2004 Hyundai Getz GSi 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A seriously well put together, good performing car with the best after sales package in the country


Nothing has actually gone wrong with my car. Its been more of a case of comparing my Getz to my previous car, the VW Polo and thinking something was wrong. Small issues that I picked up on within 2 weeks of driving from the showroom were the fuel consumption for starters. Here I found the car using a lot of fuel and no way on par with the official mpg figures in the brochure. Hyundai informed that all their cars from the engine to the wheel-bearings at new are "very tight" and need breaking in. It was only after around 1500 miles that I have noticed the fuel consumption improving and for 20.00 UK pounds I can drive 250, miles on the motorway at about 75 to 80 mph. Totally on par with the VW Polo which was a 1.2 3 cylinder engine.

Next I heard a knocking sound from the rear suspension over the terrible roads in South London and over speed bumps - Hyundai informed me that the suspension on their cars is quite firm and once again I was comparing the Getz to the Polo. I have really got used to the firmness of the ride and only seems to be so in the city. On the motorway my car is very smooth.

As far as tracking and steering goes, I had some Hyundai standard alloys added to my car at new. I found the steering pulling to left on the motorway and not on city roads. Hyundai informed me these wide wheels had a habit of taking to the camber of most roads and having said that I have no uneven tyre wear after nearly 2000 miles.

General Comments:

Great little engine. The 1.3 is the right balance throughout the whole range. Sweet and powerful.

Slow acceleration in 3rd gear.

Engine noisy at 90mph, but so quiet at 70 to 80 mph.

Interior trim is high quality yet in some places looks very cheap.

The stereo/CD player needs to be improved to a model with bigger buttons. Its too fiddly.

Handling is perfect. The steering is very sensitive and great all round.

Trim level is amazing considering what you would pay for a European manufactured car with the same specification.

Seats are fine, but could of had a longer base to sit on.

The 3 door in black with the Hyundai alloys make the car look very cool indeed and at such a competitive price in UK, I can see this car appealing to a very young age group from 18 to 25 as well as middle aged drivers too.

I can't bear to miss the main reason why I bought the Getz and that was the amazing after-sales package which included a transferable 5 year unlimited mileage warranty, 3 years/30,000 miles free servicing and 3 years RAC breakdown cover. Enough said!!!

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Review Date: 17th May, 2004

22nd Oct 2004, 17:04


I have a 2003 1.3 Getz and I get approx 330 miles to a tank full of unleaded - most of that is town driving.

You cannot go wrong with this car, unfortunately I missed the 3 years servicing.

Have had 2 problems with mine,

1) A recall over faulty ABS sensor wiring (1 hour to fix)

2) Knocking noise from rear brake whilst braking. This took a few attempts to fix, however it was due to the rear drum springs.

Both were on warranty and there were no problems in returning the car for the work to be done.


2004 Hyundai Getz 1.6 1.6 petrol from South Africa


Cute, average performer


Very sluggish gear change between first and second.

Too long delay to register chosen gear option. Reverse/Drive.

Gearbox changes to lower gear when it is not required. At 120 km/h the slightest throttling will let gears change to third, or even second! Very, very irritating!!!

Fuel consumption is horrifying! Presently driving mainly 25 km stretches to and back from work the consumption is 8,9 km/liter. I am not a racer and even tried to improve the consumption by driving a steady 100km/h. It made no difference.

I now notice that the car has a delayed start when the car is warm.

General Comments:

I loved my previous car, but had to change it for more space for the suitcases of the pupils I need to transport to school every day!

The looks of the new Getz is lovely! The car handles well in normal weather conditions, but winds tend to be felt.

The design is great, and without the irritations mentioned above, it would be my ideal car.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2004

1st Oct 2008, 07:11

I've got Getz 2006, 1.6lt. Auto.

Fuel consumption is horrible - around 10 l/100km in the city w/o air con.

And I also have this problem with a warm start - it waits for a 1 sec before continue cranking.

Performance is very good though.

22nd Jan 2009, 13:59

Slow gearshift, average performance, bad fuel consumption. Easy solution: Next time, buy a manual.

2004 Hyundai Getz 1.3 Gasoline from Indonesia


Budgeted car, yet comfortable for a small family



General Comments:

It has nice look with the europeans stylish design.

Roomy interior hold up to 5 person and still comfortable for long ride.

Air con is just so so, while the tape supplied without the CD player/changer which is a standard accessories for other brand.

Acceleration is bit slow response below expectation, not like the manual transmission I used for test drive which is surprisingly can match the higher class.

Price is affordable and quite good for it's class tough some accessories is sacrificed.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004