28th Apr 2007, 18:23

OK, just traded my daughters '03 Turbo Jetta in for a low mileage (24K) 2004 G35 Sedan, in Pearl - her favorite color - we got lucky in that respect.

OK, having said all this... we test drove many Merdedes C230 Kompressors and BMW 3 series, Audis, Lexus, Volvo S40 Acura TL, etc... looking for a decent, but yet fun 04-05 used with low mileage etc.

Then in the middle of all this, we test drove the '04 G35 Sedan (she really preferred the Sedan over the Coupe for the room to carry her friends around in) - Wow!!! This car rocks! Even the Sedan, Automatic... this car rocks!

I was impressed... did not "look" all that quick, as a matter of fact, was not even going to test drive the car... but my daughter convinced me to anyways... I did, and was really impressed.

The Merc. and BMWs were fun and quick as well... but I gotta say, I'm my opinion, the G35 appeared to be noticably quicker, even in the sedan with no stick... car was quick.

As for the interior... it's pretty good, I like it... simple and straight forward, like orange at night etc...

Car handles real well, acceleration is a blast... even mid-range, stomp and GO!

Been a while since a mid-size car has impressed me with the fun factor... but this one did it... sort of a wolf in sheeps clothing, ha ha.

Again, not to take anything away from the BMW and the Merc., they are nice, real nice... but this car really made me stand up and take notice... to me it seemed obviously quicker.

Anyways, been 4 months now since we bought the car, my daughter still loves it and so do I whenever I get a chance to drive it - FUN car!!!

Here we were thinking we had our choices narrowed down to the C230 or the BMW 3... drove this thing and knew immediately, this was the one we wanted.

I don't think you can go wrong on any of these cars, they are all nice in my opinion... just for us, we liked this one better and 4 months later - absolutely no regrets.

18th Nov 2007, 20:39

Well it's been almost a year since I've made my last comment. I'm pleased to know how many supporters for the G35 in the past year. I've owned mine now for 2 years. How time flies! I still love my G35 and still no regrets! No telling when I will respond again, but it will be interesting to see where this conversation will go from here. I'll check back again sometime this time next year. I'm very amazed this conversation been going and sill going after 2 years. Very interesting.

Iven G.

18th Nov 2007, 22:28

As an owner of several BMW M3's in the past years, I recently purchased a used G35 for my son (2004 Sedan G35 6MT) and can say this car definitely kicks some serious butt and handles just as well. No doubt the M3 is built better (interior, handling, etc...), but you are paying $20k more.

When I finally sell my 05' M3, i'll probably seriously consider a new G35.

17th Feb 2008, 00:17

Whoever says the G35 horsepower is only 220 is definitely smoking something. Car and Driver, MotorTrend, and all the major and legitimate testing mags verify the horsepower the same as any other vehicle they test.

I purchased a 2004 G35 and have loved it every mile I have driven it. It is NOT a Maxima. The Maxima doesn't use a front midship chassis for starters. Maxima and Altima use the same chassis; the G35 uses a longer version of the 350Z chassis, and the FX series uses a modified FM chassis too.

The Maxima and Altima are front wheel drive; G35 as the FM chassis is, is a REAR WHEEL DRIVE chassis and drive train, which is appropo for a true sports sedan.

I thought the Altima was similar (traded in a 2005 for my G) but whoa I was completely wrong, the G kicks the Altima and Maxima to the curb in all aspects. I have nothing against BMW or MB, but between the two BMW is superior to the MB, better built and much less time in the shop (sorry MB, your cars break down a lot; the Yugo of the luxury brands).

25th Feb 2008, 20:33

I test drove a 7 series BMW; no doubt the flagship of all vehicles. However, I also felt like I was a 60 year old doctor trying to prove a point. My wife and I decided to set a budget so that we could buy a sports car convertible for fun. Our 2004 G35 Sedan is proving to be that sports car. Yes, the G35 is open, spacious, and doesn't have a ton of interior up grades. However, when you get behind the wheel, you feel like you are in a sports car ready to take on the German autobhn. For those that only consider BMW or Lexus; do your homework, the Infinity is a practical sports car ready to be used and abused.

Big Rod.

8th Jul 2008, 15:14

I've been trying to decide what car to get next the last few months. I found this discussion and read some useful comments, as well as some funny ones. Ivan G - you obviously haven't driven a car that has 350 hp from the factory or you wouldn't be saying that a 2004 G35 feels like it does. I'm not saying the car is slow, because it's not, but it would get smoked by, say, a 2003 c32 amg (350/350), especially with it having so much less torque. The comment made about the HP being 298 from the factory, this would put the rear-wheel (actual) hp at somewhere around 260-270.

When comparing to Bimmers, I've been looking at e36 M3's just to drive for a year or two until I can afford to drive what I really want. The interior DOES look pretty bad in almost all of them. I don't think the interior of the G looks that bad. I like the plain/easy dash as opposed to buttons-galore like some of the other brands.

What I really want to know is if the G continues to run well above 100k miles? I may look into an 03/04 G with higher miles just to drive for a year or two, as long as I won't be paying thousands to keep the thing on the road.

25th Jul 2008, 02:20

Wow what a conversation I read... this thing has been going on for years.

About the interior deal; first if you are spending that much money for the interior you need to be shot. BMW is the ultimate driving machine for the first 6 months, and then well you own one, you know.

Horsepower is the next issue; whoever said any car loses 70 horse from the flywheel to the tires doesn't have a license or has a Cobalt with a body kit and swears it has 400 horse.

Next issue comparing models; if you own an M series you have a bad ass car, but it is a totally different class than Infiniti even offers.

The G35 is all in all a great car for a great price. Take the extra money you saved from the BMW or the MB, log on to eBay, buy some interior upgrades and a turbo, pull up next to an M series and tell him how bad you feel for him.

Reliability: BMW, MB can't even be compared to Infiniti/Nissan, that's like comparing Daewoo to Toyota, it's a good joke.

I have a natural love for all cars, and they only last as long as you let them. By the way I have owned Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, BMW, Acura. I'm looking at an Infiniti G35 2004 this weekend and will probably buy it, and would never walk onto a BMW or Mercedes lot again in my life; too much money for a car that nearly every company is starting to come close to.

By the way, if you really want a luxury sports car, buy a Lexus SC430; fast as heck, smooth, reliable, good gas mileage, kinda of expensive, but worth the money. When I can afford one it will be my first choice.

I think I got all that out..