30th Nov 2009, 14:59

"Toyota, Honda and Nissan have nothing that comes even REMOTELY close to it in sportiness."

I disagree. The Nissan 370 Z and GT-R far surpass this Hyundai. As for bang for the buck, the Hyundai is the better deal, but Nissan makes much better sports cars for a higher price.

1st Dec 2009, 09:39

Aw come on! Buy what you like, the so called domestics are watered down with imported parts anyway & many are assembled in Canada & Mexico.

Have you guys joined the Fordpublican party or what?

1st Dec 2009, 15:05

No, we care about AMERICANS having JOBS. And what is meant by FORDPUBLICAN? If this implies that Republicans drive domestics that idea is ludicrous. Republicans are the party of the WEALTHY. They don't drive domestic OR Japanese cars. I married into a fabulously wealthy family, and all of them drive Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover and Jaguar. There is not a domestic OR Japanese car in the entire group. I am a staunch Democrat and drive ONLY domestics.

2nd Dec 2009, 16:09

Well if you care about Americans having jobs, doesn't it bother you that the "domestic" manufacturers have been closing American assembly plants for years and laying off American workers, and then building new plants in other countries and hiring lower paid workers to assemble those domestic cars?

Look at the "Car of the Year" Ford Fusion which is built in Mexico for example.

At least those "foreign" companies have been building plants in the USA and hiring American workers.

And before you make assumptions, I own a domestic car that was built here in the USA. (By the way, it is equipped with a Japanese transmission). You are aware that the "Big Three" use imported parts and components in their "domestic" cars, aren't you?

3rd Dec 2009, 19:13

The above comment is particularly true. I personally know of a domestic auto worker who told me that because the domestics and others are building cars in Mexico, domestic auto workers can no longer compete with a wage that is 1/10 that of the wages paid in North America.

So, to those who deride others for driving something other than a domestic car, take a closer look at the business and labor practices of the domestic automakers and workers.

You will see that the real reason workers in North America lose jobs... is GREED... both from the workers themselves, who have priced themselves out of job security with excessive wage and pension demands over the years, and the management who have had no choice but to go elsewhere to hire low wage workers for what is essentially a low skill job... and before anyone gets upset about the 'low skill' tag, that very definition came from the mouth of the North American auto worker themselves.

There was a clothing company that had an advertising slogan stating... "An educated consumer, is our best customer". Such a slogan has merit because it implies intelligence and not sentiment being the deciding factor in making a purchase from the company.

Memorable and pertinent, it is likewise for all consumers to perform due-diligence before making any purchase.

It is after all their own hard earned money, and they should not be stigmatized because of personal choice or preference.

3rd Dec 2009, 19:55

Thank God for young people who actually CARE about our country and people's futures! All vehicles manufactured by foreign companies are not "junk" (though Toyota seems to be earning that title VERY quickly these days). Still, buying from American companies is by far better than sending our money overseas.

As for the Marquis and Crown Vic, they are some of the best-built, most solid cars ever made. They will last virtually forever. That's why police departments, security services and taxi companies used them for years. Can you imagine a cop chasing you in a CAMRY? You'd probably crash from laughing so hard!

3rd Dec 2009, 19:59

"Look at the "Car of the Year" Ford Fusion which is built in Mexico for example."

I not only looked at one, I BOUGHT one. Buying from American industry helps AMERICA. Period. I know those not schooled in economics don't understand this.

As for the bad transmission, you should have done more research on the car before buying it. We looked at a Saturn Vue and ran as fast as we could when we discovered it had the defective Honda drive train.

4th Dec 2009, 10:12

"As for the bad transmission" - what bad transmission? The Japanese transmission in my Jeep is just fine thank you.

As for buying a Fusion - I am sure that the Autoworkers of Mexico would thank you.

4th Dec 2009, 17:22

"As for buying a Fusion - I am sure that the Autoworkers of Mexico would thank you."

As would U.S. auto workers. Ford's decision to cut costs by outsourcing the Fusion allowed them to save MORE U.S. jobs than the total number of Mexican workers involved with the production of the Fusion. It's STILL a move that did U.S. workers more good than Toyota or Honda building a handful of cars here, paying no taxes, offering no benefits and sending ALL the profits to Japan. Sorry, but the "Fusion is made in Mexico" rants are pure baloney. There are MORE people working IN THE U.S. BECAUSE of that fact. In addition, with ALL cars virtually even in reliability and quality, there simply is just no longer ANY justifiable reason NOT to buy from U.S. manufacturers.

4th Dec 2009, 21:04

Thank you for the kind words about my comment. I'm one of the very few young ones that understands how a car should be built: body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive, and north-south layout torquey V8 engines. As for the cop chasing someone in a Camry, I'd hate to even contemplate the horrors of what would happen if one tried to take off at pursuit speeds... It would probably fall to pieces and look like a model car! Oh wait, model cars are made from higher quality materials!

5th Dec 2009, 09:33

This is true. Too bad import buyers can't understand it.

5th Dec 2009, 11:32

To the kid who owns the old Ford big-bodies.

While I see your point to an extent when it comes to body on frame cars, your bashing of the Camry is unprofessional at best. These "foreign" automakers bottom line make better performing and more reliable vehicles than the domestics ever dream of. And, the foreign automakers e.g., Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan etc. are made in AMERICA!!! That means Americans having JOBS IN AMERICA!!! No, I am no economist, just a simple Hyundai trained service specialist, but two plus two equals four in any language and more jobs in the U.S., no matter where the automaker is based, IS A GOOD THING!!!

Now, back to the kid who LOVES AMERICAN CARS. Yes I work for a foreign automaker, but I drive a 1978 Lincoln Mark V (google it, because you are probably too young to know what I'm talking about) and I am 27 years old, (kinda a kid too). My car is better than anything new (with exceptions of course) new when it comes to curb appeal and nostalgic styling, but when it comes to engineering, such as safety, handling, and fuel economy (especially), my car doesn't hold a candle to the most base model. Just because something is not your thing, don't bash it, or spread falsehoods about it.

5th Dec 2009, 15:41

"Thank God for young people who actually CARE about our country and people's futures!"

Wow! You must really feel threatened by Toyota to make such a statement like that.

Your beloved Ford (as well as GM & Chrysler) have certainly had their share of recalls.

Ford is building one car that can compete on the world stage, a car that is based on the Mazda 6, and isn't even built in the USA. It is an excellent car, but I wouldn't get too excited until they follow it up with other world class cars. Please don't mention the Taurus (a warmed over Five Hundred) or the Mustang - a car that uses a rear axle design so old Ben Hur almost could have have used the same design on his chariot :)

The F-Series trucks are excellent trucks, I'll give them that, but the day when Ford is able to compete with Toyota on a vehicle to vehicle basis, is not yet here.

Before you call me an import owner, an import lover or worse, I have never owned a Toyota (but I have rented plenty when my domestics were in the shop).