1994 Infiniti J30 Gold Package Standard from North America


What a beast!!


Dash Lights and clock don't illuminate

Sunroof problems

Headlight problems

CD player problems.

General Comments:

There have been many thing that have gone wrong with my Infiniti that I'm sure many people are experiencing.

Starting with the dash lights and the clock light not illuminating.

My sunroof also was leaking, which led to the tilt/open/close and dome lights non functionable.

Also, one of my headlights would come in and out.

To fix these problems with a dealer I would have spent at least 2000 dollars USD. However my dad is an engineer, and together we were able to fix all three problems.

First we ordered a headlamp relay, rheostat (dimmer switch for headlights), and a sunroof panel online for $75 including shipping. Search online, don't just look locally.

We replaced the headlamp relay which is located under the hood, far right towards the driver side corner. It was tricky, but with the right tools we were able to replace it. This fixed the headlight problem and now it works unreal.

Next we just re placed the sunroof panel by simply plugging in the 2 now outlet type things. This fixed the the sunroof and dome light problems, with a little help of oil to make the joints moist again.

The rheostat is the major problem of the dash lights going out. Replacing this part will fix the problem, however you must purchase a working rheostat. Make sure you get the pigtail with the rheostat and all you have to do is wire cut the wires, re twist them (yellow, black, green, green) and solder them together, and this fixed the problem for me. So nice having the lime green clock and dash lighting up again, back to luxury baby.

I have a problem I need your help with however, my CD player keeps spitting out my CD's, even brand new unburned ones and keeps saying CD ERR. Help...

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Review Date: 14th June, 2007

23rd Feb 2009, 17:20

Infiniti J30 '94 CD error: I had to pull out unit and take for repair. Saved $40 on pull out. Repair still cost around $150. New deck $1200.

1994 Infiniti J30 from North America


I've got this car in a very good condition from the only owner who bought it brand new. I have some problems with the left head light. I can't find the problem whats wrong. I changed fuses and lamps and it still not working. Maybe somebody had similar problem and can tell me what could it be, I would apreciate it. Also the whole stereo doesn't want to turn on. What do I need to check to find the problem? If anyone has an advise, please write me. My email is rottweiler_1982@yahoo.com Thank you, everyone.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2006

20th Mar 2012, 19:56

Did you figure out why your radio quit working? I bought my 1994 J30 with 155k on it. I love the car, but radio does not work. The guy I bought the car from said it just quit one day, and every now and then it would come back on. Please reply if you have any suggestions... Thank you.

29th Mar 2012, 20:28

Just got a 94 J30. The radio and dash light don't work. The old owners said one day they both went out. Checked the fuses in fuse box; they were good. Did you find the problem with your car? Help LOL.

Please email me if you have any answers at chaindrivejpc1951@gmail.com

Thank you.

1994 Infiniti J30 3.0 DOHC from North America


Classic look


First of all I love my car, this car just seems like it just keeps going and going and never stops.

But right after I got it the Bose radio stopped working all together, that only cost $86 and was just the power switch.

Right after I got that fixed the car started smoking ONLY when it rained and it smelt like gas, it ran way to rich and ended up deing and left me stranded about 4 times each time it was right after I got it out of the machanics, I ended up paying around $2k getting it fixed. It ended up being the EGR valve and I found that out when I got it diagnosed.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2005