8th Oct 2010, 02:58

My newly acquired 2000 Rodeo LS RWD 3.2 is perfect inside and out. Motor was locked up when I got it, so I have no idea how it ran before. I put a used, low mileage engine in, and it hasn't run right yet. It was driveable for a while, but now it won't run at all. The plugs are getting flooded with gas. I heard that the GM/Delphi "ION Sensing Ignition System" will only work with a special DENSO spark plug (6.99 ea.). Is this true, or is there another issue I should be concerned with? I've been a professional automotive tech. for over 20 years and have NEVER ran into something like this Rodeo. I LOVE IT, but W.T.F? Can anyone help me?

20th Oct 2010, 14:21

Hello, I bought a 1999 Izuzu Rodeo LS in 2000. It ran great for about 60 days, and then I had to replace the ABS. Shortly after I had to replace the brakes. After picking my Rodeo up after a brake job, I kept hearing a grinding sound when turning right. When I took it back, they didn't hear anything.

I ended up having a competent mechanic fix it. The company that replaced my brakes really screwed something up... Oh well, live and learn.

My fuel gauge also quit working after about one year of owning it.

My check engine light goes on and off intermittently, and has done this for three years approximately.

Six months ago my CD player quit working. I get ERR3 and can't eject any of my CD's. No music is torture (any suggestions on fixing the CD player???)

Thanks for letting me post this. I feel much better now knowing I'm not the only one that owns a LEMON!!! Melissa.

22nd Mar 2011, 23:12

I just picked up a 97 Rodeo 4wd with the V6 and 156,000 miles. It has a power steering leak from one of the pressure lines (a lot of scale rust underneath, line looked crappy, so I will be replacing both pressure lines).

Anyway, I decided to replace all 3 belts today as a start, because they were squeaking/squealing. So I finish up and start it up, no more squeaking/squealing, but now I have a HORRIBLE knocking from what sounds like under the driver's side valve cover. I did not touch anything except the items needed to change the belts. What's up with this? I don't want to dump any money in this unless I have to (I am flipping this and need all the profit I can get). I do plan on changing the oil anyway, but do I go get a valve job, or change the oil and hope it goes away?

I read this whole thread (all 160 posts or however many there were). I just can't fathom how it was perfectly fine before I changed the belts, and now it's knocking really bad. I need to sell the thing, and won't be able to if it sounds like this. Apparently, these Rodeos are big pieces of crap. Luckily, the worst case scenario is that I scrap it and still make a few bucks. I just didn't want to do that, because it has a nice body and the interior is clean.

Sooo, if anyone has ANY ideas about what could be the cause of this, email me Bozang1@verizon.net. I am somewhat mechanically inclined and can do most things. Email me with your ideas, or if you respond here, state that your reply is for Boz so I know you are speaking to me. Thanks ahead of time.

19th Jul 2011, 15:02

I have the same issue with the CD player, and if you got yours fixed, could you email on how you did... That is without replacing it? Here's my email address ramiewise@yahoo.com