2000 Isuzu Rodeo Base w/ ABS 2.2L gasoline from North America


Never Ever Getting an Isuzu Again!!! NEVER!


Around 50,000 or 60,000 miles the ECM was reprogrammed by the dealship (somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 bucks) In order to pass State Inspection. It seems this is a common problem of this car.

Car began randomly shutting off while driving arround 80,000 miles, after arround 3 years of ownership.

Around 80,000 to 85,000 miles the ECM again requirred reprogramming to turn off the Check Engine Light, So it could pass state inspection.

Around 98,000 miles the Clutch Slave Cylinder went out. Ordered up 3 different brands from Carquest, None of them were exact matches. Ended up swapping seals from a similar slave into the old slave.

Also around 98,000-100,000 miles the ABS begins to randomly engage, During regular stopping if not on the slow side compared to most drivers.

Around 100,000 miles the alternator begins to whine above 2-2,500 Rpm.

The Oxygen sensor was also replaced at this time.

Around this time the Muffler also acquired a rattle.

At 102,000 miles the timing chain was replaced by the dealer (under warranty even tho we were a little more than 2000 miles over)

Right after the timing belt was replaced our Gas-Mileage Dropped Tremndously!!

Running Premium on the highway the Rodeo would get 27-29 mpg. After the timing belt change it Never broke 22mpg. The Car was also slower than ever..

Around 108-110,000 miles the car requirred ECM repgrammign for a THIRD time...

111,000 miles the car shuts off and goes off the road.

Towed it home and upon inspection noticed that the serpentine belt had shredded.

The Belt Tensioner locked up and the pulley sheered off.

This may not nesc. be related to Isuzu, as the Belt was replaced at a Quiki-Lube or similar oil change shop.

General Comments:

My mother purchased this car Brand New in 2000 for 12,000 out the door after seeing it in a newspaper flyer. The Dealership didn't want to honor the flyer, but after a day of haggling on the behalf of my parents with the dealer they got the car.

It's a base-model Rodeo, Has ABS, Power Steering, and AC for options.

The performance has always been VERY Sluggish, My 1966 Beetle whoops this car at any speed... It is Extremely SLOW!

Although for the first 100k miles it did get good gas mileage for a car of it's size and maintenance was reasonable.

Best mileage the car has had was a little over 29mpg on a road trip from Dallas to Chicago, Doing 80-95mph for most of the trip...

After the timing belt was replaced by the Dealer the car would get around 18-22 mpg, combined driving city/highway, This was driving around 5 miles city and 30 miles highway, Twice a day. For a car so... Slow and tasking to drive... This was unacceptable to me.

Overall it's been an alright vehicle, Would be good for someone who isn't requirred to have OBDII testing.. Having the ECM reprogrammed 3 times in 100,000 miles just to pass inspection.. Realy Stunk!

The Repair costs have far outweighted any gas mileage perks this car may have had when it was newer...

It handles very nicely in the snow, It's been taken to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit family in the winter atleast half a dozen times. It also spent the first 3yrs of it's life in Connecticut. Never once left us stuck or stranded in the snow.

I think the tow capacity is 2,000 or 2,500 pounds, It has a tiny motor, Guess you can't really expect to tow much with it.

At the moment the car is not running...

Replaced the belt tensioner and belt, go to try and fire it up, the starter spins, but does not engage...

Upon investigating (and hitting the starter with a hammer the best I could) the car still will not fire up, and I notice the starter is in a Great Position!! Going to be tons of fun taking it off and puting it back on, Realy! No sarcasm!

The car always had repairs performed at an Isuzu Dealer. Excluding the Slave Cylinder.

Routine Oil changes have always taken place at 3000-3500 miles.

The car has never smoked on start up or running, Never an issue with Emissions Testing.

During a couple oil changes the engine was almost bone dry of oil! Oil changes Always! occured withing 3000-3500 miles of one another.

The AC has been recharged 3-4 times, but we're in Texas now and it gets used a Lot.

I think that about sums up the car. Hopefully it will help you making a purchase or looking for similar issues with your isuzu Or what have you.

This was certainly the last OBDII car I will ever own...

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Review Date: 21st March, 2006

21st Sep 2006, 16:48

The original writer did not state what engine the rodeo has. Also The rodeo appear to be on the east coast? There is a lot of salt put down during winter and will and does play havoc with vehicles and their electrical systems. I also have never hear of having to program a rodeo to meet emission standards; let alone three times at an alleged 50.00 each time??

I own multiple rodeos 1997 2x4 3.2 auto and 1995 4x4 3.2 v6 5 speed standard. All have been regularly maintenance and have no problems. The 1997 had the water pump replaced due to leaking and timing belt, and starter. The 1995 same thing; appears water pumps will go out if you don't change the coolant one a year. These went out due to mostly mileage. The 1997 has over 201,000 and the 1995 has 143000 miles on them.

I also have done all the repairs myself.

2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS 6 cylinder from North America


Great long distance vehicle


Dealer had me change timing belt at 97000 miles. Had to do EGR service at 1000000. Had to replace Gas Sender switch at 1000000.

General Comments:

This vehicle has never failed me in the year that I've owned it (purchased used). Regular maintenance keeps this vehicle running just fine. Doesn't have a lot of "umph"... passing can sometimes be dangerous, because she just doesn't kick in right away.

In one year I've put on about 60000 miles on it, and I don't see needing to buy another vehicle any time soon.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2005