7th Feb 2011, 08:09

Same problem, Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 diesel, one owner from new, premature clutch/flywheel failure at 72,000 miles or 114,000k.

Hyundai Ireland refuses to replace same, although as previous comments, this is a known problem.

This is a 2006 model, warranty was three years, and garage tried to get the vehicle repaired at goodwill of Hyundai (no such thing).

The cost to repair is €2000, and so our €39,000 chicken coup sits in the garden. It is now three weeks off the road, and when I hear the advertisement for a new Santa Fe, 5 years unlimited mileage warranty, it makes my blood boil.

I would advise any intending purchaser to obtain a written guarantee covering the clutch/flywheel specifically before parting with their cash. I will be writing to Hyundai to express their total lack of customer care and loyalty to their own brand, followed by a visit to the small claims court.

It is my intention to highlight this problem in the media, and would welcome support from other Hyundai dissatisfied customers. I have noted the American court case in Orange County for the Hyundai Tiburon, which uses the same clutch/flywheel as the Santa Fe.

9th Feb 2011, 07:21

Hi, an update on the fitment of the fast road/competition Techniclutch I have now fitted to the 2005 Santa Fe 2.0 diesel as in the previous thread above.

This has resolved the slipping clutch, but what I found when I stripped out the slipping clutch was interesting.

The clutch drive plate was almost like brand new and hardly any wear was apparent to it., however the clutch cover plate had what appears to be high spots on the machined drive face, and the drive plate had been slipping against this and not the flywheel, as the machined face on this was perfect.

This clutch was also a genuine Hyundai item, which is manufactured by HMT Valeo.

This leads me to two conclusions.

1. Either the machined surface of the clutch cover/pressure plate was not flat from manufacture.

2. Or what I find more likely, is that the springs/clamp force of the pressure plate is only just up to the required power output and torque of the engine, and these weaken over time, applying less pressure force to the drive plate, allowing it to slip.

I investigated the return spring to the clutch arm, but have found this is not the route to take, as the clutch arm and slave cylinder operate in an opposite direction inside the bell housing to that first thought, so the clutch possibly sticking on slightly is not the issue.

In addition, the Techiclutch kit is also manufactured by HMT Valeo, but is specified to be uprated by Techniclutch.

I have some slight concerns also over the diameter/size and design intent of the clutch being enough to cope with the weight of the Santa Fe, as it does seem small for this type of vehicle. (225mm diameter)

3rd May 2012, 13:52

I also have a 2005 Santa Fe 2.0L CRTD with a single mass flywheel, and have noticed the clutch has been slipping occasionally, but more so when towing or going uphill. I have just had the clutch replaced at 90,000 miles with another Valeo clutch, but found there was very little wear to the old clutch plates, but high spots on the pressure plate and evidence of clutch slip and overheating. The clutch was last replaced 75000 miles ago by the previous owner, having only done 15000 miles from new. I hope this is now going to be the end of the problem, as I only tow a small caravan anyway.

5th Apr 2013, 18:58

Help me with my 2001 Santa Fe. When I turn the car off and pull the key out, my car still runs?

1st Jan 2014, 14:18

Hi, I have a 2002 Santa Fe TD.

The clutch slips now and then under power. I think it's going as the clutch is right on the top of pedal. Well I think it always was? Did you replace the flywheel, and how much and where did you get the clutch kit? How many hours to replace it?

Thanks, Martin.

3rd Jan 2014, 11:57

The clutch is always a part that dealers like to claim is a wear and tear item that depends on driving style. I would suggest that when accelerating, not to dump the clutch when starting off the line. Give it some gas, but don't floor it up to the redline then dump the clutch.