2006 Hyundai Getz CRDi 1.5 turbo intercooler diesel from Philippines




A slight problem of my car is that it has a lot of vibration, rattles and squeaking noise when traversing unevenly paved roads.

NOW the BIG problem is that the dealer who sold the car to me, has a quality of service WORSE than what a group of monkeys with wrenches can offer. Monkeys can be more knowledgeable than the service crews that tried to fix the rattle and squeak problem in my car!

I'll never buy another Hyundai!

General Comments:

Well besides the BAD HYUNDAI DEALERSHIP that got me so frustrated and made me decide not to ever buy a Hyundai ever again, I'm pretty happy with my Getz!

It gives me tremendous savings when it comes to fuel economy. I can get 17kms/liter on highway driving, and around 12kms/liter city driving.

My previous car was a 95 Honda Civic hatchback EG with a B18c Spoon engine with some minor modifications like standalone engine management, Edelbrock intakes and Greddy exhaust. But I gave it all up for economy, and I got old, so I don't need a fast car, plus I already have 3 kids, so I need the money that I can save, and my Honda was killing me with its 6kms/liter fuel consumption city driving, and 7.5kms/liter consumption highway driving.

To my surprise, this little Getz with 1.5 CRDi diesel engine and turbo intercooler packs a lot of punch. Of course I can't compare it with my Civic EG, but the Getz is really one quick car.

What I like about this car the most, is that it almost has the same torque as my Honda EG, and it's really fast. The fastest speed I dared to try with my Getz was 175kph, and the engine feels like it can still give more, although I was bit afraid to try more, because I was nearing the red line.

It's economical, it's compact, and it has a lot of unwanted noise that my dealership can't fix!

STILL... I love this car!

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2006

30th Jul 2007, 02:57

I guess its not the car's fault. I think you are frustrated with the dealer. You should find a better dealership that could manage your service intervals. :)

25th Nov 2007, 04:54

I expect something wrong with the fuel consumption you claim.

"I can get 17kms/liter on highway driving and around 12kms/liter city driving."

This gives 6 L/100 km on highway and 8 L/100km in town. Hyundai claims 30% less fuel consumption, respectively 4.1 and 5.6 L/100 km.

7th Oct 2009, 08:08

Hi, we're from Ilocos Norte. We have a 2006 model of Getz. A month ago an accident happened in our car, our insurance is very aggressive to give an immediate service, but sad to say and up to this time, no spare parts are available according to them. Please don't just sell, make sure that spare parts are always available.

2006 Hyundai Getz 1.3 from Israel



General Comments:


Well I got this car from work. This is my first car. Before I got the job, I was looking to buy a car and researched the field, all cars seemed (and still seem) the same with only minor differences here and there.

This is my first car. I'll skip with the story of why I got it; I got it with 4,000+ kilometers. It’s the new 2007 model I guess, but I can't say for sure.

Since this is a car from work and is leased, the leasing company when buying/ordering the car stripped it of several minor accessories like passenger side airbag, ABS, electricity control for the windows in the back etc., all in order to save a few bucks.

When I looked to buy a car and researched the field I looked at reviews and saw all sort of things like: the engine is noisy, road noise and all sorts of minor things like that. So while I do not have that much experience with cars or car break-downs, I would like to mention that.


The engine IS probably noisier the other cars, it could be its 1350cc engine (considered 1.4). It’s more noticeable atn higher speeds, you can notice the difference in noise between 80kph to 120kpm (kilometers per hour)

The air conditioner fan has 4 speed settings and while speed 4 gives you good airflow, it is also the noisiest, speed 3 is a good compromise and gives you good airflow at a noticeable less noise then speed 4. The other two lower fan settings are quiet.

What else? I did notice a bit of road noise here and there, but not all the time, I don't know why. Maybe it's the roads here. The noise is really not that much audible, and you shouldn't think anything more about it.

That’s my 50 cents worth. I won't comment on other areas since I have no idea about them and no experience.

Oh one last thing, maybe it's only my car, but...

The automatic gear shifts gears to the second at 10kph. When you accelerate SLOWLY you can feel the kick in your back when the car shifts gears, when accelerating normally, the kick is almost unnoticeable.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2006