1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS V6 from North America


Needs to be recalled


At 23 miles, my transmission started to drag when changing gears.

At 20,000+ my check engine light came on due to a defective part of which I do not immediately recall the part name.

At 70,000 miles my check engine light came on for a gas sensor. And the check engine light continuously comes on from time to time.

General Comments:

Ride is rough and driver seat is very uncomfortable. Continue to make noise from the rear end.

Gas light now comes on once the gas needle goes past a half tank, the needle will move all the way to the empty mark and return back and forth to the one fourth mark until I fill the tank completely with gas.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2004

25th Feb 2004, 10:44

The problem with your fuel gauge is a problem most likely with your fuel sender. It's a relatively inexpensive part, but labor is about 400 dollars, because they have to evacuate the fuel tank, take it out, etc.

25th Mar 2004, 14:15

I have the same issue (s) with my 1999 rodeo. 1 qt every 800 miles or so... Fuel gauge issue... Check Engine... I will never own another...

1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2 from North America


Should be painted yellow and made into juice!


Front end ball and socket had to be replaced at 45,000 miles.

4 wheel drive button is easily bumped or inadvertently pushed, causing frequent unintended operation in 4-wheel drive.

Power drive and winter buttons are easily pushed, due to their placement in the center console. This can occur just by setting a purse or other items in the center console.

The engine has a SERIOUS design flaw. There is a service bulletin out on how to test the engine in case of oil consumption. What Isuzu doesn't tell you, is that the engine design tightened up the piston ring tolerances, to the point that the piston rings can become locked into the piston, and allow oil to get into the combustion chamber, thus burning oil without the owner knowing. When this happens, oil consumption can increase to 1 qt every 800 miles.

The vehicle was due for an oil change and the "check oil" light came on. There was no oil on the dipstick. Immediately after the oil was changed the very next day, a "tick" and a "knock" were now in evidence. Prognosis is the tick is a lifter, and the knock is a main or connecting rod bearing. Cheapest quote for repair is $4400 for a motor and $1500 labor.

The engine repair shop I talked to was unable to do the centerline boring necessary to rebuild the engine, because of the special offset of this engine.

General Comments:

Isuzu is not being responsive because the vehicle is "out of warranty". We were not notified by any means as to the potential problem. Shame on you Isuzu.

Bottom line: I will NEVER own another Isuzu product, nor will I purchase a vehicle from their parent company.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003

23rd Jan 2004, 23:28

I also own a 1999 Rodeo, and agree 100% with this review. The manufacturer recommendation is to change the oil every 5K miles. My Rodeo burns more than 5 quarts of oil over this 5K distance. I'm essentially changing my oil every 2.5K.

I'm adding at least a quart of oil every 1K miles. Usually more. I brought the truck into an Isuzu dealer twice about the oil consumption, and they told me it was considered "normal and acceptable" to consume up to 1qt oil per 1K miles. Normal for what, a 2-stroke engine?

Why the EPA isn't all over Isuzu's case about this is amazing. Where is this oil going? Into the air and onto the ground, that's where.

And what is going on with Isuzu in general? This is the only auto manufacturer that is losing dealerships instead of adding them. Not that I'm interested in buying another Isuzu, because that will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. But I need parts, and no Isuzu dealer ever has ANYTHING in stock.

I had to have my intake manifold gasket replaced, plus a valve adjustment and timing belt replaced. It took two weeks to get the parts. While it was in the shop, the technician informed me that the thermostat was UNDER THE INTAKE MANIFOLD! In other words, it would cost me around $300 in labor and parts to replace the thermostat. I told him to go ahead and replace it, which meant more delays because NO ISUZU DEALER WITHIN 100 MILES STOCKS THERMOSTATS! Worse, when we finally got the part from Isuzu, it was WRONG!

I called Isuzu's manufacturer-direct customer service line. All I got was BS and double-talk.

If you've got $30K+ to throw away on an Isuzu, call me first. I'd be happy to screw you for half the price, and I'd still show you more respect afterward than Isuzu has shown me.

1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS V6 from North America


Awesome truck for the money!



General Comments:

Great Truck!! Very reliable and quick!! Great truck for the money and much better warranty then everybody else.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

1999 Isuzu Rodeo 4 cylinder from North America


Best buy for the bucks


At 30,000 miles, the muffler fell off due to a broken bracket. At 45,000 miles, the rear seat is stuck and will not fold... dealer fixed it at 60,000 miles and one month later it's stuck again. At also 60,000 miles, the brake fluid was leaking and fixed by dealer.

General Comments:

This is a very reliable work horse. except for a few minor incidents, the car is great. A bit under power because of the 4 cylinder.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2003

1999 Isuzu Rodeo LX 3.4 from North America


Budget minded sport utility


The only problem I have had is with a rattle in the back window. It has been to the dealer a few times and the fault always seems to reappear. It is more annoying, than a problem.

The brakes are a little soft.

The cup holders are a poor design.

General Comments:

So far this has been a reliable car. It has plenty of power. My previous car was a 5.0 Mustang and I am pleased with the Rodeo's performance.

The front seats are a little cramped and uncomfortable on long trips.

It is reasonable if you get one a year or two old.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2001