5th Jan 2008, 17:05

Yes, we've just had the same problem with our 2001 S Type Jag. The gearbox light has been showing for about a month & the car is very jerky. It's been into a garage & they've said it needs a new gearbox cost 2k. Is this the going rate? The mechanics have suggested now is the time to sell!!

Also, the brake pads need regularly replacing & wear down to the metal far too quickly... the engine cooler comes on far too regularly, even when using plenty of coolant, & of course, the windows - we try not to open & shut these as they always only just manage to move, & sound like they're about to pack up at any point!! All rubbers seem to be coming away from the body work.

Always been great fans of Jags, but looking at the level of complaints; they're are major faults, which Jaguar don't seem to address & solve.

17th Jan 2008, 20:09

2000-2002 S-Type transmission is out of the Ford Lincoln LS.

The chassis is the Lincoln LS, so the trans fitted perfectly so they used it. It was a problem in that car as well long before they placed it in the new S-Type. Rebuilt trans cost between 1,300-1,600 plus install labor. Jaguar charges 5,000??? All window regulators failed, auto steering colume failed, Fault-engine safe mode= gas pedal pressure switch. Paint peeling from car and its only 6 years old, not like the old jag paint jobs, its now Ford paint.

21st Feb 2008, 22:09

Be aware that I found out the hard way that the timing chain tensioners on the 2001 4.0 S- Type are faulty and will break causing major engine damage. Jaguar is aware of this problem, but failed to inform the owners. There is an upgraded tensioner to solve this, but this too is very costly.

9th Apr 2008, 20:09

I, too have had all of the same problems that everyone else has expressed about their S-type jags. My transmission light has come on at 55,000 miles (2001 year) and the deal tells me that I need to replace the transmission for $4,100. I believe that I have been sold a lemon. I would like to be part of the class action suit again Jaguar because they are knowingly and, I believe, deliberately selling us cars that will fall apart within a matter of two years. I will never purchase another jag and am going to tell anyone who will listen, and even those you won't, about the inferior car that Jaguar is producing.

1st May 2008, 17:01

Hello -

I am another victim of the 2000 S-Type 3.0 made in Coventry.

I bought it used at 51Kmi, now it has 77Kmi and I aim to sell it ASAP.

My problems during the 26Kmi:

1) Driver seat power motor module burned out per dealer tech

2) Cloth coming away from the left and right windshield bars

3) Replaced O2 sensor and 3 fuel injectors (and the right intake manifold gaskets, and all 6 plugs (no prob really)

4) So-called 'expansion tank' leak.. replaced coolant tank

5) Engine light came on; dropped $550 USD at dealer tech, but as I drove away less than 10 miles it came back on again! Drove back to dealer. The next day, they said they used up another $350 USD in labor, but have it "narrowed it down" to a 1 volt drop in some sensor wire in the engine compartment. I told them to pound sand and to get their damn hands off my car. I still have this problem now, but in good weather it goes away.

6) In really cold rainy days, the car cranks fine but won't start... not getting fuel up there because I have great spark and compression, but plugs are dry.

It runs fine in decent to good weather, but hates ice cold rainy weather.

7) Since it is rear-wheel drive, it is very poor in the snow/ice. I don't have that "traction" option. While trying to rock it in/out of a little ice spot in a driveway, I apparently broke the plastic stick-shifter thing on the cable that goes to the transmission. Now I have to ease it into gear #4 and then the drive "catches" and I can go back to "D" Drive.

Bottom line: I would like to sue the crap out of Ford/Jag, but now they are selling the whole mess to the Indian TaTa company. Good riddance.

16th Jun 2008, 19:34

Well, sadly I guess I get to be "one of the gang" in this. I have a 2001 S-type and have just been blessed with the transmission issue, which is how I found all of you. In the 4 years I've had mine, putting less than 50k miles on it, I've had to have the following done:

1. Passenger side window regulator --died when down

2. Rotors and brakes

3. Stretched shifter cable

4. Battery issue

5. Radio display flashes on and off with radical flashing, making it impossible to read the channel or time

6. At one point, there was no sound from the radio. Drove it like this for a couple weeks, then one day, it worked and I had sound again.

7. Driver's side window regulator -- died as I was pulling into the airport (so convenient)

8. Windshield whistling, took in for replacement and now the cloth around it peeling and sagging.

9. Now, driving down the road at 70mph, the car shifts out of drive into neutral. Thankfully it just meant pushing on the accelerator just revved the engine, and I could get to the side of the road. All I got was a "transmission fault" and the occasionaly having to wiggle the stick to get it into gear.

Jag dealer says it's just a stretched shifter cable and a parking paw replacement needed. I'm told this is normal for jags, and after the "upgrade" it will be fine for another several thousand miles.

Now, I'm a bit worried about just having this done for $2,000, but am not ready to drop in the $5,000 for a rebuilt tranny. Guess I'll get it out of the shop, and drive straight to the Lexus dealership and trade it in!!

Count me in on the class action if it goes ahead.

Kendra nottoday77@hotmail.com

7th Jul 2008, 13:06

2001 Jaguar S-type.

We bought this for my sister about 3 years ago. Perhaps the worst car ever made. We have had the same problems, dropping lining from around windshield, window regulators having to be replaced.

Engine light came on few weeks ago, she took it to the dealership in Southern California, where its always been serviced even though it's 50 miles away... They charged her $700, two days later the transmission light came on... and she started hearing noises from the rear wheels... went to the dealership again, where they worked on it the whole day only to tell her at the end of the day that they misdiagnosed it.. and the rear differential is going to have to be replaced for $4000... and the whole transmission might need to be replaced soon as well...

The car has 85000 miles and has been driven hardly 5-10 miles per day... she is afraid to even open and close the doors because she thinks it will fall apart. If there's a class action lawsuit, let us know more about it.