1989 Isuzu Trooper 2.6L inline 4 from North America


One of the most favorite 4X4s I've ever owned


Nothing, really.

General Comments:

I bought this Trooper about one year ago. My first Trooper and my second ever Isuzu. Back in the 1990s I did own an Isuzu four wheel drive pick up truck for a few years, which I beat around lots of four wheel drive trails, here in the southwest (US) desert. That truck went anywhere I pointed it. It was ultimately reliable and never broke down or left me in a lurch. So, with that limited experience, I had no reservations about buying this Trooper when I found it.

The engine had been rebuilt about 10,000 miles before I bought it, so it ran excellently. Also the transmission had been completely checked out and serviced and a complete brake job had been done. That was the good.

The not so good? The tires were shot, so I put new tires all around. Both outer front axle boots were ripped and the internals were exposed to the elements. So, I had new outer axle shafts / joints installed. The old radiator was partially blocked and very inefficient, so I had a new radiator put in.

After taking care of those things, the Trooper has run like a sewing machine. Never any issues and, like the pick up I had prior, has gone anywhere I've asked it to. I didn't buy this Trooper to be a hard-core off roader. I have another specialty vehicle for that. I bought the Trooper to be an all around vehicle. To drive around town, to take on road trips and to take off road when I want to. For my purposes, the Trooper has been all I wanted and more. It's well built and capable, and I love it.

The only negative, for me, would be the open differentials, front and rear. But, with proper driving technique, it's never failed to get me where I wanted to go and, more importantly, back home again. I'm 70 years old, and over the past 45 years, I've owned just about every kind of four wheeler you can name, at least the ones that are readily available in the USA, and this Trooper ranks right up there in the top 3 or 4 best.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2018

21st Oct 2018, 03:27

The 80's were a good time for product quality for Isuzu. Enjoy :)

1989 Isuzu Trooper LS 2.8 gas from Guatemala


Well engineered


Replaced several parts in the front suspension; all worn out by time.

TPS malfunctioning, which results in hesitant acceleration sometimes; nothing too serious.

Broken exhaust.

General Comments:

I always wanted to drive a Trooper. Did not like their looks too much, but had heard they were truly reliable and tough. With the arrival of our second baby, our Suzuki Sidekick (1.6 gas - 4 door) was not big enough to put up with all the stuff we had to haul, and the latter Honda Civic sedan had less chances to meet our demands and to keep up with our roads. And this is how we ended up with this Trooper.

Being a Japanese vehicle, I was truly surprised to see how well equipped it is and the feel of it on the road. It is rolling on 235X75R15, which I think gives it that "American car" feel on the road.

The interior, although it is not leather, is not worn and is very roomy and comfortable. The cargo area is very accessible and ample.

Another thing that I love in it, is the 4-wheel disk brakes and the electronic 4x4. It's tall and somehow stable.

Overall and despite its age, the vehicle feels - and sounds - solid (if solid is a sound), has no vibrations at all and has proven to be sturdy off road. It will get you from A to B, not in the most comfortable fashion, but you will not end your journey all beaten up.

Its only minus is the lack of cup holders. It does feature 3 ashtrays, but no cup holders.

Other than that, it has become my daily commuter, and I must say, I am satisfied with it. Impressed by its design, features and performance for its age. I have ridden in a couple of the post-90 models, not too impressed. I think Isuzu got it right the first time, and from then onwards, all they had to do was to add small things to it.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2016