20th Sep 2007, 03:17

This is Brian (English) from Jakarta where I have been living for the last 19 years. I purchased a 2001 Grandeur XG30 in May 2004 mainly because it looked so good. I had seen this type of car a few times and was impressed by it's appearance which was like a Mercedes, or was it a Jaguar. I was surprised when I realised it was a Hyundai and I almost passed it over, then I decided that I ought to have a test drive before I forgot it completely. The first car I looked at belonged to the director of the local Hyundai agent. It was like a new car, I was very impressed with the handling and smooth flow of power from the V6 engine. The interior leather and finish was as good as any Mercedes or BMW of the same year, so I was interested especially from a price point of view, (at that time it was about $18,000) with only 32,000 km on the clock. Actually I then found another car with slightly lower mileage and bought it at a slightly lower price.

From May 2004 to date we are still running the car on a daily basis without any major faults. The only big repair was to fit a new alternator for about $450 (later I had the old one repaired for $20) -- I have replaced the shock absorbers front and back and replaced the engine mountings at about 40,000 km. I have also replaced the battery. My wife has been driving the car almost exclusively for the last two years while I have bought another car for it's sporting performance.

I would buy another Hyundai, but a smaller model for my wife, meanwhile the GX30 is still in regular use with no real problems, oh yes, I have to buy a new solenoid for the petrol flap remote control. I cannot really complain about repairs as this car has been as reliable as any car I have owned before. I am thinking of selling it, however, as my wife wants to take over my Audi. As a matter of interest the best price I can hope to get is now about $9,000 with only 58,000 km on the clock and still looking like new, inside and out.

7th Nov 2007, 22:32

My 2001 XG300 has 62K on it and I just replaced my alternator. The CEL comes on frequently, then mysteriously turns off 100 miles later. The Air Bag light came on, I took it to the shop and they said it was the wiring under the seat? Suspensions lousy, but it looks slick and I get compliments on it all the time.

10th Feb 2008, 17:34

My late husband bought our 2001 XG300 new. It's been garage kept and now has a little over 71,000 miles on it. It's been a good car, but now I'm starting to see some repair bills.

Last summer I spent $1400 on timing belts and drive belts at the 60,000 mile mark. At that time they also replaced the water pump (still don't know why). I keep it maintained with regular oil changes, etc.

Overall, I've been very pleased with this car. Have never had the radio problems others have mentioned on here.

Lately the car has a washboard shutter effect when the transmission shifts between 35-40MPH. At first the repair shop thought it was alignment or balance, but NO. Past experience had us paying out $1800 for a new transmission on a Chrysler product. Now I fear this may be just the beginning of future problems.

I'm thinking about an extended warranty, but don't know where to go or who to trust or how much to spend to get protection. Guess I need to do some research first. It appears the higher the mileage, the more it costs.

Being an older woman, I want a car that's dependable and I'm hoping I can keep this one going without having to buy a new car and bear car payments.

Thanks for this comments board!

17th Mar 2008, 18:29

I live in england, and I have a 2002 Hyundai XG30. My problem is the drive light goes out and will not come back on when I change to manual gear change, then back over to auto gear change.

Any ideas?? Thanks.

17th Jul 2008, 13:50


I have bought my 2001 300 XGL about 1.5 years ago (its 7/17/2008). After two months the it needed a new power steering SO I got it fixed since I was in it for the long haul. ($-1000 with tune up ect) Now its back in the shop for a bad radiator. This is going to cost me about 1050 all together. Dealer told me that it looks like someone could have put a sealer in the radiator for a quick fix and now it has chunks in it. I still own a loan on this car so I may just get it fixed. I also do feel a vibration when I reach 40-50mph and I had that checked out but the mechanics could not find anything wrong. I hope there will be no problems after this.

25th Aug 2008, 04:59

I have owned my XG30 for nearly 2 years now over here in UK.

It's got 108,000 miles on the clock and is a lot of car for the money. Apart from wear and tear items like brake pads and the like, it's not too bad.

Just replaced the original Sony radio with another Sony, a 30 minute job, but alas no 10 CD changer.

Just had front pads done, but need new discs now as the old ones are warped. I'm shopping around for them as prices vary so much. Don't go to Hyundai, they will rip off big style.

I don't do vast amounts of miles in her; she's left out all week while I'm out in the truck.

I did have misfire problems a while back, especially in winter. New plug leads and a liberal spraying of wd40 on the electrics stopped the damp getting in.

She's a joy to drive and goes like brown smelly stuff off a chrome plated shovel!

Oh and the battery is on its last legs; no big deal, gonna do that next week.

The MOT is due next month, fingers crossed on that one... she flew through it last year no problems at all, and the tester is very strict!

All in all, a nice car...

19th Mar 2009, 15:34

Purchased an '01 Grandeur for my wife roughly two years ago, 2nd hand with just under 70,000 K's on the clock. Today it reads near 85,000.

Lovely car to this day with minor problems, here's my version's issues:

1) Although it did not suffer the 'Michelin Leak' issue, I found they are absolutely horrid tyres for Australian roads and conditions. It developed steering wobbles from 40kph and over. Replaced with Continental tyres on all four wheels with proper balancing and alignment. Drives as smooth as new Michelins even with harder compound tyres for Aussie conditions. The Michelin Pilots simply don't agree with this vehicle (even though they may be perfect for other similar cars). Change to a home-made brand specifically designed for your country's conditions.

2) Brake rotors have a tendancy to warp. If you live in a built up city with many stop-starts/traffic lights, expect to get your rotors machined more often. I had this problem hand in hand with the Michelin wobbles, so that was not fun. The rotors have been machined once in the last two months of owning this car and upon braking I can feel the slightest wobble beginning to develop. The vehicle is still on original rotors, and my tyre&brake shop (who I also trust with my heavily modified VL) assured me they had enough metal left to safely machine.

3) Cigarette lighter does not work (both of them) and no 'cig ltr' fuse in the engine bay. Still need to find a way to fix that. The lighter is used frequently for phone charging.

4) Rough idle when cold. Prone to stall once or twice when it happened. Discovered that the accelerator cable connection had worked it's way loose and had slipped, thus lowering idle rpm too far. It took two minutes and a small spanner to fix this issue, with my wife telling me what rpm the engine was doing as I adjusted accordingly.

5) Passenger window squeaks when raising, and water seeps in through both front windows.

Final thoughts: Although Korean cars are 'known' for poorer materials and build quality (and I walked straight past this Hyundai for that simple fact, it's a Hyundai) this particular model appears to be the best of the bunch. It has luxury features you would expect to find in a prominent European vehicle, although it may not have ALL the bells and whistles of the more favoured luxury manufacturers. But when compared to other Korean makes of that era, the Grandeur is the only one that's NOT falling to bits with flaking clearcoat.

Those of you who have purchased one of the duds (and every manufacturer will produce the odd one) your opinions are rightly so and I feel for you.

For those looking to purchase one, inspect as many as you can, and make the best educated guess you can. Although the bad examples are absolute lemons, the good ones are great value.