1995 Isuzu Rodeo V6 from North America


Money burning lemon


Relay for rear defrost melted when purchased (76,000 miles)

Seals in transfer case leaking when purchased.

Valve cover gasket leaking when purchased.

Clutch slave cylinder replaced at 85,000 miles.

Blower fan motor and relay replaced at 85,000 miles and subsequently replaced relay 3 more times in the next four months and finally replaced blower fan motor AGAIN because it was drawing too many amps and blowing the relay.

New clutch at 94,000 miles... dealership also broke transmission cone while trying to get the clutch out and it was a 3 week wait for the parts!!

Master cylinder leaking oil at 96,000... FSBO!!!

General Comments:

This is a fun SUV to drive... easy to handle, but that's the only good thing I can say about it. This is by far the WORST vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned it less than two years/20,000 miles and have already put more money into than all my previous vehicles combined. Even my mechanic wants me to get rid of it. There's always something going wrong, and it's expensive to fix.

Oh yeah, as far as the 4WD goes, you can't switch on the fly and you have to back up to unlock the hubs (and even that only works part time... I usually have to back up twice to get the hubs to disengage).

It's a dog towing even the lightest trailer if there is a hill to climb.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2004

7th Jan 2004, 20:30

I have a 1998 Rodeo and switch into 4wd on the "fly". It's a push button.

23rd Jan 2004, 09:23

I'm sorry you're having so many problems with your Isuzu, but at your purchase in acquiring it at over 70K miles, one has to wonder how well the original owner took care of it. It doesn't sound like it was taken care of, thus you're ending up with the headache, and that's too bad, because I've had 3 Isuzu's - bought new, or with less than 20K - and I've gotten well over 150K on all with little problems.

1995 Isuzu Rodeo LX 3.2L from North America


Over-all a reliable bargain!!!


I had to replace clutch at 85,000 miles. The Rodeo has two different sizes of clutch plates. Of course, mine was the heavy-duty (more expensive) one! About $800.00 worth I believe.

Currently, I have problems with the power window controls and sometimes with power locks on rear door.

My Rodeo has the usual lifter tick from time to time. It also uses a fair amount of oil-perhaps a quart every 1200 miles.

The wiper-blade mechanism is a bit noisy and could use a variable-speed intermittent switch rather than the two-speed control!

General Comments:

The engine runs quite smooth and is a strong performer with the five-speed manual transmission.

The 4WD drive train is ultra tough. The suspension is very good too! I do some four-wheeling in the sand mostly, and this truck pulls with the best of them! I have passed a lot of other four-wheelers that were stuck in up to their axles!

This Rodeo is extremely roomy--front and back! The wife likes it! I like it!

Excellent, smooth ride on the interstate as well as the beach!

Interior is quite durable and has held up well.

I live in a salt air environment and there is no rust on body or chassis.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

1995 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 V6 from North America


Reliable smooth running and roomy ride


I began to hear a ticking or clicking sound while the Rodeo was running. It recently became more loud and obvious. When I accelerate and the tachometer goes above 2x1000 RPM It stops, but returns anywhere under 2x1000. I believe it is the lifters?

The Drivers main window control switches are in part working. The replacement switch is over $200!

General Comments:

This car has plenty of room and the front seats are really comfortable, they hug into your back. I'm 6'01' and fit like a comfortable glove in the drivers seat. Has good Driving Power and the 4x4 works great except for the stop to engage.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2003

16th Nov 2003, 14:47

Hydraulic lifters can also be noisy in UK version - the Frontera. Plenty of good oil changes, every 3,000 miles if possible can remedy this situation. Would also advise frequent cambelt changes, although this is not related to your lifter noise.

4th Feb 2004, 21:12

I found that the use of engine flush can remedy engine noises especially the lifters. I believe the lifters would make noise only if they don't receive oil, the flush would clear the oil passages inside the engine and to the lifter. The noise will be eliminated. Also we should always consider the use of good quality engine oil. Oil viscosity is important. Warning, don't use too much engine flush otherwise you dry the O rings on the valves.