17th Apr 2001, 01:35

Perhaps some explanation of "towing" is in order. I believe my fellow Yank was referring to having his trooper towed behind ANOTHER vehicle (i.e. a wrecker) because it decided to quit working.

9th Sep 2002, 15:22

First of all, I own a 91 trooper. It has 175,000 miles on her, and she runs like a dream. The only fixes I've done on her is a new alternator and brakes. Everything else is just maintaining her. I think his problem was, he got a 4 cylinder motor. Unless its diesel, you should get a 6 cylinder. Of course theres gonna be problems with a 4 cylinder motor in any vehicle you have. I have had mine for 2 years and never a problem, never did she set me back in any way. She does extremely well in any conditions. If you might be looking to purchase an SUV, you might consider the Isuzu trooper. They are an under-appreciated SUV. Also, stay away from the newer models. anything less than a 92 isn't as stout.


23rd Nov 2002, 11:26

I own a 1991 Trooper 2.8 Tdi SWB and the only thing I have replaced since 1992 is engine oil and brakes other wise it's the best 4x4 by far.

10th Feb 2003, 13:40


My 1989 Trooper has 160,000 and is running good.

It's a great 4x4 vehicle.

Never did any major repairs yet.

I would say the worst thing about it is the fact that it has a Chevy 2.8 engine.

It has been from east to west and north to south. Been four wheeling in Moab Utah, Colorado, Texas, New Hampshire, Minnesota etc. Never any trouble.

15th Sep 2003, 21:08

I got a 89 trooper it lasted two days before it died. turns out the man who sold it to me put block seal in it so it would last just long enough to test drive and take home. cracked and warped head/block bent valves, blow by. better luck to the rest of you out there. Sincerely, man in riverside California.

26th Apr 2006, 18:34

Bought my 2.6 litre (4 cylinder) trooper new in 1990. First clutch lasted 216,000 Km. Head gasket at 180,000km. Couple of alternators, one starter replaced. No other problems in 16 years. At 251,000 km it has easily passed another emissions test. Body is now in sad shape though so have replaced it with a newer model trooper. If it's half as good as the old beast, we'll be pleased.

12th Jul 2011, 14:47

I have to strongly disagree with the comment that "of course you'll have problems with a 4-cylinder in any vehicle." This couldn't be further from the truth. A billion Toyota, Honda, and other 4-cylinder engines on the road are well-known for their often-extreme reliability. I have owned several bullet-proof 4-cylinder VW engines myself. Reliability of engines is far more model-specific than size-specific. That being said, I defer to Isuzu owners to argue which Trooper engine is more problem-free, the 6-cyl or the 4-cyl. It sounds like most people have had good luck with both. Obviously, if you overtax a motor trying to pull a heavier-than-recommended load, you can't expect it to last.