1st Apr 2009, 13:57

I have a 2003 Sonata, and the clutch started slipping at about 89K miles. The problem is the double mass flywheel. It isn't damaged, but there are no replacement clutch parts designed for it. I was told by my mechanic (I never take my car to the dealership) that Hyundai only used the double mass flywheel for a couple of production years, so they don't make replacement parts to fit it. A replacement single mass flywheel in the US is $1400. I am having the clutch replaced using the double mass flywheel at the risk of having a "slight shudder" when I drive the car.

24th Apr 2009, 17:13

I have a 2003 Santa Fe. The mechanic just called me telling me that you can no longer get parts the original clutch/flywheel because it was defective. I now am forced to buy a new flywheel for 550.00 to fit the new clutch. The mechanic did say he heard from a dealer the was a recall on the clutch and they stopped making the original factory clutch.

My questions is: Why should I have to pay for this when it was clearly a factory defect, and since they are forcing me to purchase a new flywheel from THEM (know one else makes it yet) shouldn't Hyundai foot the bill for that?

In any case, I will be filing a small claims for the flywheel and time lost.

I would suggest you all do the same.

28th Apr 2009, 12:51

I have a 2003 and I had to have a new clutch and flywheel. I got them from a dealer in Chesterfield and it only cost me £350 for both of them.

5th May 2009, 09:15

RE : My previous comments on 8th Feb 2009, managed to finally get a new clutch pack (cover plate, drive plate & release bearing) through the Internet to fit single mass flywheel fitted to my 2003 Santa Fe 2.0 CRTD. Fitted it myself in my own garage without the benefit of an inspection pit. Jacked the vehicle up on to 2 breeze blocks (approx 8") to give me room to work underneath. Removed everything above the clutch housing as per manual, then both front wheels & front section of exhaust. Out came the transfer box, a bit fiddly & heavy.

Manual says drop off engine sub-frame, I managed to separate clutch housing from engine and remove clutch pack without dropping the sub-frame. Did this by completely removing top clutch rubber mount bracket & reverse electrical sender unit, then pushed clutch housing and gearbox through into wheel arch to give room to insert new clutch pack. Everything back together okay and working. Total cost £200 (two hundred pounds) Took me 3 weeks to finish but had no reason to rush. Found out later I could have purchased same bits from Hyundai for similar price.

Hope this helps.

20th May 2009, 08:32

I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe with 30,000 miles. Second clutch plate's gone bad, dealer won't cover under warranty. Can't find parts in the states for under $850. How does Hyundai claim to have the best warranty?

24th Aug 2009, 17:07

I own a 2004 Santa Fe that will have its THIRD clutch kit installed this week. The clutches only average about 30,000 miles before replacement! Hyundai disclaimed any warranty liability/responsibility from day one. Like everyone else, I was told it was my "driving habits". I believe, however, it's a design problem with the clutch not being substantial enough to drive the Santa Fe. The same clutch is used in their light weight Tiburon!

17th Oct 2009, 16:24

My 2003 Santa Fe 2.0 CDi also requires replacement of clutch and flywheel. Where can I get the parts relatively cheaply? A previous blogger said he got the kit from a dealer in Chesterfield for £350. Could you supply the details please? Anywhere else?


12th Jan 2010, 02:29

Have had my 2lt TD Santa Fe for 9 months. It's a 52 plate with 64000 on the clock, and guess what! The clutch is failing.

I contacted Hyundai, who informed me that the double mass flywheel was changed to a single mass in 2006, as part of a recall program. I told by a local clutch dealer that the clutch would have been changed at the same time. The car would have had about 35,000 miles on it then, so this would suggest that even with the new type of flywheel, the clutches are just not up to the job?

Think it's a case of get rid or be prepared to spend £600-£700 every 30,000 miles.

Shame of it is, this is a lovely car to drive, though I don't think I will be buying another Hyundai.

18th Feb 2010, 18:14

*sigh* I have a 2006 New Model Santa Fe for a little over a year now. It's the 2.2 Diesel version, and has covered just over 50,000 miles. Didn't know anything about these Dual mass Flywheels until this week, when a serious knocking sound came from the clutch area. After speaking to Motor Factors, it seems the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel are main dealer only, costing €1400. That's including me doing the work myself. Really peed off with Hyundai. Seems the older models gave the EXACT same trouble, and they still haven't fixed it, 6 or 7 years later.

Advice; If you're buying a Santa Fe, get the dealer to include warranty for the dual mass flywheel if it goes inside 100,000 miles of you buying it. For decades a flywheel in cars would last that mileage. The new ones should too.

15th Mar 2010, 11:52

Dec 2001 Sante Fe.

150,000 KM so far.

CRDI (2L diesel), motor D4EA, Chassis SC81V.

Clutch starting to wear out.

Looking to purchase a clutch kit, but been asked is it a single or dual mass flywheel.

How can I find out without stripping it down?

22nd Mar 2010, 19:02

2001 2.0 ltr 5 speed manual Santa Fe. Australia.

The biggest mistake I've ever made!!!

Bought it off my neighbour at 140k. Good deal I thought, because I knew the history of the car. Suburban family car. Good reviews.


At 157k loud grinding noise from gearbox. To cut a long story short. A defect in the flywheel alignment / balance took out clutch bearing, and then all the gearbox bearings & 1st and 2nd gear on the way through.

Gearbox rebuilt.

Clutch replaced.

Flywheel machined.

$2,800 AUS.

Then... 180k.

Car running poorly and using lots of juice.

Faulty air flow sensor. Hyundai Australia wants over $1000 for this part, which sells for around 300 US. Hyundai are extortionate on their parts.

Then less than 2 years later... 210k.

Gearbox noises and difficulty shifting down.

Clutch replaced.

All gearbox bearings replaced.

$2000 AU.

Then... 230k.

Gear shift linkage cables snapped and replaced.

Then... 240k.

Timing belt fails, engine spits valves through side of block, motor stuffed.

Motor replaced $3,300.

Now clutch disappears randomly. Every 4-6 gear changes, the clutch just bottoms out and doesn't fully disengage. Mechanic at a loss and has replaced master and slave cylinders at his cost without success.


29th Apr 2010, 08:53

I bought a 2003 Santa Fe new. Clutch and flywheel failed at 40,000 miles. Cost over $2,000.00 to fix. Hyundai shop said it was my fault... though I've driven standard all my life and have never had a clutch go out. Now, at a little over 60,000 miles, IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN. This time the cost will be $2,300.00.

Anyone know about the Tiburon class-action suit for this very problem? I'm tempted to contact the attorneys and see if they can expand it to cover the Santa Fe model as well...