2006 Hyundai Getz S 1.6 (G4ED5) from Australia and New Zealand


Very good car for the money, with a sporty look, but without the performance


Most items already replaced when bought (brake pads, tyres, wiper blades, oil/filter, etc..).

Clutch replaced at 110000kms.

Little bits of interior trim starting to wear/tear and come loose, but only cosmetic stuff.

Checked water every 10,000kms, only had to fill up once when it got too low.

General Comments:

Got the 1600cc model, which went better than the 1500cc/1400cc/1300cc, still lacking in high revs, but makes up for in great fuel economy (some Japanese and European brands are better, but not at this price).

The 5speed gearbox is pretty decent, gear ratios are high for this engine size, which is good on the petrol, however performance is lot slower. Gear shifting is pretty smooth and the clutch isn't too light, just enough feedback to fool you into thinking it's sporty.

The dash has a redline of 6500rpm, but would rev cut around 6200rpm; doesn't matter because power stops at 5800rpm. Found the accelerator to be touchy, causing the car to either wheelspin or stall.

Also this car is compatible with E10, should Australian laws decide to replace 91UPL.

0-100kph is 9.6s and 1/4 mile 17.5s standard.

The newer models came with 4 wheel disk brakes, ABS and EBD as standard (along with PS/AC/dual airbags/etc..). The brakes are pretty responsive, and can stop it pretty quickly.

The standard tyres in 175/65r14 (had Maxxis brand tyre at the time) didn't inspire confidence when braking from high speeds (over 100kph), wheel spin in the rain became a problem, changing to a better quality and wider tyre has helped a lot (185/60r14 Bridgestone RE88), but otherwise very good in city/urban speeds.

Handling is pretty zippy, not too soft over bumps, holds the road pretty well, even better with the wider tyres. With the standard tyres, the car has more body roll and tends to be bouncy over speed humps. With the lower profile Japanese tyres, it seems to have lowered the body roll (not a lot, but can notice the change) and bounciness over humps. Stiffer swaybar would help the roll, but not much after market support with in Australia, yet.

Inside the car is pretty roomy, the seats sit high for easy entrance/exit and comfy for long drives (I'm 185cm and 90kgs). Not a sports seat; pull the car hard into a corner and you could find yourself on the other side of the car. Rear seats are OK, made to fit kids or "small frame" persons.

Outside the car looks alright; being the MY06 model, it had the facelift with new headlights, front and rear bumpers, comparable to the Echo/Yaris upgrade. Being a bloke, make sure you get the darkest legal tint... Would suit the lady type, but if you're on a budget, this car will do!

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2010

2006 Hyundai Getz SX 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


The car is great for convenience and very economical; I love it


I had to replace the back tyres at the beginning of the year, as they were wearing out on the outside.

The back rubbers around the doors keep coming off.

General Comments:

The car is very economical on petrol.

However it could do with a compartment between front seats to hold small personal things; such as purses.

You can't hold the back seats up for space when seat covers are on the front seats; there should be another way of securing the back seats up when you need to.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2010

2006 Hyundai Getz GLS 1.3L petrol from India


A compact mini muscle car with a SMILE ;-)


1) Very cheap interior design.

2) Air conditioning system is not so effective.

3) A bit higher fuel consumption for a small car of its size. But I love its power!

General Comments:

1) I love the power it yields.

2) It roars with racing exhaust. Can even beat Suzuki SX4 without a sweat.

3) Handles very good with Indian roads, in-spite of its low ground clearance.

4) Fuel consumption is not a problem if you really consider its performance.

5) I have done 140kmph on my 1.3l GLS. Could do much better, but ran out of road because I live in a hilly area.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2010