13th Dec 2008, 12:36

I have a 2001 S-type bought it new. I had the same window, transmission problems, bad coils, smoke filled the car as I drove down the street, brake problems as everyone else.

Both front window motors had to be replaced, the rear park sensor went bad.

The car recently stated at the dealer for a month as they tried to find out why it wouldn't start.

Yesterday, I let down the driver window and it exploded and shattered.

That's my sad story. Loved the car, thought it would be the last car I bought, but it is no good. I have to get rid of it.

27th Dec 2008, 18:39

I purchased a Jag about 5 months ago, a 2001 with 70,000 miles.

The first week the regulators went out on the windows. I just purchased new ones but refuse to allow the dealer to put them in. I can imagine the cost.

About 3 months ago I went to the store. The car was running fine, but when I returned to my car and tried to start it, it would not start. I then took it to my house, jumped started it and pushed the reset button; it then started. Well, the car was fine for about 3 weeks, went to the store again, same thing happened. The car was towed to my house and here it sits; jumping or pushing the reset button did not work this time. Anyone know what could be the problem? Oh by the way it cranks over like it wants to start.

Put me in your suit as well.

2nd Jan 2009, 21:47

The car not starting. I had that problem; you need a new battery, and guess what, only the OEM Jag battery will solve your problem. I went through 5 batteries from various manufacturers until I realized only the Jag battery held up. The sad part it is about 180.00. But buying anything else is a waste, it will only last like 10 days.

21st Feb 2009, 02:05

Well I'm off to buy my Jag now, might get a good one so I'll take a chance, they all can't be bad, CAN THEY.

9th Apr 2009, 21:00

Well... I was thinking about buying a Jaguar S Type, but I changed my mind. That transmission thing scared me, I rather keep my little Corolla. I put that car through a lot, it won't let me down. The Jaguar is a nice car, but I don't think it would be right for me.

13th Apr 2009, 09:49

The S-Type has always been a dream car to me, and I am currently contemplating buying a used (of course) 2001 3.0. Please somebody tell me all these stories are exceptions!

19th Apr 2009, 02:21

Well I guess we are in here for the same issue; 2000 S Type, gear box fault light came up and a code r1587 throttle failure, this is the worst car I have ever driven. Folks, don't ever ever buy a car like j j j j.

23rd Apr 2009, 16:20

Wow...I am so thankful that I did my research on Jags. I was so close to buying one. I had already imagined how I would have been the envy of all my friends (more like the laughing stock by the sounds of things) Thank you for making it clear... I will NOT buy a Jag.

23rd Jul 2009, 17:38

Hey we own 2001 4.0.

Bad window regulator, bad trans, motor just threw a rod and they want 2800 to tear it apart to see if that is what it actually is.

This is the worst car I have ever owned. It has only 76000 miles. I have cars with 200000 miles that never had a problem. My daughter wants a Range Rover for graduation; I hate to disappoint her, but she won't be getting it.

13th Oct 2009, 12:45

Well at least I'm not alone! I purchased my 2001 Jaguar 4.0 S-Type less than two years ago. It had 54K miles at purchase. I made it to 69K miles but now it is falling apart! I only drive it 5 miles each day to work and back, and around town to the store etc.

I loved this car when I purchased it. I figured it would hold up and be a dependable car. The service was kept up and this car has been very well taken care of. The engine light is now coming on, it seems like it is flooding when it starts (takes a minute to crank an I can smell fuel every time it starts), but worst of all it is constantly saying gearbox fault. There is nothing about this in the manual.

I spoke with a mechanic at the Jag dealership and his advice was get rid of it as soon as I can :-( I looked into trading it in on a Lexus, but in a little over a year with low mileage the value is already dropped 10K since I purchased. I would have thought a Jag would definitely hold its value, boy was I ever wrong!!! It has a value of 5K and I still owe 10K on it!!!

Any advice?? Was a class action ever started??? Anyone??

If a lawsuit get underway... count me in! My email is tiffanyacker@yahoo.com

3rd Nov 2009, 11:01

I have a 2001 Jaguar S Type 3.0 with 130k on it. The car drives smooth. I enjoyed it all summer with the cold ice A/C. Now the heat won't work!! I need a solution. My private mechanic can't seem to find the problem. It's freezing in Michigan, I don't know what I'm going do this winter. Any ideas, please email me moesaleh721@aim.com

4th Nov 2009, 17:51

Your car needs a radiator flush. My car had the same problem. And yes, Jag S-types are in the class of being the worse car on the road when it comes to problems!!!

7th Nov 2009, 09:02

Wow, you are funny. The funniest thing is that I was just on my way out the door to buy a 2001 Jag S-Type. The car is beautiful, and has already had the transmission replaced. Very cheap car, and now I know why. I'm calling right now to cancel the purchase. What a car.

24th Dec 2009, 15:03

All I can say is, DON'T BUY A JAGUAR S-TYPE. I own a 2001 model and it's pure junk. The only good thing is that, most of these repairs I did myself, otherwise I would have spent thousands at the dealer.

As I am typing right now, it's sitting outside with a no-start problem; it cranks but won`t start. So please do yourselves a favor, and do not make the same mistake or you'll be sorry. All the complaints stated above are correct with all S-Types. Don't say you were not warned.

29th Dec 2009, 13:08

I agree with the above statement. I've had all of the problems stated above regarding the windows. I also had problems with the gear box, which I manually fixed because the cheap plastic part within the gear box broke.

I also have the no heat issue, which happened after the coolant reservoir started leaking and I had to replace it. I will try the radiator flush to see if that will help with the heat. I took it to another mechanic and he thinks it's something to do with the heater core being plugged up, but that's going to cost major bucks to fix it, so I said forget it. I will try the radiator flush.

Just yesterday this stupid car wouldn't start. Motor turns but refuses to start. I think it's the battery. Jumping it didn't help. I'm going to try a battery from the dealer as recommend above in this forum. I hope it fixes it.

This damn car is costing my a lot of money. I'm getting rid of it as soon as I can fix these issues.