14th Mar 2011, 00:53

I have a 2001 Jaguar S-Type and I have most of problems you guys have, so if there is a law suit include me.


28th Mar 2011, 19:09

Maybe we sold all the bad ones to the USA. Mine was bought before Christmas with 13500 miles, perfect paint, mint leather interior, CD, climate control, memory seats. Gone to Europe twice blindingly quick, cost 1700 UK pounds.

31st Mar 2011, 02:37

2001 S Type.

Had problems with cloth wrinkling and coming off around the windshield.

Gear shift locked and was replaced under warranty.

Electrical problems all along since buying. Radio comes on while in parking lot; trunk opens when no one is around; battery drained.. while in parking lot and I was working.. three times. Had to have it charged so could go home. Took to dealer and they blamed me... left radio on??? Doesn't play when the car is turned off, so shouldn't be running when I come to it in parking lot.

Dealer blamed battery, but when checked it was fine.

Shut down while driving on interstate... had to pull off road. Said the part that was bad wasn't in warranty. Cost $1200 to fix. Throttle... last checkup, dealer said it was bad again!!

Paint is oxidizing... a luxury car.. only car I have ever had oxidize. Always keep it in a garage or under cover, have it hand waxed and choose car washes carefully... very disappointing and aggravating..

7th Apr 2011, 15:31

My wife drives her 2002S as a personal car and a work car.

Paid $15,500 in 2007. I shudder to think of some of the major 'insults' (aka big bills) people have had on such a great car. And they deserve to be upset. We see similar small issues (the material on the posts letting out for example, gas cover latch not holding, transmission slow to shift on start up (has since she got it) plastic over headlights fogging (does on many cars though). She got it around 130 km... has driven it daily for 3 1/2 years - now has over 220 km (about 30 kms / yr) The driver's sway bar went, front ball joints, we just now replaced tires (switching snows/summers each year), brake pads rear last fall and now fronts in April. A miss at times (feels like plugs needed now) Same battery for 3 1/2 yes too. All in all, -a deal to us, at least. She lost an engine in a Caddy before this car.

I've lost a transmission in a Jetta TDI (babied) -a $2000 hit, a Chevy Astro Luxury Touring, same deal - another 2 grand - and countless other expensive issues with Fords, GM's, So, for this ride I can't honestly say it isn't the best value we've ever had for the money. Maybe we have been lucky so far this time out - but we'd get another one in a heartbeat. Certainly feel for those that have had the issues and pray we don't still. I have to say I Love This Car. It's made me a believer in Jaguar, and I know all cars have bad reports - Toyota included as of the last few years.

19th May 2011, 01:47

It sounds like your overflow tank AKA expansion tank.

19th May 2011, 02:17

I've got a 01 4.0 S-Type. The transmissions are sealed. It might be your expansion tank. Mine was leaking coolant. It's orange, kind of looks like trans fluid but it's not. From reading these comments they crack a lot.

29th Jun 2011, 20:51

I too own a 2001 S-type.

In under 40,000 miles, I've replaced ball joints, bushings, window regulators so many times I've lost count, brakes all around, oxygen sensors, switches, electrical problems too numerous to list, and headlights that don't come on. Now I'm facing transmission problems.

Count me in on any legal action.


10th Aug 2011, 10:45

I'm now a new member of the club. I have a 2001 S-type. Transmission fault error is sporadic, can't go into drive without going into low gear first. Now can't go into reverse. I want in on the class action lawsuit: ltheeman@yahoo.com

7th Oct 2011, 09:58

I have a 2000 S-Type - 120,000 miles. Bought it with 43K miles in 2005. It's been a great car for me. Did have to replace a few window regulators. Bought new ones with lifetime warranty. I am having problems with intermittent stalling and not starting (not even cranking). Thought maybe it was the PATS system, but did not get a code indicating there was anything wrong with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've been riding the bus, and it's getting old.

18th Nov 2011, 04:09

I ran across this forum while trying to determine why my 2001 S-Type is making a loud metal-type sound from the passenger rear tire area. I have owned my Jag for about three months. I drove to Chicago and back, and the next day is when this sound starting happening. It gets louder every day. I called a Jag mechanic in the area and am waiting for his call back.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

7th Jan 2012, 15:33

2001 Jaguar S Type 4.0.

Same ole problems as everyone listed; window motors, gearbox fault, takes long time to crank, brakes, rotors, and the list goes on, on, on. Lawsuit!!

26th Jan 2012, 11:06

Have 2000 S Type 3.0. With most of the issues listed above and then some.

When the brakes are depressed, they go out.

Just changed steering knuckles, control arms etc... also changed upper, lower radiator hoses as well as thermostat. Looking at about $4500, and still not finished.

Please include me in any lawsuits. zachandpres@gmail.com

18th Feb 2012, 16:36

Just had a very similar problem fixed. The mechanic ran diagnostics and found a leak in the heater valve, which was slowly leaking antifreeze, which was very difficult to find without the Jag computer. Our heater was also not working. He fixed the valve,and voila, no coolant smell and leak, and the heater works. You may want to check that out. Apparently it is a common problem in Jags.

26th May 2012, 14:38

I almost feel guilty posting this. I was doing a search today as my windshield was smashed (trying to find an estimate to replace), and I found this site. I purchased a 2001 S-Type Jag with 54K miles in March 2008 for $6,000. It was the week Ford sold Jag, and no one was buying them, so I took a chance. Four years and over 160K on the car, and it has been a real gem. I replaced three coil packs that cost me about $40 each. One window cable on passenger door, but it was my fault as I reversed it midstream, and it bound on the rubber window gasket.

Had to glue (PC7) the radiator reserve tank, as it had cracked.

When your heaters don't work, it is usually the heater control valve sticking near the left side of the radiator at the bottom. It's got five hoses connected to it. I priced them at $74, but ended up fixing mine and just put it back on. That was about a year ago.

The car is a dream to drive, and I use it hard, often driving off road through my fields and over rough terrain. People tease me about the weeds stuck in the trim quite often.

The not starting problem when the battery is charged, is due to the ignition switch sticking. I sprayed it with WD-40, and it began working fine. It was also sticking in cold weather, not turning off and running the battery down.

Knock on wood, I have not spent $200 on repairs in 4 years and 100k miles of use, except for $222 for 4 tires at 60K that are still looking great.

Must say that the car freaked me out, when in a severe snowstorm I accidentally was pressing the door unlock for a period of time while my hands were full carrying parcels, and all four windows and the sunroof opened all the way. The engine was off and the keys removed from the ignition, so I thought it was an electrical short, until I realized that it is a hot weather quick cooling feature! Duh!

I have never put anything in mine except the cheapest regular gas, and still get excellent mileage.

Sorry to hear of all your problems. You must not be talking nice to your Jags!