17th Jul 2004, 10:34

Hi there. Interesting review you gave.

I've just purchased a Matrix and am interested about the grounding job that you did.

May I know the specifics of the grounding job (6pt) done?

Thank you.


15th Feb 2005, 18:21

Hi, Nick here.

Interesting Review, you think you can let me know where I can get grounding job and the installation of the 'turbo-in' done in Singapore???

Appreciate if you can share the information.

17th Feb 2005, 23:04

Yes, I am also interested in getting a Matrix soon and wish to know where to get the "Turbo-In" in Singapore.


Richard Loy



7th Apr 2005, 10:24

Hi, I have had a Matrix for about a year and a half. Fuel consumption is still a bit of a problem.

However, I've had a lot of problems with it. Each problem was addressed by a recognized dealer, so I'm not making it up.

I must add that I bought the car in the Netherlands and a few things were modified when I moved to the UK. The model I had did not have a dual miles per hour and kilometers per hour speedometer, so I had to change that. They put in a dual one, at great expense, so I don't know why there wasn't one in the first place. Rear bumper was replaced to have the mist-lamp on the other side. Headlights got replaced as they aren't adjustable. Not very handy that. Most cars in Europe can, but Hyundai didn't seem to think ahead. Then the mechanical issues started. ABS failed and some cylinders that form part of the braking system needed replacement. According to the dealer, it's a common issue. It was covered by the warranty, but annoying nevertheless. Lighting failed behind the knobs. Repaired also, but now they've gone again. A continuous vibration behind the dashboard is a problem too. The dealer says he put in extra padding today (for the second time) so I hope that will be solved now. Time will tell. The driver seat had to be replaced. Something broke (I, nor my wife are heavy by the way). Two weeks ago, a terrible shudder and noise when we started the car. Pulled over and had the service guys come out. They couldn't figure it out. As they were listening to I and revving the engine, it slowly died down. Decided to send it in, just in case as there is still a bit of noise. This happens sometimes at this mileage (15000) and has something to do with the valves. There was another Matrix in for the same thing today.

The car before this Matrix was an Accent. Never a problem. That's why Hyundai was the car of choice for us. Now it could be just that we had a bad one, or the car is not what it cracks up to be. I have the GLS with all the trimmings, but my wife seriously wants to get rid of it. I'm still willing to give it a try. Maybe Hyundai will react positively to my upcoming complaints. I hope so. Watch this space.

21st May 2005, 00:47

Hi, my name is Ryan, I planning to get the matrix in 2 months time, after look at your thread I'm very interested in the "turbo-in" thing. Care to share where you do the installation of the turbo-in grounding?

My email is: zerglim83@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

10th Oct 2005, 22:29


Your review is very interesting, especially about the turbo-in and club matrix thingie... could you email me with more info about it. Thanks.



1st Dec 2005, 07:24

Hi, can you send me the shop address that sell turbo in for Hyundai matrix in Singapore ;thanks.

17th Jul 2006, 09:56

Hi, I'm from Singapore. I just got a Hyundai Matrix GLS. I have some problem with the fuel consumption. Does better grade fuel contribute to the mileage it can cover. In the past, when I drove Mitsubishi Lancer, it does make a difference. But when I come to Matrix, things don't seems to be. Can someone tell me what makes the car fuel consumption goes up? thanks.

2nd Apr 2008, 07:36

I have Matrix 1.6 Auto in Greece and I have replaced 4 batteries in 3.5 years. Hyundai in Greece says that all is OK (battery charging system). I don't know what is wrong, and Hyundai are not helping me.

8th Sep 2009, 00:43

I have Hyundai Matrix GLS 1.6 2003 model. Sometimes it starts, sometimes not. What might be the problem? I'm sure the battery is OK.

21st Jul 2010, 18:37

I have a Matrix for nearly 2 years now, 1.6 auto.

Problem faced is that the battery had to be replaced in the first 6 months!! No warranty because >20k mileage. Put in a new one, & after only 10 months had to be replaced again. Hyundai said charging all good, now monitoring.

Next problem since new, rattling suspension noise over uneven roads (NOT NORMAL), but Hyundai said all OK. I'm still not happy with silly findings from Hyundai, anyone out there facing the same problem of rattling noise from your suspension area?? Please share your comments...

4th Jan 2011, 02:47

I have a problem with my Hyundai Matrix 2003 1.6. That when I accelerate the gas in a stable press, it has this knocking/rattling sound that is quite irritating to hear. The sound seems like coming from beneath the engine, I don't know. I went to the mechanic to have it checked, 3 of them, and 1 was from Hyundai service center itself. Unfortunately no one can pinpoint the problem. They told me to change the gas from RON 97 (Malaysia) from Ron 95. I did, and I've been using it for two weeks now; still a failure.. This car is annoying me. Has anyone encountered this before with Hyundai?

13th Dec 2011, 00:30

Did your Matrix smoke? If so, the lubricant was burned, and it will day by day reduce the volume of the engine lubricant, then the adjuster will be knocking. Try to add some lubricant, that will help.

9th Oct 2012, 23:29

I have a Matrix 2002. I loved the car to bits, lots of room and spaces to put my many things, some people may call it junk :).

Unfortunately, as I looked through all the comments on the common problems on the Matrix, I seemed to have experienced them all; ABS failure, power steering pump spoiling or broke, gearbox failing, coolant part leaked 2x, alternator spoilt. I have spent quite some sum to maintain and repair the car. I am currently facing another gearbox issue; the gears have trouble shifting to the 4th gear.

This is burning a hole in my pocket, not to mention the down time. I finally have to make the decision to get a new car.

If only I had looked at the different forums earlier, maybe I could have anticipated the problems and got the mechanics to look into it when I send my car for servicing. This could have saved me some money.

Oh well, better late than never. Will be looking online at forums for my new car, and hope to be able to know what common problems to expect and hopefully manage it before it becomes a problem.

Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and comments, it is helping people like me :)