2006 Hyundai Getz GLS 1.3 petrol from India




Extreme poor dealer service. The car went for the routine 2nd service, but came back to me covered in dust. Guess washing & cleaning isn't involved in the free service!!!

General Comments:

My Potomac Blue coloured GETZ looks the sexiest & best amongst the other car, no matter what angle you see it from. It is a stunning car. Haven taken the delivery since May 2005, not a single problem (or sneaky noises) have erupted from the car.

The car is extremely spacious. My Dad who is well over 6 ft. tall finds the rear splendidly comfortable. Infact he finds it to be more comfortable than the Mercedes E-class he once travelled in. It is a very practical car with lots of storage space & chubby holes & easily carries a 2 litre bottle of water!!! The interiors are bright & airy. The air con is the best available & chills the cabin in less than 5 minutes.

The car has wonderful performance. Infact I have myself touched 120 km/hr. on NH 17 & overtaking other slow cars is a brezee even with the aircon on. The engine is as smooth & refined since the day we took the delivery. The car is so silent that we can hear the wind blowing outside, even when the windows are rolled down.

The fuel efficiency is slightly on the lower side. I averaged around 9-10 km/ltr. & 12-14 km/ltr. in am chi MUMBAI with dense traffic & highway respectively, but this is a small compromise when compared to all the positive attributes the car has.

The car is a stylish, has decent build quality, exemplary space & is a true classic small car on wheels.

I have serviced it at PHOENIX HYUNDAI, Sion, but am a little disappointed with their service as they delivered the car without washing.

Overall I love my LITTLE MAESTRO & wish to have more happy & joyful moments with it. I HOPE YOU DO TO!!!

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Review Date: 14th May, 2006

2006 Hyundai Getz SXi 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Its FANTASTIC! mild performance, sexy and sylyish! I recommend this car for all ages!


Absolutely Nothing!

General Comments:

I never liked Hyundai until I looked at this car. In Australia it has just revived the car of the year award and Hyundai are so confident in it, it has a 5 year Unlimited KM Warranty!!! (until the end of thew month)

I have the SXi Model (Australian Sports Model) and its FANTASTIC! mild performance, sexy and sylyish.

I'm and 18 yo male and I recommend this car for ALL ages!

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2006

28th May 2006, 09:24

I'd like to say good on ya mate! Hope you do well with your new car. I am an ex-Ford EA Fairmont driver who didn't think much of Hyundais. I'm a guy who has owned five Fords. 69 V6 Capri (expensive to run), XB 351 (rusty, but fast), XD Ghia 302 (couldn't sell it fast enough- rusty too),XE EFI (tough fairly reliable- lots o rust),EA (disaster..would have felt guilty to sell it for more than a thousand bucks- my trade-in) and then something wonderful happened. Being older and wiser I looked at small cheap cars at the Melbourne International Car Show. The one I liked most was the Getz. I bought one and absolutely love it and think it's great that I didn't let what some people say, pressure me into spending more money. These cars are more than most people will need, are excellent in every way for what they are, and now with the price of fool, I mean fuel, an even smarter purchase if you need a runabout.

9th Jun 2006, 05:06

I'm from the Philippines and I must agree with you. I have owned dozens of cars, from the humble Kia Pride (a Mazda 121 in Australia or a Ford Festiva elsewhere) to a Mercedes S-Class, and I consider my newly-bought Hyundai Getz Diesel the best car I have owned, bar none! Value for money, feature for feature, the Diesel, which has a 1.5 liter common rail direct injection engine with variable geometry turbocharger, once warmed up, goes like a bat out of hell with a torque that rivals most sports coupes, gets an average of 35km/liter, handles very well, is comfortable, roomy, easy to park and feels solid. The Koreans have arrived in the mini department. And their women are so cute too.

3rd Nov 2010, 04:19

Just picked up a MY06 Getz. I am in the same boat, male in Hyundai Getz. It needs to have a dark tint! Otherwise pretty good, not as quick as my previous car (Toyota Corolla 1986 Twincam - 4AGE) but the fuel economy, seating position, cosmetics and factory options is heaps better. Highly recommended for Chicks, L/P platers (Australia), the old and people on a budget!

Also Hyundai claim they can run on E10, Laws in Australia will soon (unconfirmed - mid 2011) replace 91UPL with E10 so should be a keeper for a while.

2006 Hyundai Getz New Spec 1.4 16V 1.4 MPI from Turkey


Very good. Highly recommended


Nothing serious so far except for :

* A faint squeal, from the rear axle hanger joint bushings. Couple of shots o WD41 fixed it.

* Cold start rattly. No indication as to an engine failure.

* Road noise a bit too intrusive / invasive however not worse than rivals.

* Slightly sluggish from stationary

* The useless, but dangerous shelf under the steering column

* Accelerator inputs awkward.

General Comments:

Excellent handling.

Comfortable with added features.

Roomy and spacious.

Thoughtful design.

Nice fuel economy at 5.9 Lt/100 km (on board computer report)

Safe and sharp cornering with crisp and trustworthy curve stability.

Good balance between comfort and drive stability.

Excellent after sales servicing.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2006