2007 Hyundai Elantra Limited 2.0L from North America


The Elantra Limited offers a luxury car feel while still surpassing 30mpg average economy


Factory XM Radio repaired.

General Comments:

Car is feature packed for the money.

Good performance/economy compromise.

Handles well in city and on highway.

Comfortable front and back.

Roomy Trunk.

Limited trim package offers comforts of a higher end vehicle.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2007

2007 Hyundai Elantra GLS from North America


As far as value, this is the best option, period!



General Comments:

I am astounded at the quality of this car!

I drove several cars and felt this was by far the best value. it is very solid and drives like a higher priced vehicle. The ride is smooth, quiet and has exception quality!

I was stunned. I am a Honda certified tech as well as Gm and never would thought I would consider a Hyundai. But the more I read about them the more I became interested. The dealer was blowing these cars out so I thought I would give it a try. The car has a ton of room, is very comfortable and the build quality is first rate. The interior has a well built feel with quality materials everywhere. It is also well laid out. I am far more comfortable in this car than anything else I drove. The position of the controls is perfect. I am 5'10", 160 lb.

The styling is very tasteful and the paint quality is first rate. The panel gaps are very linear as well.

The driving experience is impressive. It has good power, sharp turn in, great steering and braking feel and is comfortable and quiet. Hit a pothole or the railroad tracks, and you can feel the quality. I think it has a lot of body roll and a little too much impact harshness, but I am impressed.

That with the best warranty, high service marks, and great build quality, how can you go wrong? Planet Hyundai let me drive it for 2 days before I purchased it. I am very value conscience and after much research I feel this is the best purchase I could've made. And I got it for $13,500!

I will update you on my experience. If this car last as long as everyone else is claiming, customer for life!

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Review Date: 27th October, 2007

13th Jun 2008, 13:13

They probably could have gotten if for a better price, although getting a new, nice car like the Elantra for $13,500 is not bad. I negotiated a salesman down from $17,145 to $13,300 (including tax) on a new leftover '05 Sentra. It can be done, you just have to be firm, persistent, and let them know you mean business. Don't forget dealers love tacking on all kinds of ridiculous fees. In my case $599 for a "service fee", which was pre-printed on the sales contract, and about $1,000 in dealer extras on the window sticker. I refused to pay for any of those things and 3hrs. of haggling later a great deal was had!

1st Oct 2008, 09:12

Yeah I don't understand why 17k is a benchmark but I had a very similar experience with an 06' Elantra that started around 17k and got it down to around 14k. Even that was a little high but it was my first time buying a car so I guess it could have been worse.

2007 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L from North America


For what I paid and all the features I got, the Elantra is an outstanding bargain


Nothing has gone wrong yet. Knock on wood.

General Comments:

I love my new Elantra. It is way better than my old Stratus, but my old Stratus had over 180,000 miles on it and was getting old, and I needed a new car.

The Elantra rides smoother, is quieter, gets better gas mileage and accelerates better. It is even better on insurance because of all the safety features.

So far there are only 3 things that irk me about the car.

1. There is a huge blind spot on the drivers side, and I can't seem to adjust the power mirrors just right to eliminate it. However, I always look over my shoulder before I change lanes.

2. This car does not take potholes very well. The suspension is too light and even a small hole produces noticeable bounces and rattles, but then again no car really goes over a pothole well. This is just a nitpick I suppose.

3. During full acceleration the engine is noisy, which is odd because at idle or freeway cruising, the engine very quiet, even with the A/C on. In fact, I already scratched the starter once because the car idles so smoothly and quietly.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2007

7th Oct 2007, 22:02

You might want to stop going over potholes! Alignment is important!

6th Nov 2007, 10:31

Sounds like you made a good buy!

4th Mar 2008, 17:41

I'd be curious to know how big the potholes are. No car withstands the shock of a true pothole, and only in the most expensive luxury cars are they not annoying. There should be a standardized pothole test, say 14 wide, 3 inches deep - a car should be able to handle this without the passengers flinching. Otherwise "doesn't take potholes well" is pretty meaningless.

13th Jun 2008, 13:04

I can understand your point on engine noise. I test drove an '07 Optima 4cyl. It was very smooth and quiet at idle and in normal acceration, but with hard acceleration it was kind of loud and gruff sounding. For me that's good though because it will discourage me from wanting to push it too hard. I hope your Elantra keeps you satisfied for a long time.

9th Jun 2011, 19:03

Well I no longer have my beloved Elantra. I was rear ended by some moron talking on his cell phone, not paying attention to where he was going. No one was hurt fortunately. Sad. This was the most dependable, reliable car I EVER owned. Never let me down. Not once. I almost had it paid off. But, I will be getting another Hyundai. Maybe a Sonata this time.