27th Jun 2003, 21:43

Sounds like a real beauty - I'm convinced and off to buy one!


25th May 2004, 18:11

My mother owns a '97 Lantra Sportswagon, and I also drive it for my driving lessons, and I find it to be a great little car. I love it to bits, and I'll be tracking down a sportwagon as my own first car.


8th Dec 2004, 18:48

Are you sure about the 255km/h, that's very impressive, but very unbelievable! I have a 1.8lt Honda Integra and won't get anywhere near that sort of speed and can promise you that the Honda is far superior in Engine tuning and balance, maybe a bit over 200km/h...so to hear a budget Korean pulls all the way to 255km/h blows me away?!?

Paul Kennedy


2nd Dec 2007, 22:49

I loved reading these comments, as I'm picking up my sports wagon tomorrow.

It cost me $82.50. No, I'm not kidding.

My lovely brother bought it for me.. I only needed to pay the registration transfer. "Ain't life grand."


29th Dec 2007, 17:14

You lucky duck Bridget :)...

I got one yaaae, I've have had it for eight months now 133,000 kilometers and it runs like a dream.

I had my heart set on blue, but changed my mind when I found one in burgundy; the color seems to complement the shape better.

The interior looks brand new. The air-conditioning gets very cold very quickly and the heater is very hot.

As hard as I look, I cannot see smoke from the exhaust, but I expect it.

I have had it at 160kmh; the needle was still climbing fast when I backed off the the pedal, and the car seems to hug tight to the road. The same 84v low-profile tyres produce very little road noise and look great. The power steering is very good, great fuel economy, front and rear seats are very comfortable, and the overall design is excellent, I especially like the way the back seats fold down leaving plenty of room ;)

The only problem I've found is that the rain rolls off the roof in through the window if slightly down. I think perspex windshields will fix the problem for the front windows at least, and a large crack in the exhaust manifold.

I have had many good quality cars over the years, and I intend to keep this one for ever. I love this car to pieces.

Frank Newbery Moree N.S.W. yapyap66@bluebottle.com

24th Jan 2009, 17:18

I've had my 1997 Lantra Se Sportswagon for 3 years now, and I am very happy with it. When I bought it, it had done 127,000km and at the moment it has done 175,000km.

I have had no worries with the car. I service it every 12 months (last service a power steering belt was replaced cost me $150 to my service)

I use it to travel to work and back, and I love it! It still looks great! There is something about the quality of the paint on that model (mine is grey) it looks brand new after a wash, it just seems to sparkle.

My car has been super reliable, it does use oil, so I have to top it up every 8 months or so, but it is very cheap to run and it has been extremely reliable. The driver's seatbelt is wearing and a little frayed in some spots, but I expect that.

If you like the look of them I would say do not hesitate to buy. I am never going to sell mine.

Chris - Melbourne.

13th Jul 2012, 05:36

LOL, sit on 180km/h.

I have a 1.8 Liter Lantra station wagon.

Overall they're a good li'l car, great fuel economy, and pretty comfortable on long trips. My li'l car does regular trips from the Kimberly to Darwin, and has never let me down :)

Rodney Fischer


5th Jul 2016, 17:38

13 years later the little red sports wagon is still going. She's a little tired now, but still drives well. Living in SA now. Still no rust in it and the interior is faded like the paintwork. It will never leave the family. Everyday is a good day when you drive a Hyundai LOL. I also have a Terracan and a iMax. Love my Hyundais. Great to get back here and update. See ya in about 10 years for the next update.