23rd Feb 2004, 12:44

I have had the 2000 Model of the S type Jaguar for over 2 years and it has now completed over 100,000 miles. I have had the normal wear and tear issues with the car, but with the Ford engine and running parts this car has been modeled on have caused so many issues:

Sticky valves, Lambda sensors failure, misfires, the heat exchanger which circulates the hot cold air around the cabin fails when stationary. It blows cold when stationary and returns to temperature when moving again. The sticky boot (Trunk) release is a small annoyance, but the list goes on.

As I said the car has been with me for two years and it has the looks that make it a prestige car. Each item I now have fixed at an independent garage. The main dealers here are technicians not mechanics and each time I had the car fixed something else would go wrong.

The car will be a classic one day, but not this one as I use it each day. I am not impressed with the Ford mechanics in it I'm sure they are great in the ford car, please don't take that the wrong way Fords are good cars.

Its just a jaguar I love them and the newer they get the cheaper they seem. I hope they go back to they way they were.

9th Nov 2004, 07:47

One good thing... I am not alone. I have sat at the dealership all day several times. Twice for windows not working. Once was after a neighbor backed into my beautiful Jag and the body shop repaired damage, but the back up sensors did not work and needed replaced again (now they do not match the car color, but I am too busy to take it back, Body Shop and Repair Shop in different locations). My a/c stopped working by end of the summer (I just rolled the windows down, they work now). As cooler temps rolled in I noticed I do not have heat either, just cool air on the cool mornings and warm air on warm afternoons. Thank goodness my seat warmer is working! Now I have the "gearbox fault" light on. Sometime ago, the shift did not want to go into reverse (no light then!), but I haven't had that problem lately. I am taking it to a local mechanic today about the "gearbox fault". Also, the side light by the drivers door fell off. The little cheap plastic clips broke, I used that silver tape that is used on ventilation duck work to stick it back, classy! Does anyone have a good way to get the head liner material to re-stick around the front windows? I have asked at auto parts stores. I am using paper napkins from Taco Bell (the color blends in better), rolled up stuffed between glass and liner, it is holding. It is a beautiful car! If you don't get too close.

9th Nov 2004, 15:58

Duct tape and Taco Bell napkins on a 3 year old Jaguar... now that would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

24th Dec 2005, 22:53

My 2000 S-Type Jaguar has 55,000 miles the coolant fan comes on regularly, even for short trips. I complained about this to the dealer when the car was under warranty and they told me that this was normal. This coolant fan is running on every stop now. I have people asking me. Is your car engine on?

Also at 55,000 miles my heater stopped working.

Another problem is that the fabric over the windshield post has come unclued. I have seen other S-types with this problem. I contacted Jaguar Manufacture and the refused to take care of the problem. The fabric problem ocurred during warranty, however the parts were back ordered and subsequently the dealer stopped selling Jaguars. I have noticed is southern California many Jaguar dealers have gone out of business.

22nd Jun 2006, 19:00

We bought our S-Type used from the original owner and have had nothing but problems. Window regulators (expect all to fail), J-Gate shifter (the cable doesn't break, the plastic piece it snaps into inside the shifter breaks off), vacuum leak on the top end of the motor (rubber hose from intake to motor fails in the hot/oily environment), A/C clutch, many squeaks that come and go.

The best part is the shabby treatment at the Jaguar dealer. They will lie right to your face that this failure is uncommon, when technical service bulletins for these failings have existed since 2001 at the NHTSA.gov website.

6th Jul 2007, 23:32

I have started a class action lawsuit against Jaguar for the transmission problems found in the S type model year 1999 to 2003. It seems there are hundreds of these cars that have had their transmissions replaced. I had 62 thousand miles and the trans went on the car. $5000.00 to have it repaired. Not looking for a big payday. Just want my money back for having to replace a transmission in a car that seals the fluid checks so you do not have to replace it until 100,000 miles. Please feel free to email to Windows2vinyl@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks.

27th Aug 2007, 22:54

I can't believe that everyone else is having the same problems with their Jaguar S Type. I bought my 2001 4.0 with 39K miles on it. I felt comfortable that the car was still in warranty (3 months left). I also invested in a 3rd party warranty for $1800 which took me to 7 years or 100K miles. After 5 months the passenger door window broke and had to be replaced for around $500. I paid for the repair and submitted the bill to the warranty company for reimbursement. A month later the transmission went. Jaguar said they do not rebuild them and would have to replace it for about $5000. The warranty company would only cover having the transmission rebuilt. I took it to have that done for $3000. I paid for that and submitted that bill to the warranty company. I called to find out where my reimbursement was and the warranty company was out of business. Then my car wouldn't go into gear. I took it back to the transmission place and they told me it was the cable which was a known problem with this car. Not covered. $250 later I'm back on the road. 6 months later the same window I had replaced is broken again. This is unbelievable. Oh yes... my sway bar makes the banging noise also over the smallest bump. Jag says $400 more will take care of that. Oh one more thing....Any of you have the lining on either side of the windshield coming undone?

20th Nov 2007, 12:02

A few weeks ago, the gearbox fault message came up on my 2001 3.0 S-type automatic (56,000 miles) and refused to go off. It stayed on permanently while I was driving, but I wasn't aware of any fault symptoms. I took it in to a private garage for a diagnostic check which showed the problem was apparently the solenoid pack. I then took it in to a reputable (I think!) firm that specialises in automatic gearboxes and they told me that while replacing the solenoid pack would cure the 'problem' temporarily, unless they found the underlying cause, I might have more serious problems. When they checked it out, they found metal fragments in the oil. I'm not sure whee they came from, but the end problem is that they did a complete overhaul and charged me £1700 (about $3,400) with a 12-month guarantee. There is no light showing up any more, but I keep wondering, in view of the fact there was no problem apart from the light, if I should have just carried on driving until I got some real symptoms.

I spent the money to have peace of mind, but as a woman, I was concerned that the car might break down somewhere remote and I would be stranded. Now I keep thinking that the worst thing that could have happened would have been that the gearbox packed up altogether - and that would probably not have cost me any more than I have already paid. Or would it?