15th Apr 2010, 23:12

But not for $22,000.

17th Apr 2010, 11:51

Yeah, use a $85K plus car as a comparison for a Hyundai. Not even in the same class. Also, the Supra and Celica have been dead for years, so there is no use in using them as a comparison anymore either.

26th May 2010, 15:39

The Genesis Coupe is the best bargain in its class by far. I hate the silly button to start it with and a few other minor annoyances, but Hyundai builds very good cars at a very good price, and offers a far better warranty than anything from Japan. I'd still opt for a Mustang, but Hyundai deserves credit for the long way they've come in the past two decades. You certainly can't say that for Toyota, Honda or Nissan.

1st Jul 2010, 17:58

Many cars now are set to keep the revs up between shifts on the manual-shift cars. It helps with economy, emissions and helps to achieve smoother shifts. I don't think I'd regard it as a real problem unless the revving INCREASED during shifts rather than holding the RPM's even.

I've driven two Genesis coupes now with the turbo 4, and neither had any really noticeable vibrations. I found the manual shift fun and fairly easy to shift. I've yet to drive a V-6.

26th Jun 2011, 06:30

I was wondering when someone was going to speak about the Genesis Coupe... Thanks bro. for getting to the car we were reviewing.

I swore that I would never buy a Hyundai ever again after having the Excel back in 1986 for the wife. But for $7995, what can you complain about. I will say that Hyundai kept fixing it, even after the warranty. I drove a Monte Carlo coupe and loved that car. She liked her Excel.

I have the 2010 2.0 litre turbo Genesis Premium with a stick shift, and for the money you pay, you can't beat it. I am still finding little features it has on it. You can't compare it to any of the cars mentioned, really. You could buy two of them for the same price as one of the others. I wish I bought the 3.8 litre, but if I can afford my Corvette, I will be buying it. I will think about it for sure (Hyundai).

The only issue I have is the shift; it is not like the Nissan I once had. It had a German designed shifter. I only paid 24,000 Canadian. Reg. 27,000.

You sure get a lot of looks while driving it (red).

The warranty is awesome. I'm a GM guy, and to the guy talking about unions out pricing themselves; the guys at the top are to blame for most of GMs problems. Those workers are worth every penny on those lines. Union jobs set the rates here in Canada for everyone else. No wonder people can't afford houses and cars. Minimum wage doesn't keep the economy running. The Govt. has us all brain washed that it's all the unions fault... NOT!!! Look at trucking in North America. Those poor drivers are making peanuts. The owners and non union companies are the cause.

That's my two cents worth from Canada where we live in igloos and have to drive Hyundai's to make ends meet. In solidarity with all my Union Bro.s across this continent of Canada and U.S.A.

16th Nov 2011, 11:06

My question to all you American enthusiasts is this, why are you on a review site for Hyundai's? Shouldn't you be listing all of your faults past 100,000 kms on your respective Ford, GM and Chevrolet channels?

FYI, Hyundai isn't Japanese either. You guys should take your banter elsewhere, and perhaps give those individuals who are looking for an unbiased review, just that.

4th Jan 2014, 18:28

Between Japanese, German and American car makers, who do you think employs the most workers in the U.S.??

HINT: It's not American manufacturers! They outsource to Mexico more than any other auto maker!!! Lincoln Town Car/Gran Marquis and Crown Vic... Those cars are only seemingly reliable because they are riding on old tech from the 70's, and they drive like garbage!!! I had a retired taxi once; it was funny to drive it, but not enjoyable at all...