22nd Jan 2010, 23:24

I have a 2000 Rodeo 4X4 3.2 that I bought new in November 2000. Mileage now about 99k. I assume it's still under warranty (10 year/120k powertrain) and the local Subaru dealer still fixes Isuzu's, because they used to sell them.

At about 85k the trans died after spewing fluid on my driveway without warning, and the dealer replaced it with a new one without much complaint. After I got it back, the 4X4 wouldn't engage, the dealer said it was my problem. It worked fine before they did the transmission replacement, so after some negotiations they replaced the control module, and I had them do a brake job at the same time.

Well, when I got it back, the rear wiper wouldn't work, and some other things too. When the dealer told me it needed a new alarm module, I got suspicious, and crawled under the dash with a light. Of course, the alarm module was missing, and I took a couple of pictures. Seems the mechanic forgot to reinstall it, but they'd put a new one in for a couple hundred bucks more. The service manager took exception to my threat of a consumer fraud complaint, and had to order a new alarm module for me and put it in.

Now with 20k and 10 months left on my factory warranty, I'm afraid to take it back there, but that is the only place in town that will allegedly honor my warranty. Oh, about 6 years ago the 6 CD changer decided to eat my CDs and won't spit them out.

I've kept the Rodeo because my daughter likes it, and may take it up to Minnesota to college next year. I'm just not sure it'll be reliable enough, although it's great fun in the snow.

27th Jan 2010, 14:06

I repair and sell cars on the side to make extra money. I have owned one 98 Passport, one 01 Rodeo, one 99 Trooper, and one 98 Trooper. I have experienced a couple of the problems listed above, included the dreaded transmission issues. I just wanted to point out a couple following facts.

The trans in all these vehicles is a GM 4L30e or 4L60e, the fuel pump/sending unit and EGR valve are GM as well.

The biggest problem I have noticed is the 3.2 and 3.5 tend to spin bearings; that engine tapping noise is usually the engine further destroying itself.

Finally as a mechanic I can say that many other mechanics take advantage of others. I shudder to think how many of those on this thread had good trans rebuilt, but try and do your research.

13th May 2010, 13:19

I have a 2001 Rodeo LS. I purchased it brand new. The problems with car are too numerous to list them all. Most of the posters before mine list most of them. The worst is the frame is rusted to the point the whole frame needs replaced. Does anyone know of a class action filed against Isuzu?

1st Jun 2010, 18:19

I own a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. Have had it since the beginning. My check engine light was on and I got it fixed. Now my brake pedal fell off and I couldn't get it to stop. Hit a building and the frame broke in half; it was all rusted. That should not be, and I've never heard of the brake pedal falling off before.

17th Jun 2010, 15:29

I have a 2000 2WD VL S Rodeo. It has 85K miles (low miles). When I bought it 2 years ago, I saw the fuel gauge acting funny. The dealer covered the pump and sending unit for free. Other than the CD changer not working (no big deal, get an MP3 and a radio transmitter), I'm happy.

Occasionally the ABS flicks on.

In the last two years, I made two vacations to the mountains, pulling two motorcycles, and it handled well.

Oil consumption was up, maybe due to the dirty EGR valve I've been reading about.

Currently, getting ready to do the timing belt kit and water pump for preventative maintenance.

It is a Florida vehicle with no rust.

9th Jul 2010, 22:37

I have a 2001 Rodeo bought brand new, and have had all the problems listed above, the newest being the erratic transmission; being told $4K to replace. Would like to know my options by anyone who has had the same issues? Feel I'm being taken advantage of, and the saddest part about it is, it's a family member's Dealership Service Manager saying it needs to be replaced! Figured my best option is to seek help from you all out there with no vested interest. Look forward to assistance! Thanks!

21st Jul 2010, 13:26

2001 Rodeo Sport V6. Check engine light on most of the time. Now engine low power light comes on and not able to get more than about 2500 rpm. Dealer replaced throttle body for about $1000 and the lights still come on. The car has only 39000 miles on it. Bad buy and bad dealer.

26th Jul 2010, 16:21

I just bought a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo - the fuel gauge is not working; had to fix it. Cost about $100.00.

Now I hear a squeak in the front passenger side. Don't know what it is? Sounds like it's coming from the front tire area. Have to get that fixed if it can be fixed. But all in all, I like the space, and it rides real smooth except for the sound.

3rd Aug 2010, 14:38

2001 Isuzu Rodeo LS 2WD Auto.

I have had this truck for 2 years now. It has 154,000 miles on it and still going. I use it as my daily commuter. I only have one real issue with it, it hesitates between 2,000 and 3,000 RPMs but it is not a big deal, I just keep on driving since most of my driving keeps it under 2,000 RPMs and city driving.

I get the trans fluid changed every year, as I do with all my cars and trucks and have no issues with it.

Over all, great seats, bit stiff ride (because not enough travel in the suspension, always hitting the frame bumpers even with new shocks), oil burn off as expected (about 1 qt every 2,000 miles) running 15w40 oil (per owners manual).

Think this is like any other vehicle. It just requires a little TLC.

23rd Aug 2010, 13:58

I just got my 2001 Rodeo LS and my speedometer doesn't work. I tried replacing the speed sensor and had the wires checked, the check light went off but the speedometer still doesn't work.

Other than that, I like it.

11th Oct 2010, 22:58

Very surprised by the negative comments on this site about the Rodeos. I have one, a 1998, that I bought three years ago used!! Now it has 223000 miles and is still going strong. Love my Rodeo; one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned..

24th Jul 2011, 22:04

I had a high idle problem in mine, and it ended up to be a head gasket. Check your gasket by spraying some brake fluid on it while running the engine. If it bubbles up like crazy, you have a compression leak causing the sensors to add more gas, oxygen etc. RPMs will also go out of the usual if indeed it's a gasket.

2nd Oct 2011, 03:07

I'm a mechanic, yes I said mechanic for all you technicians out there. I diagnose things and I fix things.

Recently a customer came to me with a 2001 Rodeo LS. He complains of the same tranny problems as all others with the automatic 4 speed. I'm just guessing (diagnosing) the common issue is shift solenoids located on the trans valve body just inside the transmission pan. I'll post my conclusions and prognosis (fix) as soon as I'm thru it. I'm sure it is likely the cause. Good luck at the Rodeo cowboys and girls. CMFWB.