3rd Aug 2007, 06:51

I just recently had a code error pop up indicating the Throttle Positioning Sensor was faulty. The sensor itself was $75 and labor was 2 hours. However I did drive it while the error light was lit and noticed the hard shifting mentioned in some of the comments above. Once the sensor was replaced the shifting returned to normal. Of course now I have the fuel gauge problem. My guess would be that they are not grounding their sensors very well and the failure of one takes others with it.

21st Aug 2007, 12:22

I just ran out of gas because I did not know how much was in the tank due to my gauge not working. I put a gallon in, and it still won't start. I do not feel like walking back to the gas station in this hot Houston heat. Thankfully I ran out of gas before I left the parking lot at my job.

This is my first time reading this forum and almost every problem listed has happened to me. Oil burning, rattle underneath near the back, transmission hard shifting, etc etc. This sucks...

Isuzu should AT LEAST do a recall on the Fuel Sending Unit issues.

6th Sep 2007, 23:31

We have a 2000 Rodeo which we bought new. After about 3 years we noticed the fuel gauge starting to read a bit off. The problem got worse and lo and behold my wifes' sister who has a 1998 Rodeo has the same problem. I called Isuzu and they swore on all things Holy that there has not been a problem with any other car than mine. I found it odd, but life goes on. At this point now when the gauge reads dead empty I will take about 11 gallons. Hardly empty.The low fuel indicator comes on when we go around a corner when it THINKS the fuel is low, but stabilizes in a couple of minutes. I called a dealer and was told that they have never heard of that problem. I really think that they are lying. So I will follow suit. My next car will surely be another Isuzu. Yes, I'm LYING!!!

29th Sep 2007, 09:14

Hello fellow Rodeo owners.

Please indulge me while while I preface my posting with a little background (I hope it helps). <grins>

I USED TO BE considered a car-buff. With a little supervision, I overhauled my 1st engine at the age of 15 (my wonderful 1955 Ford). Since then I have performed a few frame-offs (COMPLETE restorations). I've converted stock 1930 cars into go-fast hot rods. But over time, my auto enthusiasm as diminished to the point where I don't even enjoy changing my oil.

Do I KNOW what I'm doing - NOT! I'm a typical guy (don't read instructions-show me the pictures).

Since the demise of points in a distributor & carburetors I'm truly at a loss. (God I hate being dependent upon some other halfway knowledgeable nitwit to repair my cars and charge me a small fortune to experiment on part replacements.)

Today I still remain to of my old obsessions; cleanliness & oil changes. I keep my engines clean from oil leaks, etc., and use synthetic oil only.

Tip: I would never use synthetic oil in a vehicle that has been run with manufactures' recommended oil with more than 60,000 miles. You have a good chance of removing too much carbon from your cylinder walls and causing blow-by and dropping your compression by 30% or more.

BUT, if you have less than 60,000 miles on your engine, I SWEAR by synthetic oil. I have always been able to get 300,000 miles or more out of an engine by using Mobil One and changing it religiously not to exceed 6,000 miles <12,000 recommended-depends who's writing the report>.

I owned a 1991 Rodeo and only had one problem with the cold engine sensor before giving the vehicle to my daughter with 97,000 miles. I now own a 2001 Rodeo and cannot for the life of me understand why we had a gazillion sensors, 32 over head valves, EPA everything, etc. for EPA & fuel efficiency. Even the cars that claim to get 38mpg actually only get 18mpg with the air-conditioning on. Hells-bells a Corvette with 500hp get 28mpg. I really think we are being duped by politicians - but that's another long story.

Are you still with me? <smiles>

Anyway, my 2001 Rodeo (84,000 miles) is now giving me the same errors some of you are reporting.

My gas cap becomes loose twice with each tank of gas, causing the check engine light to come on. After tightening the cap, the light goes out after 2 days of driving.

Once the fuel gauge drops below 1/2, on the slightest incline, the gauge drops to near empty and causes the low fuel light to come on. Once on level ground, everything back to normal. Geez - can these two items possibly be related? Another problem that has recently developed is engine shake. When starting the engine in the early cool morning, it starts hard and acts like a dog shaking to get the water off its' back after been given a bath. It bounces around for a moment, them smooths right out. Oxygen sensors getting dirty?

Rodeo engines are Chevy engines (small S10 pickup engines). Don't be duped by "Rodeo" dealers & mechanics. These are CHEVY engines.

So, do we have any mechs out there with some cures? I saw one good posting back a few posts ago, but it was difficult to follow what hoses to disconnect and do fix. Tanx

30th Sep 2007, 07:45

Wow... what a depressing Sunday morning read. I have a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo V6 LS which I bought new in 1999. It was a good car for about 36,000 miles (coincidentally the length of part of the warranty). Then it was most everything I have read in this thread: Gas Gage (btw, mine goes about 325 miles on a tank), transmission, check engine light (replaced the EGR on recommendation of a shop who scanned the engine). Thankfully, I have had no problems with the wipers or ABS. I once did have the idol revving problem, but a recall visit did correct that. That issue was recalled because if you had your foot on the brake at a stop light and the revving got really crazy people were wrecking their Rodeos... I will NEVER buy another Isuzu over this... I own a few commercial bobtail trucks for my business and even though I think the Isuzu commercial diesel trucks are probably OK, I will not buy one; period. I, unfortunately am not mechanically gifted enough to follow the instructions of a prior post I read here and I am SICK of spending money on this thing... Goodbye Isuzu.

2nd Oct 2007, 22:41

Man, do I feel better now! Our 2001 Passport in now being traded in with only 50,000 miles. My last car I had for 20 yrs and is still running. (Honda Prelude Si)

Cannot understand why Honda EVER put their name on this vehicle!!! We also have had every problem mentioned in prior postings! Hard starts, rough idling, revving at a stop, engine light, manifold gaskets going bad at 30,000 miles, last, but not least, the rear wiper. Honda service does not want anything to do with this vehicle either. We heard " well you know this isn't a Honda" oh really!?!?!?! Oh, we put carbon cleaner-fuel injector cleaner in every couple of months, seems to help for awhile. good luck to all, it's a constant worry!

Final word, unload it!!