1994 Infiniti J30 from North America


I love the car and all my friends do too - I recommend it and will probably buy another next time!


The day after I got the car the passenger front window would not roll up. The used car dealer fixed it for me at no cost.

The Bose stereo pops from time to time - I have not taken it in to have it looked at.

General Comments:

The car drives beautifully on dry pavement. Excellent handling, quick, responsive, feels like a sports car with lots of pick-up when needed. However, on a recent rainy day (it had been dry for a long time so the streets were very slick) I fish-tailed going around a corner at a normal speed. It was not easy to bring it under control. I have top-of-the-line new tires on all four wheels, but the back-end is very light. I will be adding two fifty-pound bags to the trunk and will keep them there year around and imagine that will take care of the problem.

The price for a used car of this quality is tremendous. It is definitely a lot of value for the money. I paid $7,500 for the car - in excellent shape with all scheduled maintenance done.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2002

25th Jun 2004, 09:18

Funny how I can relate to the same problems!

About 2 months ago, my driver side front window would not roll up either. It turned out that the window motor was broken, so I had to get it fixed.

In the rain, when making turns, my J30t would fishtail also. I figured that it was either b/c of my lead foot or maybe the V6 was too much. However, after reading your post, I thought about the weight of the rear end of the car.

Another thing is that my Bose speaker system was popping too. It eventually went out...so, now I drive around with no music! It's unfortunate, but since then, I've been more aware of any weird sounds coming from my car - if any, that is!

Despite all of these problems, I still love my car very much!

1994 Infiniti J30 t 3.0 V6 from North America


A high performance bargain


The rear right speaker clips (I had previous to the Jag a Q45; same annoying syndrome)

As with all Nissans, the brakes are great, all wheel disc, $ to maintain however and calipers often stick.

Read other posts here and there was some talk about road noise. For me, it wasn't until 2K km until I really started noticing it. It is not overly bad, just annoying if you listen for it.

Leather seating very prone to scratches.

The sunroofs on these cars I think are notoriously bad - mine struggles to open (grease/oil/cleaning doesn't help)

Yesterday THE CAR locked my keys in the car whilst running on its own accord. This is a great feature (when it works properly) to prevent you from locking your keys in the car, on my J, it has turned evil and locks itself as it pleases - just like that - gotta be really careful to always stop the car and take your keys, no matter what. Bizarre.

Don't use the ashtray if it works. If you breathe on these the wrong way, they break - and with such a prominent piece of interior trim broken, it instantly propels the car into piecehood.

The antenna stuck. However, wd-40/oil fixed this.

Check-engine light came on, still haven't done anything about it - still runs like new - think it is a bad sensor - actually, more than likely is - however I don't know because you have to take it to infiniti to diagnose (and charge you to infinity - "yes yes yes Mr. Man, step right up! please take the keys to our complimentary loner car - you're gonna need it! because we are going to replace everything expensive!")

If you are not familiar with high end Nissan gas mileage, you won't be impressed.

The heater is funny. 28.5 deg C it blows cold; 32 deg C (few "clicks" warmer to max) burns your leg off!

General Comments:

These, as with all Nissans, are very reliable and fun to drive.

Had a 94 q45, 93 240sx, & 86 300zx. This car however, really has it's own personality. Sporty like the 240, but so many more refined touches and power.

RWD hicas steering just sick - Unbelievably fun.

Need to really use 225/60/15 h or better tires.

If it snows where you are, you are mad not to have snow tires...

Trans it a dream - same with the engine. Really is an engineering marvel. Puts other Japanese car manufactures to complete shame.

Why is the resale so cheap? these cars do not deserve this - but, I have a truly cool car for the $ I paid...

The gas mileage is not the best, but sometimes it is really worth it! I hammer it everywhere and it is always fun.

Besides everything I have put in the negative commentary, everything else is 10 out of 10. If you are now to these, slip into one; you'll see.

Fantastic city car - right size, quick, has everything.

I you were thinking of getting one of these and are looking for a very sporty RWD luxury car and willing to compromise a little "traditional" luxury for sport, you can't go wrong with the j30t.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2002

24th Oct 2002, 23:43

Sir, along with most other J30's, the most common malfunction that is indicated would be the code 32, which is the E.G.R. malfunction. To properly get this fixed, the cheapest way to go about doing this is to get a diagnostic check, about $40, then get a mechanic to clean the vaulve. They are most likely clogged.