14th Dec 2006, 16:42

My '98 LS Rodeo is an excellent truck. I've noticed oil disappearing, but Toyota had far bigger oil consumption problems with many of their vehicles. Google it.

As far as the truck goes, it was well designed. The seats are comfortable, the interior is durable, and even though the door panels are plasticky, at least the plastic looks good. At least the armrests are not located in awkward locations like many other vehicles.

The V6 engine is a strong runner. The 4wd system is excellent. It seems to me, based on most of the complaints I've read, that owners are going to dealerships and being totally ripped off by mechanics who are charging people for needless services.

Fan bearings go out in all cars, and it's not because Isuzu's fan bearings are any cheaper than Honda's, Toyota's, or any other company. Same goes for the other peddy complaints I'm reading here.

Rodeo LS. Very good SUV.

23rd Dec 2006, 18:54

I bought this 98 Passport from an auction to re-sell. Been beating my head against wall for 6 months trying to fix this $%#*ing pinging! Honda dealer told me to live with it, Isuzu dealer quoted $950 to replace EGR valve & clean passages. I replaced the EGR valve myself & ignored the passages (not dirty) but no luck. Am now contemplating a $150 computer re-programming that I hear might help. Who would build a rig like this without a knock sensor??? Any advice would be helpful!

Carl Larson

c*l*g*u*y*@*g*m*x*.*n*e*t without *s

30th Jan 2007, 15:08

I have been the proud owner of a '95 Rodeo 3.2L v6 4WD for years now. Reliable as a rock. With the right tires, it is usually me that is pulling the jeeps out stuck on the trails. I have 151k miles on it, and up until last week I have had minimal maintenance. In 13 years it has been in two accidents, had an alternator replaced, new upper ball joints, new timing belt, water pump, and fuel pump (plus misc. items like belts and plugs). It does consume oil fast, but change your oil religiously at 3k miles, and use Seafoam, and there is not a problem with it. I have averaged about $400 a year in maintenance on it. That is until last week when a rod developed a very nasty knock, and is going to fail at any time. I am a very sad that I will be loosing my baby!

31st Jan 2007, 08:25

I also have the oil burning problem (using 1-2 quarts of oil every 500 miles) with my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo, and I have completed two oil consumption tests, and Isuzu still will not fix my car, even though it is still under the warranty. I think we should do a class action suit against them. I have done a complaint with a law office, and encourage everyone to contact the law office at the following link, because we need justice, and Isuzu need to fix our cars.


3rd Feb 2007, 08:10

I have a 1999 Rodeo 145000 km that had an oil comsumption problem. I took it into my Canadian dealer and was told that Isuzu is now recommending using 15w40 oil in older rodeo's. I checked it out with Isuzu themselves and sure enough that is what they are recommending.

I switched oil a month and a half ago and have not had to add a drop of oil. Not many people know about this yet. But it really does work.

12th Feb 2007, 17:59

I have a '99 Rodeo and I have also had a catastrophic engine failure. This is definitely class-action material, but enough of us will have to band together to make it stick. I noted that some of you have posted good experiences, or minor problems, with your Rodeo. That is great, however please recognize that that the majority of these vehicles probably do run okay. So, your postings that this is a "great vehicle" or that the problem postings are just whining, are pointless! The fact is that a number of us have had a total loss of a vehicle, and this is wrong! The issue is that a very large number of these vehicles experience catastrophic and sudden oil loss, and that is a design problem that Isuzu is not recognizing for one simple reason: They want to avoid class action resolution. I noted that there is one guy on this string that had his lawyer contact them, and he got them to pay for replacing the engine. What does that tell you? That Isuzu knows they are wrong! So, contact a lawyer, but also be willing to file with a class action lawyer and let them see these postings!! This is anecdotal evidence that will help us get this resolved by Isuzu. And note too that there is a pending lawsuit against them already regarding brake issues, so it can be done!

18th Feb 2007, 19:00

I have a 2001 Honda Passport (Isuzu Rodeo). Oil change every 3000. This past Friday my engine light came on, I was down a 2 quarts suddenly so I added 2 quarts of oil and the light went out, I got 10 miles down the freeway and my engine ceased up (no oil light). Had it towed to a reputable service station and they informed me that the engine was ruined and needed replacing or rebuiding.

The SUV had been a good vehicle until recently it just started burning oil. No leakage and no unusual exhaust.

I can't afford a new engine and now I am paying 240.00 car payment and have no car. I have read many stories like mine and I just can't understand how Isuzu reps. can ignore all of us and be able to sleep at night knowing they have caused this for so many and not take responsibility for it. I will follow up with the law suit links I have found.

18th Feb 2007, 19:21

Have owned a 1999 Rodeo LS since it was new. Oil port (somewhere around the camshaft) feeding into the valves clogged with metal shavings (as determined by Isuzu post mortem) and the engine blew around 34,000 miles on the freeway. What a mess that was. Mostly bent rods. Isuzu would only rebuild the engine for me as the tech. said the cylinders were fine and wouldn't replace with a new engine. So I settled for them rebuilding the engine at the dealership. Have had problems with the ABS module breaking twice, alarm system failing, gas gauge failing, exhaust manifold breaking, and now a blown head gasket. It's had plenty of rough off-road use and commuter miles (at 160K now) but overall I would rate my experience with this vehicle a 1 out of 10.

27th Feb 2007, 08:23

I was wondering could someone tell me how to check low voltage in a 99 Isuzu rodeo? My fuel gauge is going haywire and my transmission is clunking too. If someone could help it would be appreciated. Please email with the answer at pennfire51@yahoo.com.

13th Mar 2007, 16:13

I bought a 99 Honda Passport 4x4 and have had a great experience until recently. This last month, I went 1000 miles after an oil change and suddenly heard knocking and my oil light came on. When I pulled over and checked my oil, it was completely dry! I added 3 quarts to get me back to the place I had just got my service done and was once again dry on oil when they checked it. The mechanic said there was absolutely no leaks, no white smoke in the exhaust like it was burning that heavy, and no oil in the coolant. There has never been the slightest problem before, just regular maintenance like brakes and shocks. I now have 138,000 miles on it. I keep up with all typical services on it and actually perform most before they need to be done just to make sure it keeps working good. I am gonna try to switch my oil to 15w-40, but if that does not work, I will be looking towards the class action suit with the rest of you!

Frank Stratton