30th Aug 2005, 22:43

Have fun paying for the maintenance when the time comes. After a while you will start having problems. You will learn the hard way like myself and most people do. We go out and buy BMW's and Audi's and Infintis not thinking or doing research. I first bought an BMW, an alright car, but was costly to run. Next came the Infinti which was fine until all the problems came. Then the dumbest thing ever, I bought a Mercedes. Ouch, was I broke with all the costs that car had. Now I'm on my 2nd Lexus and I'm loving them. In 2001 I bought the LS430. I now have close to 100,000miles and have had no problems except normal maintenance. I just bought the new GS430 and wow what a car. Next time you buy a car go give Lexus a chance.

9th Sep 2005, 18:39

4 years and 100k miles? Comparing an LS 430 to this car?? This car has the best warranty in it's class. perhaps you just drive too much.

23rd Oct 2005, 22:26

Comparing Lexus to Infiniti is like comparing accountants to comedians.

10th Nov 2005, 16:43

It's funny, but I didn't see one person comment on the interior. The G35 is a great car no doubt, but its interior is shameful for the money being asked - cheap plastic everywhere and obvious signs of cost cutting.

I'm not saying Lexus is in any way better as far as a driver's car, but check out any Lexus, especially the new IS 250/300, and see what interiors should look like. You don't feel like you've been shortchanged every time you sit in it.

That said, the G35 is one of the great performance bargains going. Even BMW's latest effort, the 330i, can only muster 255 hp, and for much more money.

11th Nov 2005, 03:21

So now we're comparing a hopped-up Nissan to a BMW? And by the way, a new Infiniti G35 has 280hp, while a 330i has only 255, yet the 330i is faster to 60, albeit by only 0.1 seconds. No serious, knowledgeable driving enthusiast would take a second look at a Nissan/Infiniti before driving a BMW. Personally, I'd rather drive an underpowered 318 before I went for an Inferior Infiniti. The funny thing is, Infiniti's only selling point is their high horsepower and speed, yet their best efforts fall behind even BMW's lowest line (3-series). If I did get a NissanInfiniti, I'd get the cheaper version of the G35, the Maxima, or its friend, Altima.

11th Nov 2005, 13:08

In response to the previous comment. I have a correction. The G35 is NOT based on the Maxima. If anything it shares similar components with the Nissan 350Z. I believe the Infiniti that shares compoenents with the Maxima is the I30, however I'm not sure on this.

As a side note, I have a '95 BMW M3. The M3 is far superior in handling, performance and responsiveness than our '03 G35.


20th Dec 2005, 19:37

I previously owned an BMW 318I for eight years and test driven all the other 3 series accept for the M3. Yes the BMW is a very smooth and slick driving machine, but the drive is boring compared to the G35 Sedan. I just purchased G35 Sedan 3 day ago and I can't stay away from it. The power you feel from this vehicle is simply ADDICTIVE!! No, it might not have that slick smooth feel like the BMW 3 and 5 class series and that's why you pay so much more for one, but the power you feel behind the wheel of a G35 Infiniti is one heck of a RUSH that words can't explain!! The BMW is very fast and some series faster, but don't give you the same feel. You have to drive both cars in the same day to make a better decision. For me, the G35 Sedan is ranking #1 for best sports sedan.

Iven G.

10th Jan 2006, 19:23

I finally got a chance to drive the M3 BMW and race it... still no match for the G35 Sedan. Yes, the G won!!!

Iven G.

22nd Jan 2006, 03:23

I'm sorry, but there is no way that a G35 could beat a well-driven BMW M3. If it did happen it was because the BMW driver either didn't know how to drive, or wasn't aware that the Infiniti was trying to race it. That being said, my 03 G35 was a blast to drive, albeit the interior was cheap which ultimately led me to trade it.

22nd Jan 2006, 10:00

Yeah, me too. I really love the Infiniti concept and they drive amazingly well, but when you look at comparable Lexus, Acura, Mercedes, and BMW vehicles the G35 looks very very low rent inside.

They are coming out with new models this summer so maybe they will take care of that. If so, I'll be in the market for one.

23rd Jan 2006, 18:05

Yeah, I'm sorry to say to you that the G35 did beat the M3 BMW in a real race. Of course with a couple of modifications to the G35, such as the Cool Air Flow and a slight modification to the Chip set. It open that engine up to the MAX!! Again, I own a BMW and peaces of the interior just start falling off like crazy within 4 years of owning it. It looks expensive, but the quality is JUNK!! Not to mentioned what the leather seat will look like in 4 years on most BMW's, JUNK!! The seats on the G35 Sedan is FAR more comfortable than any model of the BMW's. I drove them all!! You be crazy to buy the BMW because of it's fake luxury looking interior over the G35. The only series I could see myself buy over the G35 would be the 7 Series BMW, ALL DAY LONG!!

23rd Jan 2006, 23:01

The G35 coupe is a beautiful car (especially in black like mine is).

The G35 sedan is ugly looking. I like the M Sedan better.

26th Mar 2006, 22:09

I have been reading this discussion for a while since I was in market for a new car. Two days ago I bought Infiniti G35 6MT - 2006. It is black on black. I hope I did the right thing. I tested MB C350 Sport Sedan 6MT and BMW 330i 6MT 2006. Quite comparable... MB more luxurious (and MUCH MORE expensive) BMW best handling and fairly expensive G35 most powerful and cheapest. I am from Europe living in USA and was BMW fan until driving Japanesse cars here. I would say they are as good as Europeans, but cheaper and more dependable. I did not see any reason to buy MB or BMW for much greater price Infiniti is very comparable to BMW 330 and more fun than MB C350.

I will let you know my experience after two to three months of driving Infiniti G35.


6th Apr 2006, 21:38

Well that's the truth, BMW trim does wear down and fall off very easily in the 3 series, I owned one. I cannot speak for the other series. Don't get too upset, I'm just telling you my experience. Well enough of that. Now to the person who just bought the 2006 G35, you just bought yourself 20 more horsepowers than the previous series and let me tell you, you got a BEAST ON YOUR HANDS!!! You want be disappointed!!! If you come back and say different, then I know you weren't the one who responded.

Iven G.