27th Aug 2007, 13:08

I am so glad I found this page!

I own a '99 Isuzu Rodeo LS, V6, 4x4, 5 spd. manual.

About 3 years ago, I heard a knocking noise coming from the engine. I took the Rodeo to my local mechanic, who informed me that it was the main connecting rod, and the engine needed to be either replaced or rebuilt. I opted to have it rebuilt. This was only the beginning of my nightmare.

I have basically had every problem that has been listed on this page. My two biggest irritations are with the EGR valve and the oil consumption. When I had the engine rebuilt, a new EGR valve was put on, and less than 30k miles later, the stupid thing has gone bad! I have an engine diagnostics machine, so whenever the 'check engine' light comes on for the EGR valve, I remove it and clean it out with choke/carb cleaner. It is not worth the $130 or whatever it costs to replace it, as it will just go bad again.

The oil consumption is rediculous. I am paranoid that I am going to go to the store one day and come back with a blown engine. I check my oil religiously, and less than 2k after I last had my oil changed I have had to add 2 quarts.

If someone finds out about a class action lawsuit, I want in on it!

5th Sep 2007, 15:16

My wife and I purchased a 1999 LS Rodeo 4X4 new. We have replaced the ABS unit and the fuel sensor in the tank. The sensor cost $15.00; the job was $100 from a backyard mechanic because Henderson, NV Isuzu would not touch it. Now the AC compressor is making a noise when turned on. Granted, the vehicle has 99K on it. I take it in to Ron's Bridgestone every 3 months and something is always wrong; CV boots, brakes, bearings, belt, shocks, power steering, and now AC. It is a daily driver for my wife who drives 12 miles round trip to work here in Arizona. Compared to my 1999 Nissan Frontier, the Rodeo belongs in the road apple pile!.

Brian Heilmann

Fort Mohave, AZ.

6th Sep 2007, 20:34

So how can we file a lawsuit? We all have the same freakin' problems with our Rodeo. Does anyone have problems with front wheel bearings now?

C. Montes

Unionville, CT.

10th Sep 2007, 19:07

If you're having oil consumption issues, be sure to read the section on that problem at www.isuzufaq.com.

Switching to Rotella T 15/40 oil seems to help a lot. I just did today, and I'll keep you posted. Seems like a simple thing to do that may help!

22nd Sep 2007, 11:03

I am the owner of a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo LES 2 wheel drive. I have had to replace the starter at 149,750 miles. Intake gaskets and AC compressor just went out.

Getting your transmission serviced will save you a lot of money. I did.

The oil consumption means you have bad oil rings, valves, or valve seals. The catalytic converter could burn it up so you might not see it out the tail pipe.

I have 164,250 miles on mine. I changed spark plugs and keep a K&N air filter on mine, also I put a chip in the AIT sensor and it runs like a rabid hedgehog now. But I would be willing to be in on a lawsuit too!!

count_chockula@msn.com for any questions. I am an ASE certified mechanic!

30th Sep 2007, 17:26

WOW...I am so glad that google found this page for a person who is not so savvy about a vehicle! In any event, I have like most folks on this website the 1999 Isuzu Rodeo LS. I have been having problem after problem with it --- it is literally falling apart before my eyes. Needless to say, my local Isuzu/Subaru/Lincoln dealership is WAY over expensive to get the recalls done and over with. I have ABS problems, transmission problems - my truck shakes like it is a ride a carnival, problems with my winter and power drive (since living in New England 4X4 is a must, but I understood that winter/power drive works equally), interior and exterior lighting, a howling noise when I drive above 60mph (so I believe it to be the front window or something with the frame), my bumper and rear door needs to be replaced (is there like a place where I can get these items for a very low price), and I am sure other things! Being in college it is taking a strain on my very limited budget --- any assistance or guidance would be most helpful...

I, too like others, have contacted Isuzu in California and they have yet to contact me! How do we find out about this lawsuit? In my opinion, the company should own up to its product. GM has no room to continue to make mistakes --- I know I should have went with a Toyota 4Runner!

If anyone has any information, please feel free to drop me a line at trufaself@yahoo.com with the title 1999 Rodeo!

Thanks for the website and response!

Rodeo Driver.

C. D. H.

Mid-Coast Maine.

26th Oct 2007, 16:25

My 1998 Rodeo has been great, 243,000 miles, only have had to change things like alternator and starter. I do regular oil changes 3k-4k miles. It does use a little oil between changes, approx 0.5 qts. but I think that is acceptable.

29th Oct 2007, 21:13

It's beginning to sound like these SUVs are like old Harley Davidson's. Just a number of regular maintenance items and they'll run forever.

Seems the oil issue is resolved with Seafoam semi-annually before an oil change.

Seems cleaning the EGR and PCV are in the same semi-annual time frames for engine knock.

I fixed my intermittent wiper problem with a simple $5 electrical relay replacement.

All this and the transmission goes out between 130 and 160k miles (just had mine swapped out).

Other than that they are great trucks. Can't wait to try the Seafoam!!

18th Nov 2007, 15:03

Never had a serious problem with mine, which I won in Vegas. the only problems I've had were the a/c going dry, a starter, and a strange rattle in the back. Otherwise, peppy and perfect.

14th Dec 2007, 18:46

I also have a '99 Rodeo. Just bought it "as is" 3 days ago. It has 120,000 miles. 3 days in on driving it the tranny started to clunk between gears and I noticed the "winter/power" light kept blinking off and on during the clunking. It would go a few blocks then start again. Occasionally it would just stall out after. After reading all of this forum I'm confused if maybe it's a battery problem like stated (affecting the computer) or something with the tranny itself. I don't think I can join a class act lawsuit because it wasn't from an Isuzu dealer. I wish I could. I feel your pain. I'm contacting my issuing dealer ASAP; maybe something can be done.

29th Jan 2008, 11:35

I own a 1998 4x2 Rodeo V6 since it was brand new. Recently having trouble with engine coils, need to replace 4. Check engine light pops on and off every other week, dealer says sensor is bad and would cost around $350 to replace. It's hard to know if oil is low with engine light problem, so I constantly have to keep the oil checked. Consumes about 2 quarts every 500 miles. Air compressor went out which was VERY expensive to fix. I also have a slow radiator leak that mechanics can't seem to detect where it's leaking! Uphill knocking has been around since the car was practically new, but dealer said it was a normal "labor knock". Isuzu needs to be made accountable for this. Would love to join class action suit.