2001 Hyundai Tiburon 4 L from North America


This is a beautiful, economic, reliable, fun car!


Nothing went wrong with this car that was not normal wear and tear, such as replacing brake pads, wiper blades, headlamp, etc.

General Comments:

This is a great little car. Its styling is beautiful, and for my 5’6” size, very comfortable. Not quite as good for my 6’2” son to drive though. The back seat is cramped for passengers, but okay for short trips. This car has very good, easily accessed, cargo space with the back seats folded down and the hatchback door. I bought this car to conserve fuel and have not been disappointed. It also has great pick-up and handling for a fuel-efficient 4L engine. Unfortunately, it was totaled in an accident last week, but I am replacing it with a new Tiburon. I liked the body styling of the 2001 a bit better than the 2006.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2007

2001 Hyundai Tiburon LX 2.0 gas from North America


Lease me, then sell me off to a sucker


First off, the clutch needed to be changed when I bought it.

Bearings were also humming and eventually ALL needed to be replaced.

Driveshaft seal or something blew - thankfully this happened with 99500km on it (under warranty until 100000km)

When the bearings needed to be changed, the rotors were ceased and needed to be broken.

One caliper malfunctioned and locked up the wheel/damaged the rim... Literally broke off...

The windshield washer fluid sprays were spraying over the car when I bought it, dealer fixed it, and a week later, the driver's side nozzle stopped working.

The trim between the hood and the bumper rusted away.

The driver's side door console for the windows caved in.

The clutch is squeeky when you push the pedal in and out.

Blew one of the rear speakers.

The cupholders eventually stopped popping out when you push on it to open them.

The sunroof sometimes needs a punch (literally) to open it when you're pushing the open button.

The driver's side window sometimes gets "stuck" open, but I think that's due to a bit of pop being spilled onto the console and causing it to be sticky, holding the button down (the button where you push all the way in and it automatically opens the window without holding it)

Now the electrical system is going -- I turn the car off and everything from windows to wipers stay on. The worst is leaving the a/c on, kills the battery in an hour.

General Comments:

The seats have bad ventilation. You'll end up with a sweaty back/butt.

The rear washer spray really sucks, but apparently is supposed to work that way, says the dealer.

The backseat is small in general. If you're taller than 5'4, better get used to leaning forward otherwise your head will touch the hatch window.

I used the space once, and was never able to figure out how to put the jack back in the holder thingy.

The car can use a little more power, it being a sports car and all.

Handles real nice around the bends with decent set of tires, wet or dry.

Handles like a shopping cart in snow, the car is too light for snow... But if you like power slides, this is your car.

Gas consumption: I get about 500km on the highway travelling at around 120-130km\h with many "pedal to the floor to pass people" moments, I get about 400km in town if I take it easy. Tank of gas costs me between $45-$50.

Plenty of road noise, keep the tunes cranked!

The sunroof is pretty loud, there's this metal bar at the front of the sunroof to deflect the wind or something, not sure what it does, it's spring loaded and when you hold it down, it's very quiet (???)

I have the "no frame, thin" wipers they advertise to "never lift off the windshield", so I took that precaution, but I guess the springs aren't strong enough holding it against the windshield because anything over 100km\h, they lift, well, mainly the driver's side lifts...

There are many general rattles in the car, and since I've put subwoofers in it, they are excentuated, a lot coming from the sunroof area, even when holding the mirror, since it created loud rattles...

Maybe I'm just picky, but I'm honest too.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2006