30th Oct 2009, 15:26

GM will honor ALL warranty claims on a Pontiac well after Pontiac is gone just like Oldsmobile. They will also be able to service the cars after that due to most of the parts being from different cars in their lines.

30th Oct 2009, 15:31

"None of these come remotely close to GM's compacts in terms of quality, and only Hyundai offers a warranty to equal GM's."

That is quite the opposite as Hyundai had the warranty long before GM ever thought of it. GM's warranty is also only 5 years, so most people won't even get close to that full 100K miles of warranty. Plus did you forget that Kia has the same and Suzuki does as well?

30th Oct 2009, 16:01

To the Oct 26 comment, your discussion of the need to compare the GP at the same RPM as the Accent is irrelevant. Point is the 3800, as I call it, drives at 70 MPH at a lower RPM than the Accent. The reason the GP 3800 runs at a lower RPM is because of available torque from the larger V6 engine.

The lower RPM provides a longer lasting engine, lower noise level in the car, a heavier car for better ride and a much better crash protection. Small lightweight cars don't provide anywhere near the protection in a wreck.

People who buy a Hyundai for the better warranty are sucked in to buy a piece of junk!

31st Oct 2009, 08:24

"Remember olds?"

That is true, GM technically has to honor Pontiac warranties, but like I said in my earlier comment, "Good luck getting DECENT warranty coverage..." the key word there was decent. Yes GM has to and will cover Pontiacs, but you can bet they will not do it well, not like they ever really did, but that's another story. I do not spread falsehoods, and I DO have MY facts straight, if you are going to contradict someone, make sure your facts are equally as straight.

And I would not bash American car companies if they did right by their customers. I happen to own nothing but American cars, (all from the 60's and 70's, but American cars none the less.

31st Oct 2009, 12:49

" To all commentors comparing the Pontiac 3800 to the Accent 1.6l"

Am I the only one who sees that you are comparing apples to oranges??

The Accent and the GP are in two totally different vehicle classes.

And to the person who says that people are fooled into buying junk with Hyundai... Yeah, I guess Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and J.D. Power are also fools, huh? Have fun with your domestic brands with all the slip-shod build quality and questionable dealer "service" that they have to offer.

31st Oct 2009, 20:31

"People who buy a Hyundai for the better warranty are sucked in to buy a piece of junk!"

60,000 miles without ONE SINGLE problem is a piece of junk? I love my Hyundai. It's an extremely well-built vehicle. It easily rivals Honda and Toyota in build quality, and in some areas, I would say it even surpasses them. Compared to the domestics I've owned (and I've yet to have one that makes 30,000 miles without some sort of major repair) this Hyundai is great.

2nd Nov 2009, 10:05

I know Hyundai owners with the following issues.

New car with no antifreeze, it froze in Minnesota the first day she owned it. A locksmith friend who says the Hyundai locks have more problems than any other car.

Accent owner gets low 30 MPG is wondering how to improve 3700 RPM at 70 MPH.

Accent owner asks how to improve leg room, he is 6 feet and very uncomfortable.

As far as comparing a GP to Hyundai, if you can compare a small economy car to a midsize GP and they get comparable MPG at same price, it doesn't speak well for the Hyundai.

2nd Nov 2009, 18:09

"Yes GM has to and will cover Pontiacs, but you can bet they will not do it well, not like they ever really did, but that's another story."

Not true at all here. Our former Olds dealer gives better service on Oldsmobiles than our Ford dealer does on our new Fords.

2nd Nov 2009, 18:13

I'm a staunch domestic supporter and I've never owned a domestic that ever required ANY repairs before 100,000 miles (and very few after that) but I DO strongly endorse the Hyundai. Hyundai has proven itself to be a very good car company and yes, they surpassed the Honda and Toyota brands years ago. In a 2006 Car and Driver comparison of 4 mid-sized cars the Hyundai beat out the Camry (which came in dead last).

3rd Nov 2009, 11:06

Is it really the fault of the quality of the car that someone forgot to add antifreeze to it before delivering it?

Slow down! Drive 60 at 3,000 rpm's and you'll get 37 mpg.

Buy a bigger car... did they not test drive it??

And where can you get a GP for the same price as a $9K Hyundai... unless it is used. Oh that's right, they don't make the GP anymore! Comparing a used car to a new one doesn't make much sense does it?

4th Nov 2009, 22:33

Again, when I can buy even a used GP with a bumper to bumper warranty for same money as a Hyundai and get same MPG, better comfort, better crash protection, more features, better durability, more power, etc. It's much better value in every way possible! Buying a Hyundai is an ill-informed decision.

You say to slow down to 60 in a 70 zone where everyone is driving 80. In a small car like an Accent, it's a death sentence.

5th Nov 2009, 16:42

I've owned Pontiacs and my best friend has a 5-year-old Accent. The Accent has been totally flawless. It is driven a lot and now has well over 70,000 miles. It has never had a single problem (but WILL if my friend doesn't change the timing belt as I keep insisting he SHOULD!!). Comparing a Pontiac Grand Prix to an Accent is sort of like comparing a yacht to a rowboat. Both do their jobs VERY well, the Accent just does it more inexpensively with less comfort. If all I wanted was basic transportation, I'd opt for the Accent. If I wanted something longer-lasting and more comfortable, I'd buy a used Grand Prix. Comparing these two cars is sort of like comparing the cheaply built and unreliable Toyota Camry to the World-class Ford Fusion.

16th Nov 2009, 00:06

That would be only a 20mph impact. I've wrecked bicycles at higher speeds than that. I'd hardly call it "deadly".