuel economy is good even when the car is driven hard, but not as good as it could be on the highway - again due to short gearing!

Brake feel is very spongy even with fresh pads and shoes, and the brake pedal travel is quite long - could be disconcerting for some drivers.

Shifter throws are way too long, but the clutch take up is actually quite good.

Driver and passenger seats are a bit uncomfortable - after owning this car for 3 years I still find it hard to find a perfect driving position.

As I don't carry passengers often in the rear, I can't comment on the comfort of the rear seat. However, the split folding rear seat is much appreciated as it gives a lot of flexibility at hauling cargo.

There is plenty of cargo space, and as long as I'm carrying not more than 2 people in the car, impromptu trips to IKEA or Home Depot for large items are not a problem at all.

Oh... the cargo area cover is not as well-built as I would like - it rattles a lot! Yet, I couldn't live without it as it keeps people from looking into the cargo area.

Local Hyundai dealers are not as good as I thought they would be - not very helpful at locating parts!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2006

13th Jun 2007, 08:26

I own the simmilar car - ACCENT GT 1,5 16V DOHC 1997/98. And I can say that the same are my opinion on this car. Greetings 2 all. the-moonGT@O2.pl.