22nd Sep 2015, 12:02

What lawsuit? Who is suing Jaguar? My car is falling apart too! The fan runs 10 minutes after the car is off.

Lawsuit out there, contact me at franceslove@hotmail.com

25th Jul 2016, 03:01

I would look for another mechanic. Or at least another opinion. I've seen people honor their mechanics like they're the Pope. But if it had 85k miles when you bought it, it would be been wise to replace ALL the fluids.

p.s. The window regulators are about $40-$65 bucks, & take an average person an hour to replace.

25th Jul 2016, 14:09

Here's a neat practice I follow. Instead of focusing on your trade or cost to buy, do the following. Look up a current trade in for a car like this before you buy. It's pretty telling on worth. You would think late model Jags would be worth more. Is it the maintenance expenditures driving it down? As a used car look at what it costs to keep on the road. Not just the outlay price to buy a used one.

30th Aug 2016, 06:22

Think you may have a thermostat problem! I have a 2001 S Type 3.0 and had the same problem. Cooling fans running for about 5 minutes or so after switching off. Simple way to check... Grab hold of the radiator bottom hose, and if it's stone cold then you have no circulation. It should be warm. Thermostat changed now, all OK! Hope this helps...

3rd Dec 2016, 09:18

Radiator fan running after the engine is turned off: Caused by low coolant. Look for a leak. It might not leave a puddle on the driveway. I had a leak near the top of the radiator that caused this symptom, which completely vanished when I replaced the radiator.

3rd Dec 2016, 09:33

Replacing the dual heater control valve is the solution to no heat. It can fail by getting stuck closed, thus no heat even though the lines to the heater cores feel warm. After you replace the valve, an air bubble remains in the system that you have to bleed out. There is a bleeder tube to the left of the reservoir; back out the screw with the engine hot until some coolant starts to come out.

3rd Dec 2016, 09:54

The trunk switch is on the trunk lid, to the right of center. In order for it to work properly and indicate that the lid is closed and to turn the light off, it must press on the plastic trim piece on the inside of the trunk lip that straddles the latch strike. This is a poorly designed piece of cheap plastic that has an alignment problem when the retaining tabs break off. When the trim is in place, everything is fine, but when it slips forward a little, the switch will not be pressed in fully, causing the symptoms that you mention.

30th Dec 2016, 05:27

I have a 2001 S-Type and it's a beautiful car, except for all the problems that only show up after you buy it. Also if you don't have deep pockets, stay away. Dealerships prey on Jag owners. I wouldn't buy another even if it was free. I'm just gonna drive mine till the wheels fall off, then just leave it on the side of the road.

30th Dec 2016, 05:39

2001 S-Type transmission fault light came on 2 months after a Jaguar dealership changed the filter and fluid during servicing. They claim my trans was bad, I been driving it 4 years now with the same light and refuse to do anything til the trans stops working completely, then I most likely will just junk it. It's nice, but not worth the 5 grand they want to replace the trans, plus Blue Book value is only 3 grand in good condition.