20th Jan 2010, 10:02

I have a 2001 S series 3.0 Jag. I bought it used about 5 years ago... it now has 70,000 miles.

My latest problem is that the fan keeps running for about 4 minutes after I turn off the car, and it sounds loud while driving. A mechanic said this is normal, but it's never happened before.. does anyone know what this is?

I've had 2 window problems... $750.00 each. The engine light has been on for 2 years, but no problems, so far.

My heater doesn't work, but I live in Florida so it isn't a big issue.

I'm glad I found this site... it's very helpful.

24th Jan 2010, 09:08

I have a 2004 S-Type 4.2, and during the past year I have smelled a coolant leak and the coolant low warning light comes on. If we add just a little antifreeze, the light goes off. Have had it into the dealership 3 times for this problems and it is obvious they have not fixed the problem. (This is embarrassing when I have a client with me in the car who thinks my car is going to break down!) No car is perfect... but, when something is not working I do expect the dealership to fix the problem, which they have not done!

Don't know if I will buy another Jag... I don't think I can trust the service and repair. Does anyone know what is wrong with my car so I tell the dealership how to fix it?

26th Feb 2010, 11:23

I am happy to join this "therapy" group for S-Type Jag owners. I bought a 2000 3.0 litre S-Type with 78,000km in 2005 from the Jag Dealer. I now have 120,000km on it.

Count me in for the overflow bottle replacement $500.00, replaced all six spark plug/ignition coils $2,500.00, new front brakes $400.00, driver's door module $600.00, and last week the surprise "gearbox fault" notice and an overrevving engine at highway speeds. Jag dealer says about $4,000 to $5,000 to fix transmission. They said they do about 1 a month.

I love the look of the car and the ride is OK. Do I fix the transmission? If so, when do I get to enjoy the problems others have described? Windows, header cloth falling, $15,000.00 engine failure. Still, she is too pretty to sell. From now on, all I'll do is wash it and wax in in the driveway on weekends. If I can get it back and forth out of the garage!

By the way, I'll buy into any class action suit.

1st Mar 2010, 12:40

If the class action lawsuit ever happens please let me know... touchdownholmes@yahoo.com.

My grandmother has a 2001 Jaguar S-Type 3.0 with less than 50,000 miles and she is constantly having trouble with it (and spending a fortune getting it fixed). The car is very well looked after, but always has problems.

The transmission went a few months ago, but luckily we were able to find a mechanic in Tucson who could fix it for about $4,000 less than the Jag dealer wanted.

Now today the engine refuses to turn over. My grandmother had to leave the car in a parking lot across town and get a taxi home. I went to check it out, and I am 99.9% sure it's not the battery (AC, radio, lights etc. working fine). Everything seems fine, it just had a tune up 2 months ago, but the engine will not start.

It's constant (and expensive) trouble with this car.

14th Apr 2010, 02:51

Unbelievable, why would anyone buy a Jaguar S Type, honestly?

2nd May 2010, 18:31

Just bought a 2001 S-Type 4.0. The looks are what attracted me to the car. I can say I bought it with the headliner sagging all around, including the front windows.

The car runs great, handles well, and looks fantastic. All the electronics are tip top. However, it does idle a little rough, might be a spark plug or ignition core.

I'm not looking forward to any of the above mentioned problems, and would not keep the car if serious problems such as the transmission occurred. For now, a week into ownership, I can say that I am happy.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me. I don't want to spend a fortune on a car that has reoccurring problems.

Food for thought: Keep in mind that regulators for the windows are easy to install; it's getting the door panel OFF that's the hard part.

My condolences to those of you who have had problems, and my best wishes to those who don't have them yet (me included).

21st Jun 2010, 20:16

I have inherited a 2001 Jag S-type, and I must admit that I have experienced the same headaches, and would also like to be included in the class action suit against Ford/Jaguar.


28th Jun 2010, 22:01

Even though we had heard many comments regarding Jaguars not being mechanically sound, my husband fell in love with the S Type, so we purchased a 2001 S Type with 50,000 miles on it.

Beautiful car to look at, but only a few months later I found myself on the side of the road, coolant receptacle cracked, $400.00.

5 months later, gear box failure warning came on, and we ended up having the transmission rebuilt, $2900.00.

Shortly thereafter coils, something with timing chain or something they discovered while fixing coils, all totaling $4600.00.

Currently we have no heat and the air conditioning has went out. Also a loud thump whenever I hit a bump or turn either direction hard.

Help Help Help; if there is a class action, we are there!!! Thank God we only owe a small amount on it. HELP HELP imaquteepye@yahoo.com

2nd Jul 2010, 11:41

I purchased a 2001 S Type, 4.0 Jag in 2006. The car had 70K miles at the time of purchase. It was pre-owned and very well maintained. Shortly thereafter, both rear windows shattered at the bottom from the inside while I was simply pushing the button to roll them up. The shatters happened about 3 weeks apart. In other words, one rear window shattered, then another. The very first day I picked up the car my suspension light came on on the dash and has been on ever since. About two months ago, I had my drive shaft/link replaced. Next my engine light came on. When I took it in, I was advised that I needed a rebuilt or replace the transmission. Now my engine failsafe light is on along with rough idle, which is the reason, I began to search and found this forum. Add me to the class action suit. Email me at Deborahjor@yahoo.com. I have and do still really enjoy this car.

2nd Jul 2010, 22:45

THANK GOODNESS I SAW THIS.. my friend bought one, and I wanted one after riding in it. Now he can enjoy it while it works.

3rd Jul 2010, 07:17

Oh no :-( I've just bought a beautiful, tidy 2001 3.0 S Type. I'm in love with it, but just found the heating not working, and have already had to fix a power steering problem. These comments have just terrified me. I've driven the same Honda Accord for last 6 years without a single fault. Oh dear, what have I done??!!

18th Jul 2010, 19:59

Well I have a 00 Jaguar 3.0 S Type, and mine has 203,600 miles and I had to replace radiator and shifter cable; that was it... it had 60,000 miles, I am the second owner of it, and looking at buying a new one... all you do is pray over the car, have your pastor come with you, and everything will be OK.